ROH Supercard of Honor XV Results: Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido For The Undisputed ROH World Title + More!

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Swerve Strickland vs. Alex Zayne

A lock-up to start, Zayne with a hurricanrana, Swerve lands on his feet and they laugh at one another in a show of respect. Swerve trips Zayne, who returns the favor, Zayne goes to apron and lands on Swerve's back with a senton before going for a nonchalant cover but Swerve kicks out sends Zayne over the top rope with a hurricanrana. Swerve jumps to the apron and drills Zayne with a kick before tossing him back into the ring to go for the cover but Zane lifts the shoulders at two. Swerve applies a head-lock, Zayne powers out and slaps Swerve. They trade strikes, Zayne with a back-breaker then sends Swerve to the corner, goes for a splash but ends up eating a boot to the jaw from Swerve. Zayne puts Swerve on the top turnbuckle and flips him off with a hurricanrana before going for a cover but Swerve's able to kick out. Swerve locks-in a half-nelson, Zayne backs him up to the corner to force the break but Swerve lands a knee before going for the Boston Crab. Swerve transitions into an arm-bar while the leg is also locked-up but Zayne rolls to the ropes to force the break. Swerve slides to the outside, Zayne chases, Swerve clocks him with an elbow, Zayne jumps to the apron and plants Swerve in the outside with an inside-out-rana as the crowd reigns down the 'holy shit!' chants...and rightfully so. Both competitors struggle but eventually get back in the ring, Zayne goes up top and drills Swerve with double knees to the back then goes for the cover but Swerve kicks out at two-and-a-half! Swerve comes firing back with a flat-liner and then a running knee to the face before going for the cover but Zayne kicks out! Swerve with a 'WHO'S HOUSE!' roar to the crowd before going for his finisher but Zayne rolls out and Swerve comes back with another knee before going for the cover but Zayne again kicks out. Swerve plants Zayne with the JML Driver and gets the 1-2-3 for the win!

Winner - Swerve Strickland

Ninja Mack vs. Brian Cage (with Tully Blanchard)

Tully announces the newest member of his 'enterprise'...and it's Brian Cage, who makes his way out to the ring. Cage attacks Mack on the outside before sending him back into the ring to officially start the matchup. Cage tosses Mack around the ring with some slams while taunting to the crowd. Cage asks the crowd if they want one more slam but he ends up just hitting a forearm instead. Mack with a kick, then another and goes for a third but Cage catches him and slams him yet again. Cage lands a jackhammer and gets the three-count for the win.

Winner - Brian Cage

Lee Moriarty (with Matt Sydal) vs. Jay Lethal

Moriarty with a head-lock to start, Lethal runs the ropes, hip tosses Moriarty, who rolls up Lethal but Lethal quickly kicks out and they stare each other down from across the ring. Lethal with a hip toss and applies a head-lock, Moriarty gets to his feet, shoved Lethal off the ropes, Lethal looks for Lethal Injection, Moriarty rolls him up, Lethal kicks out and they stare each other down yet again. They start arguing in the ring, Lethal shoved Moriarty back, they exchange chops, Moriarty sends Lethal to the corner, Lethal counters with an elbow then an arm-drag. Lethal with a few forearms, Moriarty rolls out, lands a takedown, then a kick to the face before going for the cover but Lethal kicks out. Moriarty with some knees, then a takedown and drills Lethal with a kick to the back before going for another cover but Lethal, again lifts the shoulders in-time. Moriarty with a forearm, then another and Lethal counters with a leg whip to regain control. Lethal works over Moriarty's left leg, Moriarty goes for a rear-naked choke but Lethal adjusts himself and goes back to work on the right leg. Lethal tosses Moriarty to the outside and dives through the ropes and sends Moriarty into the barricade. Lethal gets back in the ring and asks the crowd if he should do it again, which he does but this time, he nails Moriarty with a baseball slide...and then dives right back out with another dive through the ropes. Moriarty gets back in the ring, sends Lethal out and dives on Lethal on the outside but his left knee/leg is in bad shape. Both men struggle back into the ring but they beat the referee's 10-count. They struggle to their feet but make it back up and exchange strikes until Lethal lights up Moriarty's injured left leg. Moriarty's powering up with each and every kick by Lethal and comes swinging back with a clubbing forearm. Lethal counters and clocks Moriarty in the back of the head but Moriarty nails Lethal with a slam before going for the cover but Lethal kicks out. Lethal puts Moriarty on the top turnbuckle and follows him up. Lethal looks for the super-plex, Moriarty knocks him back and tries to go up top but his knee gives out and goes to the middle rope and looks for a dive but Lethal counters and lights him up with a combo before going for the cover but Moriarty kicks out! Lethal with a cutter, then goes up top and comes crashing down with an elbow but Moriarty counters into a roll-up, Lethal kicks out, then another roll-up, Lethal kicks out, Lethal rolls Moriarty up, Moriarty kicks out Lethal with an arm-drag/pin combo, Moriarty kicks out, Moriarty with the inside cradle, Lethal kicks out, Moriarty with another inside cradle and Lethal again kicks out! Lethal low-blows Moriarty behind the referee's back, goes for Lethal Injection and hits it for the 1-2-3 and the win!

Winner - Jay Lethal

After the match, Lethal looks disgusted with himself for the low-blow, Matt Sydal comes in to check on Moriarty and Lethal kicks Sydal's crutches out from under him and goes on the attack but Sonjay Dutt and ROH officials rush down and break it up. Dutt talks some sense into Lethal and Lethal exits.

Willow Nightengale vs. Mercedes Martinez — Interim Ring Of Honor Women's World Championship

Willow with a quick takedown and a cover but Mercedes kicks out. Willie with a scoop and slam, then another cover but Mercedes, again kicks out. Mercedes with a pair of butterfly suplexes, she goes for a third, willow falls back, Mercedes locks-in a double arm-lock but Willow slides out. Mercedes locks-in the dragon sleeper, Willow powers to her feet, nails Mercedes with a clothesline, then another...and goes for a third but Mercedes nails her with a knee to the face, then another before going for the cover but Willow kicks out. Mercedes with a kick to the ribs, then a chop to the chest before going for the fisherman suplex, Willow slides out and hits a side-kick to the mid-section. Strikes from their knees are traded, they start kicking each other in the chest, both get to their feet, Willow with a knee and a clothesline and both are back down on the mat. Willow unloads a bevy of forearms to the chest then a slap across the chest, Mercedes with a pair of clotheslines and a back-elbow before landing a suplex. Mercedes with the Samoan Drop then a cover but Willow kicks out at two-and-a-half! Mercedes nails Willow with elbows to the head-and-neck, Willow comes back with an Olympic Slam then a cover but Mercedes lifts the shoulders at two! Willow blasts Mercedes' with a Slam and lets out a roar to the crowd! Willow with a corner senton then a cover but Mercedes kicks out. Willow goes to the middle rope, Mercedes follows her, hits some forearms to the back and plants Willow with the Razor's Edge and then goes for the cover but Willow kicks out at two-and-a-half! Willow gets Mercedes stuck upside-down in the tree of woe in the corner, lands a splash, then drags Mercedes to the mat, goes to the top rope and drills Mercedes with a moonsault and goes for the cover but Mercedes' kicks out! Willow goes for the gut-wrench power-bomb, Mercedes slides out and locks in the dragon sleeper and Willow taps!

Winner - Mercedes Martinez (NEW Interim Ring of Honor Women's World Champion)

Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (C) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) — Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship

The 'holy shit!' chants begin before the bell rings and here we go as Mark and Cash will start this one off. Cash and Mark lock-up, Mark gets the better of the exchange, Cash runs the ropes and nails Mark with a shoulder-block then an arm-drag and works over Mark's left shoulder. Cash sends Mark to the corner, Mark jumps to the apron and chops Cash in the throat before leaping back into the ring. They each make tags, now making Dax and Jay the legal competitors. They quickly lock-up, break and stare each other down as the crowd is in an absolute frenzy. Dax with a takedown, Jay with a head scissors, Dax rolls out and locks-in a head-lock, Jay with another head scissors, Dax slides out and back to his feet and spits at Jay before sliding out of the ring. Dax gets back in, Jay with a head-lock, then a shoulder tackle, then another but Dax clubs him with a forearm that sends him to the mat. Dax with another forearm, then a chop to the chest and Jay comes out of nowhere with a hurricanrana and a kick before sending Dax out of the ring. Dax tosses a chair in the ring and Jay catches it before the referee rips it away. Dax gets back in, knocks Jay back with a punch, tosses him in the corner and makes the tag to Cash, who unloads strikes to a cornered Jay. Cash sends Jay to another corner, then another one before landing a back-elbow, looks for the clothesline but Cash runs into an elbow by Jay, who makes the tag to Mark, who starts unloading chips to Cash's chest. Mark with some more chops, Cash returns fire, and tosses Mark to the corner before making the tag to Dax. Cash and Dax trade-off with strikes to a cornered Mark, Cash goes to the apron, Dax continues the onslaught but Mark comes back with some chops. Dax and Mark exchange chop after chop, Dax knocks Mark back with a thunderous chop and makes the tag to Cash. Mark takes out Cash, makes the tag to Jay and Jay starts unloading kicks to a downed and cornered Cash before tagging Mark back in. FTR's tossed to the outside, Mark dives through the ropes onto both Dax and Cash, all four brawl on the outside, FTR dispatch of Mark and seclude Jay and wallop him face-first into a table. FTR get back into the ring, the referee begins the 10-count, Cash makes the tag to Dax, Jay's sent back in the ring and he's busted open as Dax starts to work over the cut on Jay's forehead. Dax applies a chin-lock before putting Jay on the top turnbuckle, unloads some more chops and trips Jay off the top before tagging-in Cash, who tosses Jay against the ropes, Dax flips Jay off, Cash slams Jay and screams 'we are tag team wrestling!' to the crowd before making the tag to Dax. The feed cuts for a moment, it's back and Mark and Dax are the legal competitors. Mark hoists Dax up, Dax slides out, Cash makes the blind-tag, FTR goes for Big Rig, Mark slides out, tosses Dax out of the ring, they hit Cash with Redneck Boogie, Mark makes the cover but Cash lifts the shoulders at two-and-a-half! Dax is now busted open, Mark makes the tag to Jay, Cash tosses Mark out of the ring, Dax plants Jay with a spring-board power-bomb, goes for the cover but Jay kicks out! Jay and Mark toss out Cash then hit Big Rig on Dax before going for the cover but Dax kicks out! Cash wallops Mark with a DDT on the outside, Jay plants Cash with a slam, Dax kicks Jay while on the apron, they both go for suplexes and Jay crushes Dax with a suplex over the top rope to the outside and the 'holy shit!' chants commence as all four competitors are down at ringside as ROH officials come down and check on everyone. Both teams are cleared, the referee begins the 10-count, everyone's back in after a count of nine. The four face-off and the brawl ensues. Cash is thrown out, Mark dives onto Cash with a corkscrew on the outside, Dax and Jay are the legal participants and are in the ring. Both struggle to their feet, they come face-to-face and exchange heavy shots, Jay gets the better of the back-and-forth and lands spinning forearm, Jay hits a power-bomb and goes for the cover but Dax's able to lift the shoulders at two-and-a-half! Jay makes the tag to Mark, who goes up top, Jay lifts Dax on his shoulders, Cash comes in, Mark knocks him off the apron and Mark accidentally knocks Jay back, FTR hit Big Rig, Dax covers Mark and gets the 1-2-3 for the win! New champions!

Winners - FTR (NEW Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions)

After the match, both teams are treated to a standing ovation from the Garland, Texas crowd. FTR how to the Briscoes and all four competitors embrace as the crowd reigns down the 'Hall of Fame!' chants to both teams. FTR exit and Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, alongside Brandon Cutler attack the Briscoes out of nowhere! FTR back come down to make the save and the Bucks and Cutler retreat. Dax grabs a mic and asks if the 'pussies' [in reference to the Bucks] can hear him. Dax calls he and Cash the best tag champions of all-time. FTR says they're still fresh and challenge the Bucks to a match right now. Nick asks the crowd if that's what they want, the crowd goes crazy, Matt asks as well and says it's a perfect idea...but on Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite. The Bucks mock the crowd and Ring of Honor and praise AEW who 'bough this company' and urges the crowd to 'tune in on Wednesday' to see the Bucks against FTR. The Bucks celebrate with FTR's titles on the stage, Cutler sprays them down and Matt mocks the crowd. Dax accepts the challenge for Wednesday night and says 'it's not a gymnastics routine, so we'll kick your ass'. Everyone heads out and it's time for our next matchup.

Rhett Titus (C) vs. Minoru Suzuki — Ring of Honor World Television Championship

Titus chops Suzuki to start, Suzuki chops Titus out of the ring, they both get back in and exchange strikes. Titus slams Suzuki down and kicks Suzuki to the corner and lands a back suplex before going for the cover but Suzuki lifts the shoulders. Titus with a leg-lock, Suzuki trips him and applies a heel-hook but Titus scoots to the apron and grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Titus with a super-kick then a cover but Suzuki kicks out. Titus runs the ropes, Suzuki catches him in a sleeper hold and transitions it into the Gotch pile-driver and gets the three-count for the win! New champion!

Winner - Minoru Suzuki (NEW Ring of Honor World Television Champion)

Josh Woods (C) vs. Wheeler Yuta — Ring of Honor Pure Championship

An arm-drag-off to start. Yuta latches onto Woods' back, Woods slides out, rolls Yuta back and looks for a leg-lock but Yuta slides out and both competitors regroup. Yuta with a takedown then a cover, Woods lifts the shoulders, Yuta applies a head-lock, Woods slides out and grabs Yuta's neck. Yuta with a head scissors, Woods leaps forward and reapplies the head scissors but Yuta grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Yuta with a figure-four, clocks Woods in the head with a forearm and bridges himself back to apply even more pressure, Woods grabs the bottom rope and forces the break. Back on the feet, Woods with a double arm-lock, Yuta spins out, Woods with a takedown and works Yuta's left wrist. Yuta powers to his feet, Woods sends him back to the mat with a shoulder-block, Yuta's back to a knee, Woods hits another, then another but Yuta fires back with a bevy of forearms, Woods with a slam and a cover but Yuta kicks out. Woods latches onto Yuta's back, Yuta leaps onto the apron but Woods slams him back in the ring. Both competitors struggle to their feet and trade forearms, Yuta sends Woods to the corner, hits a slam, Woods slides out of the ring, Yuta kips-up and dives on Woods onto the outside through the ropes. Yuta tosses Woods back into the ring, goes up top, comes crashing down but Woods drills him with a flying knee, then goes for the cover but Yuta kicks out at two-and-a-half! Woods goes for a slam, Yuta spins out, lands a knee, hits a German suplex, goes for another, Woods elbows his way out of danger and fires Yuta into the corner with a suplex, then goes for the cover but Yuta gets his foot onto the bottom rope to force the break! Woods lifts Yuta for his [Woods] finisher but Yuta hits a back-slide and gets the 1-2-3 for the win! New champion!

Winner - Wheeler Yuta (NEW Ring of Honor Pure Champion)

Jonathan Gresham (C) vs. Bandido (with Chavo Guerrero) (C) — Undisputed Ring of Honor World Championship

Bandido with an Eddie Guerrero tribute mannerism as the crowd pours in the 'Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!' chants and here we go. A lock-up to start, both break and stare each other drown from across the ring. Bandido with a takedown, Gresham with one of his own and they both back off and again stare each other down from afar. They lock back up, this time with a test-of-strength, Gresham falls to a knee, comes back and sends Bandido to the mat, Bandido powers back up, Gresham works the left arm and Bandido backs Gresham to the corner to force a break. Gresham rolls behind Bandido, goes into the corner, ends up on Bandido's shoulders and lays him out with a partial hurricanrana. Bandido lands a hurricanrana as well, then a drop-kick and taunts Gresham, who regroups in the corner. Bandido rushes Gresham but gets tossed to the outside. Chavo urges Bandido on, Bandido gets back in the ring and Gresham trips him to the mat and applies a head-lock. Gresham transitions to a kimura, holds Bandido's shoulders to the mat but Bandido lifts the shoulders. Gresham with a cross-face but Bandido grabs the bottom rope to force a break. Bandido with a kick to the mid-section, then locks-up Gresham with a leg-and-arm lock, Gresham reverses the pressure, transitions to an ankle-lock but Bandido scoots to the apron and grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Both competitors back standing in the center of the ring, Gresham latches onto Bandido's back, locks-in a head-and-arm choke with his legs but Bandido, again gets to the ropes to force the break. Gresham works over Bandido's left arm, Bandido, with an arm-drag, Gresham with one of his own, Bandido goes to the corner, Gresham rushed after, Bandido rolls out and hits Gresham with a clothesline in the corner. Bandido lifts Gresham above his head while the crowd counts the seconds, Bandido also counts, he gets to a full minute then slams Gresham to the mat with a suplex and the crowd goes ballistic and reigns down the 'holy shit!' chants! Bandido looks for a knee, Gresham meets him with a back-elbow, Bandido tosses Gresham to the corner, Gresham slides out and drills Bandido with a running clothesline then a cover but Bandido kicks out. Gresham with a German suplex into another cover but Bandido lifts the shoulders. Gresham with an enziguri then a snap-mare before another cover but Bandido, yet again kicks out! Gresham unloads elbows, goes for yet another cover but Bandido kicks out. Gresham locks-up the Octopus, Bandido desperately crawls to the ropes, Gresham transitions into the hammer-lock and drills Bandido with punches to the side of the face but Bandido falls into the ropes to force the break of the submission. Bandido with a wrist-lock, Gresham pushed Bandido out of the ring, Chavo pushes Bandido out of the way of a Gresham dive through the ropes. Bandido sends Gresham back into the ring, nails him with a German suplex into a cover, Gresham kicks out, Bandido keeps on the offensive, lands a knee and goes for another cover but Gresham lifts the shoulders after a count of two! Gresham with a sunset flip into a pin out of nowhere, Bandido rolls him back, Gresham rolls him back and Bandido kicks off the middle turnbuckle to roll completely out. Both competitors struggle to their feet, Bandido with the double guns to Gresham's face, both get back to their feet and unload strikes on one another. Bandido knocks Gresham down, Gresham with a kip-up but walks into a super-kick from Bandido. Gresham falls to the apron, Chavo cheap shots Gresham with the ROH World Title belt, Bandido tells the referee and he ejects Chavo from ringside. Bandido puts Gresham on the top turnbuckle, follows him up, Gresham knocks him back and lands a cross-body but Bandido rolls him into a pin attempt and Gresham kicks out. Bandido with another roll-up, Gresham kicks out, Bandido with a slam then a cover but Gresham kicks out! Bandido goes for the 21 Plex, Gresham lands on his feet, rolls Bandido up but Bandido kicks out! Bandido knocks Gresham out of the ring with a super-kick, follows him out with a dive over the top rope, immediately throws Gresham back into the ring, drills him with a knee to the jaw and hits the 21 Plex and goes for the cover but Gresham somehow kicks out! Bandido with a super-kick to the chest, Gresham with a spring-board moonsault, Bandido rolls to the outside, Gresham with a dive through the ropes, throws Bandido back in the ring, Bandido tosses him back, Gresham with the arm-slide and gets the 1-2-3 for the win! What a match!

Winner - Jonathan Gresham (NEW Undisputed Ring of Honor World Champion)

After the match, Gresham grabs a mic and says he never wanted to go anywhere else but Ring of Honor. Jay Lethal interrupts and says he knows Gresham wants to send everyone home happy, so he'll help him do just that. Lethal says because of everything he's [Lethal] done for ROH and Gresham, he should be the first one to challenge for Gresham's World Title. Gresham says Lethal's current actions don't deserve a title shot. Lethal shoves Gresham and calls him a piece of crap, they begin to brawl but Sonjay Dutt comes down and tries to separate them but Dutt clocks Gresham with a punch and he and Lethal go on the attack. Lee Moriarty comes down to make the save but the numbers catch him to Moriarty as well. Lethal drills Moriarty with Lethal Injection and Lethal celebrate with Gresham's titles and celebrated with Dutt. Someone's music hits, nobody can tell who's music it is but SAMOA JOE IS HERE! The 'Joe! Joe! Joe!' chants are thunderous and the former ROH World Champion makes his way down to the ring as the crowd is in a frenzy! Joe and Lethal come face-to-face, Lethal leaves the ring, Joe chokes out Dutt and Joe and Lethal argue from afar as the crowd continues to go absolutely crazy. Joe stares down Lethal, who's on the stage with the titles. The 'Joe's gonna kill you!' chants ring throughout the arena, Joe hoists Gresham's arm in the air, Moriarty joins the celebration and the show goes off-the-air!

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