ROH Supercard of Honor XII Live Coverage & Discussion: World Title At Stake

Welcome to the live coverage of ROH Supercard of Honor XII, from the Lakefront Center in New Orleans, LA! A sellout crowd is expected for this event, which would make it the biggest crowd ever to watch an ROH event in the 16-plus year history of the promotion. The main card all starts at 8:30 P.M. EST and is available through Ring of Honor's new Honor Club streaming service. However, at 7:30 P.M., ROH will air the two semifinal matches in its Women of Honor Title tournament on Facebook Live.

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Kelly Klein def. Mayu Iwatami

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Sumie Sakai def. Tenille Dashwood

Chuckie T def. Jonathan Gresham

Punishment Martinez def. Tomohiro Ishii

Kota Ibushi def. Adam Page

WOH Title Tournament, Finals: Sumie Sakai def. Kelly Klein to become the first Women of Honor Champion

SoCal Uncensored def. Young Bucks & Flip Gordon in a Ladder Match to retain the ROH Six Man Tag Titles

Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas def. Motor City Machine Guns and Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx in a Triple Threat Tag

Briscoe Brothers def. Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain the ROH World Tag Titles

Silas Young def. Kenny King in a Last Man Standing Match to win the ROH TV Title

Cody def. Kenny Omega

Dalton Castle def. Marty Scurll to retain the ROH World Title

Check back here at 7:30 P.M. for the start of all the action. According to ROH's Facebook page, the WOH semifinal between Iwatami and Klein will kick off the card.

We kick off things with a solid video package recapping the Women of Honor Title Tournament, to date, taking a look at each of the two semifinal matches.

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Mayu Iwatami vs. Kelly Klein

The winner advances to wrestle in the tournament final, which will crown the first-ever Women of Honor champion, later in the evening.

Ian Riccaboni doing a nice job breaking down the past accomplishments of Iwatami, as well as noting Klein's STARDOM experience.

Initial lock-up and Klein flings Mayu off with ease. Mayu shoves Klein off on the next lock-up, side headlock by Mayu and they go to the mat for a solid grappling exchange before rolling into the ropes for a break. Mayu with a go-behind, blocks an Irish whip, breaks Klein's grip and hits a spinning back kick to the bread basket of Klein. Leg sweep by Mayu, and a nasty kick to the chest, followed by a single-leg basement dropkick to the back of the head. Klein out to the apron, forearms Mayu, Mayu answers with a forearm of her own. Klein dodges a shoulder from Mayu and catches her with a knee to the jaw. Mayu rolls back into the ring as Klein takes command, delivering a series of strikes in the corner, followed by a running big boot off the ropes. First pin attempt of the match, and the night, by Klein gets a 2 count. Klein stalking Mayu, shoving and kicking at her as she struggles to stand. Mayu starts fighting back from underneath with forearms, then two double-handed reverse chops followed by three palm strikes to the chest and another two-handed chop. Kelly cuts her off with a knee to the gut, then a cravate. Snap mare by Klein, goes for a kick, Mayu ducks it and schoolboys Klein for a two count. Both wrestlers back up and Klein uncorks with a clothesline. Mayu takes a scary bump on her head. Klein covers, and only gets two. Klein goes for a sleeper, Mayu backs her into the corner. Now Klein going for a sleeper hold while seated on the top turnbuckle, Todd Sinclair forces her to break. Fighting spirit from Mayu, who hits a palm strike then scales the corner ropes. Both wrestlers fighting for position, Klein knocks Mayu off to the mat but she lands on her feet. A jump kick and a palm strike by Mayu, who heads back up... top rope Frankensteiner! Mayu back to the second rope, launches with a missile dropkick. She positions Klein and immediately goes to the top again in the adjacent corner. Klein evades the double stomp... but not the superkick! Mayu goes up again... double stomp off the top! Rather than go for the pin, she's headed up one more time. Frog splash hits! 1... 2... Klein gets a shoulder up at two and a half! Crowd sounds hot and engaged already. Back to center ring, Klein blocks a rana, goes for a powerbomb, Mayu counters with a headscissor into the O'Connor roll and Klein barely kicks out. Klein recovers with a front facelock DDT, hoists Mayu in a fireman's carry, slams her hard to the mat and another near fall. Mayu fights out of attempted fallaway slam and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Klein kicks out at 2. Mayu attempting a full nelson, Klein fights out of it with a snap suplex, immediately floats over into the guillotine choke. Riccaboni puts over this is the longest anyone has lasted in Mayu's guillotine right before Sinclair calls the match because she's choked out.

WIN: Kelly Klein by submission

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Tenille Dashwood vs. Sumie Sakai

Riccaboni points out that Sumie was part of the very first women's match in ROH history (way back at Road To The Title in 2002, if you were wondering, and no I didn't have to look it up, and yes there's probably some important piece of real-life knowledge that was shoved out of my brain to make room for that).

Sakai charges right at Dashwood, who ducks her lariat and hits a modified STO for a quick two count. Sakai back up with a twisting Fisherman's neckbreaker, and that gets a two count. Both women trading forearms. Dashwood gets the better of the exchange, charges off the ropes but Sakai charges at her and cuts her off. Dashwood does the same. Now Dashwood ramming Sakai's head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly, and transitions into a tarantula. Dashwood dodges a shoulder block through the ropes by Sakai, kick, and modified neckbreaker dropping her against the middle rope. As Sumie goes to the floor, Dashwood to the top and LAUNCHES with a cross body to the floor! Back in the ring and a pin attempt only gets 2 for Dashwood. Dashwood going to work on the left leg, tying up a deathlock. Back to their feet, and Sumie unloading with Mongolian chops. Dashwood cuts her off when she tries to go for the ropes, Sakai with a judo throw transitioning into a slick MMA armbar. Dashwood trying to block it, as Sumie attempts to break her grip. Sakai sinks the armbar but Dashwood rolls her back onto her shoulders for a two count. Sakai transitions into a crossfacew. Dashwoopd getting tortured in the hold but doesn't give up. Sakai lets go and goes to what Bobby Heenan would call some classic Greco-roman stomping. Dashwood moves out of the way of a corner attack, scoots out to the apron, hits a sunset flip for two. Drop toeholds a charging Sakai into the middle turnbuckle headfirst, then hits a running splash to a seated Sumie in the corner. Tenille covers for a two count. Dashwood sits Sumie on the top turnbuckle, headbutt by Sumie and a kick to create space, followed by a missile dropkick. Sakai covers for the two count. Colt gets on Sumie for taking her time to make the pin attempt. German suplex by Sakai for another two count. Sumie goes for a rana, Tenille counters with a nice-looking sitout powerbomb... only a two count. The action continues as Sakai hits her Smash Mouth rolling cutter finisher... and only gets a two count. Sumie goes up, possibly for a moonsault. Tenille cuts her off and hits a release German suplex. It only gets a two count. Dashwood measures Sakai for her Spotlight Kick... Sakai evades it, hooks Dashwood and slides her into the crucifix pin for the 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Sumie Sakai

It'll be Sumie Sakai against Kelly Klein to crown the first WOH Champion. Both uphold the Code of Honor after the match.

Ian Riccaboni calls out Kelly Klein for a photo op with Sumie Sakai and the WOH Title belt before the tournament finals later tonight. After the two shake hands, Klein sneak attacks Sumie by blasting her with a forearm to the surprise of no one who ever has seen wrestling.

We open the live card with a slick little video package on the ROH Experience.

After a series of quick videos previewing the matches on the card, we get a quick pre-taped promo from Cody Rhodes.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Chuckie T

Chuckie's Best Friends partner, the currently injured Beretta, accompanying his mate to the ring.

I experienced some severe streaming issues for this match, but we pick up about 10 minutes in with Gresham and Taylor forearming one another in the middle of the ring. Gresham delivers a jumping knee on what the announcers kindly inform me ius an already worked-over knee. Taylor hits Soul Food. Gresham answers with a sweet spinning DDT, but when he goes to follow up, Taylor pulls him into an inside cradle for the pin.

WIN: Chuckie T

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Punishment Martinez

In between matches, Ian and Colt are breaking down the upcoming match when they're interrupted by a man wearing facepaint, what looks to be La Parka's gear from 1998, and speaking gibberish. OK, then.

We start out and Ishii firing away with forearms on Martinez. The big man doesn't budge. Lather, rinse, repeat. Now Ishii coming off the ropes with shoulder blocks, Martinez doesn't budge, and then flattens Ishii. Ishii Irish whipped into the corner, two leaping corner attacks by the big man, followed by a corner clothesline. Measured punch to the head, followed by a vertical suplex. Pin attempt but Ishii kicks out at 2. Now Ishii reverses Martinez's Irish whip, eats a boot when he tries to charge the corner, fighting spirits it, eats another boot, more fighting spirit and wallops Martinez with a clothesline. Martinez blocks a suplex and tries to reverse, Ishii drops down behind, chops Martinez to the throat and then hits the suplex. Crowd liked that exchange. Ishii covers at center ring, Martinez kicks out at 2. Ishii into the ropes, Martnez cuts him off with a big boot, Ishii fighting spirits it, but an enzyguri drops Ishii who powders to the floor. MARTINEZ DOES A CRAZY DIVE, CLEARING THE CORNER AND FLATTENING ISHII! Martinez lands right on his head. Now Martinez back into the ring and does a springboard dive to level Ishii again. Spinning heel kick off the top rope by Martinez, but when he goes for the cover, Ishii kicks out at 2. Martinez drilling Ishii with forearms, irish whip, but this time Ishii dodges the corner attack. Clotheslines and forearms in the corner by Ishii. Martinez sets Ishii on the top turnbuckle, ear clap, now Martinez scales to the top rope for a SUPER RANA WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? Now both men trading bombs at center ring, Ishii breaks up the strikes and plants Martinez with a German suplex. Now Ishii sets Martinez on the top turnbuckle. STALLING SUPERPLEX BY ISHII! Martinez blocks the sliding clothesline by Ishii by grabbing him by the throat. Ishii blocks the sitout chokeslam and flattens him with a lariat for a good near-fall. Martinez with a stiff clothesline of his own for a less convincing near-fall. Now Martinez grabs Ishii by the throat, headbutts break it. Martinez with a ripcord kick, followed by the South of Heaven chokeslam. Martinez beats Ishii clean.

WIN: Punishment Martinez

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