ROH Episode 288 Results: The Briscoes VS The Hardys ROH World Tag Team Title Match & More!

-Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out to celebrate Christopher's winning the ROH World title at the 15th Anniversary show. Daniels says Cole was faster than him, stronger than him and younger, but he wasn't’t smarter than him. He talks about the plan where they tricked and infiltrated The Bullet Club. Kazarian talks about him winning a chance to face Marty Scurll and The Addiction may be ending now, but they’ll always be brothers. Dalton Castle comes out next as we go to commercial, seemingly to confront his opponent for next week at Supercard of Honor in Lakeland, Florida.

-Daniels gives Dalton an appletini, Dalton saying that they’re wonderful. The Boys bring Dalton a glass as Dalton says when he saw Daniels win the belt it was life changing and well deserved and that he’s really happy for him. Castle says he doesn't’t envy him one bit and he’s going to have to wrestle him and he wouldn't’t wish that on anyone. The Bullet Club then interrupt them, Cole talking about losing the belt as he and the Bucks hang out on the ramp, avoiding the ring for the moment. Cole says that The Addiction will pay for what they’ve done and the idea of Castle becoming champion is laughable. Cole says he deserves a rematch against Daniels, Kaz mentioning that there’s three on each team, so why not have a six-man tag match. Cole accepts and he and the Bucks leave as we go to commercial.

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-We next get a promo by Marty Scurll who says he came to ROH for competition and that he doesn't’t see any and issues an open challenge for his belt before he’s interrupted by Kenny King after his promo is over. King issues a challenge to Scurll and he accepts as we go back to the ring.

The Briscoes vs The Hardys ROH World Tag Team Title Match

Mark and Jeff start the match off with Mark doing a lot of kung fu until Jeff dropkicks him into the corner and smashes his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly for a quick two count as Matt comes and knocks Jay off of the apron before they hit a double elbow drop, then a double leg drop. They chop the Briscoes in the corners, then send Mark into Jay, going for Poetry in Motion, but Jeff is caught and tossed into Matt, sending them out of the ring. Jay then dives through the ropes and takes them out before Mark hits an elbow drop off the apron as we go to commercial.

The Briscoes are in control as we come back from commercial, Mark keeping the high-flying Jeff grounded. The Briscoes tag in and out, Mark sending Matt off of the apron, then putting a camel clutch on Jeff before Matt gets in and breaks it up. Jeff counters both Briscoes with Whisper in the Wind, then tags in Matt who smashes Mark’s head into all three turnbuckles in the corner, then turns a countered Twist of Fate with a DDT for a quick two count. Matt keeps Mark away from Jay, hitting a bulldog for another quick two count before hitting a series of leg drops for one more quick two count. Jeff tags in and The Hardys hit a double clothesline before Jeff hits a splash for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

Mark and Jeff clothesline each other as we come back, both getting tags, then Jay and Matt exchange strikes before Matt headbutts Jay, then bites him. Jay comes back with his own headbutts, then a neckbreaker for a quick two count. Jay teases the Jay Driller, but Matt counters with a Side Effect for a near fall, then both Hardys are superplexed off of the top rope before Mark hits Froggybow for a near fall. Jeff hits a stunner variation of a Twist of Fate on Jay, then Mark sends Jeff out of the ring, Mark and Matt fighting, then The Briscoes hit a springboard doomsday device for a near fall that Jeff breaks up. Jay and Jeff fight on the outside, then Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on the floor before Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Mark, then Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall that Mark turns into a crucifix pin for a near fall of his own. Matt and Mark exchange strikes, then Matt and Jeff roll up Mark  with Matt doing a crucifix and Jeff hitting a leg drop roll up variation for the pin and the win.

-After the match The Bucks come out and Nick says that they should make the match at Supercard of Honor for the ROH World Tag Team title and the Superkick World title, saying they should make it a ladder match. The Hardys accept and raise the belts as we go to commercial.

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs The Addiction & Dalton Castle

The match started before we came back from commercial with everyone brawling in, then outside of the ring before Nick hits a swanton onto Kaz, Daniels and Castle on the outside, landing on his feet. The Bullet Club then hit a triple powerbomb on the apron before getting back into the ring and playing to the crowd, following up with an attempted Rise of the Terminator, but The Boys stop them only for the Bucks to superkick them. The Bucks come back in and they go for it again as Cole doesn't’t move the entire time, hitting it that time. Cole beats on Kaz and chokes him in the ropes and stomping on him before Nick gets tagged in and hits a double back flip back rake. Matt gets tagged in and goes for a brainbuster, Kaz countering with a right hand before he tags in Cole who gets hit with another right hand. Nick goes for one and The Addiction and Castle come in and they go for a triple one, but they just suplex them as we go to commercial.

Kaz can’t get the tag as The Bucks yank Castle and Daniels off of the apron, then hit him with a series of triple team moves including a 450 splash moonsault combo for a near fall. Nick hits a slingshot sit-out facebuster, then an Asai moonsault off of the apron before Kaz tags in Daniels who cleans house with The Super Cliq as they call themselves in that combination now. Nick accidentally hits Matt with a head scissor, then Daniels hits a moonsault for a quick two count, then is superkicked by Cole when he goes for Angels Wings. Cole comes in and goes for a figure four, but Daniels counters and tags in Castle who hits Cole with a series of strikes, then a Saito suplex. Castle teases Bangarang, but Cole counters, then Castle hits Cole and The Bucks with a series of German suplexes.

Castle hits a dead lift bridging German suplex, but The Bucks break it up with a leg drop off of the top rope, then Matt hits Kaz with a twisting stunner before Daniels hits Nick with Angels Wings and Cole superkicks him. Cole hits Kaz with a Canadian Destroyer, then Daniels hits a uranage before he’s superkicked, Kaz superkicked as well, then they go for Castle, but he ducks and they superkick Cole. The Bucks end up hitting Castle with a double superkick, but he comes back and turns them inside out with a double lariat. Daniels hits an Asai moonsault onto the Bucks on the Outside, then Castle hits the Bangarang on Cole for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle & The Addiction via pinfall

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