ROH Wrestling Television Results for 10/19/20 Episode #374 PURE Title Tournament Semifinals, EC3 Debuts

- We open this week's show with a video package recapping the PURE Title Tournament so far ahead of our first of two semi-final matches on tonight's show.

ROH PURE Title Tournament Block A Semifinal Match

Report: Cora Jade Sidelined With Undisclosed Injury

Fred Yehi vs Tracy Williams

Fred backs Tracy into the corner for a clean break before Tracy locks in a hammer lock before Fred goes to the ropes to use his first of three rope breaks. Tracy immediately reapplies the hammer lock and Fred instinctively grabs the ropes and uses his second rope break. An upset Fred then hits Tracy with an exploder suplex as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Fred still in control before Tracy comes back with a back elbow. Tracy hits a tornado DDT off of the top before Fred blocks a cross face before Tracy hits Fred with a piledriver for a near fall that Fred breaks with his final rope break. Tracy then locks in the cross face before Fred gets to the ropes and pulls himself up before Tracy locks in a dragon sleeper for the tap and the win.

Winner: Tracy Williams defeats Fred Yehi via submission to advance to the finals of Block A.

- EC3 makes his Ring of Honor Wrestling debut and cuts a promo before he leaves and he's confronted by Shane Taylor before The Briscoes show up. The Briscoes and EC3  then send set up a match between themselves and Shane and Soldiers of Savagery.

ROH PURE Title Tournament Block B Semifinal Match

Josh Woods vs PJ Black

Josh takes PJ down before PJ reverses into a pin attempt for just a one count before Josh grounds PJ by chaining together submissions. PJ then manages to eventually reverse into a body scissors as we go to commercial.

We come back to PJ in control before Josh quickly takes him down and locks in yet another submission before PJ uses his first and second rope breaks. PJ comes back with a Samoan drop before hitting several diving elbow drops and locks in a Billy Goat's Curse. They exchange strikes until Josh hits a backbreaker and a release German suplex. Josh then locks in an armbar before transitioning into an ankle lock before finishing PJ with a double ankle lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Josh Woods defeats PJ Black via submission to advance to the finals of Block B.

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