ROH Wrestling Television Results for 11/1/19 Episode #424 RUSH vs Young for the ROH World Title

-We open the show with a video recapping an over the top battle royal in Las Vegas in which Silas Young won by being the last person in the ring after Josh Woods, Byron Wilcott and Brian Milonas were eliminated and gaining a shot at RUSH's ROH World title that he'll challenge for in tonight's main event.

Jonathan Gresham vs Alex Shelley

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They lock up and exchange wrist locks, standing switches and grappling before Alex puts Jon in an abdominal stretch. Jon gets free and Alex starts focusing on his wrist and arm before they dodge each other until Jon dropkicks Alex as we go to commercial.

Alex knees Jon in the midsection and sends him down to the mat before hitting a PK and a float over suplex into a jumping knee drop for a quick two count. Alex hits a spinebuster into a reverse cloverleaf and gets a quick two count off of a crucifix before Jon fights out of a full nelson and hits an Asai moonsault. Jon hits a PK into a dropkick and focuses on the left arm of Alex before trying to pin his shoulders before getting a two count off of a crucifix. Jon locks in a straight armbar before wringing Alex's arm before they exchange a flurry of moves until they collapse as they go back to commercial.

Alex hits a running back elbow into an enzuigiri and a diving cross body before they roll around the ring until Jon gets a near fall and they exchange standing switches before Jon gets another near fall. Alex dodges a chop by Jon before hitting one of his own and Jon hits a drop toe hold into a bow and arrow, Alex rolling on top of Jon for a near fall. Jon gets a near fall off of a pharaoh pin before Jon counters a shiranui into a backside for a near fall before Alex hits a twisting neckbreaker. Alex then counters the octopus stretch into a crucifix for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham defeats Alex Shelley via pinfall.

-After the match Jon grabs a chair and goes to hit Alex before Jay Lethal comes out and gets in the way, Jay and Alex then getting rid of the chair before everyone hugs and shakes hands before we go to the ROH World Television champion Shane Taylor cutting a promo about the legacy he's chasing and how the ROH World Television Championship is just the beginning as he enters the arena as we go to commercial.

-We come back to a recap of a mysterious attack on The Kingdom and Matt and Vinny in the ring and demanding that someone not jump them from behind before we go to Vinny being talked to by staff who are trying to figure out who attacked them. Vinny grabs one of the security and says to tell everyone that they need to pick a side in regards to the truth before letting him go and leaving.

-We are told about ROH Unauthorized in which Colt Cabana will be hosting this weekend before we get a recap of Bully Ray attacking Mark Haskins at Death Before Dishonor Fallout as we go to commercial.

-We return to highlights of a match between PCO and Marty Scurll and Jay Lethal before PCO versus Marty is announced for next week and we go to a recap of the ROH World Championship match at Death Before Dishonor in which RUSH defeated Matt Taven to become the new champion ahead of tonight's main event between RUSH and Silas Young from Glory by Honor.

ROH World Championship Match

RUSH (c) vs Silas Young

They exchange standing switches before RUSH hits a running splash in the corner and stomping Silas in the corner before Silas spears him when he goes for the Bulls Horns. Silas punches RUSH and plays to the crowd before slamming him down for a quick two count before tossing RUSH out of the ring. Silas hits a diving double ax handle off of apron and sending RUSH into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a slingshot stomp. Silas hits a snap DDT for a one count before RUSH counters a suplex and Silas drives him into the corner before hitting a snap suplex for a one count. Silas then locks in a rear chin lock as we go to commercial.

We come back to Silas still in control and arguing with the crowd before RUSH gets to his knees and spits in Silas' face before hitting a snap German suplex and a shining wizard. RUSH sends Silas out of the ring and into the railing and face first into a table and a chair before tossing him back into the ring and hitting a running clothesline in the corner. RUSH teases the Bulls Horns and slaps Silas before doing the tranquilo pose and hitting a fireman's carry slam into a jumping stomp. RUSH misses a diving senton before Silas hits a rolling senton and a diving press for a two count before hitting the anarchist suplex for another two count. RUSH counters a full Nelson into an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner before dropping Silas with a running forearm in the corner.

RUSH then hits the Bulls Horns for the pin and the win.

Winner:RUSH retains his ROH World Championship by defeating Silas Young via pinfall with the Bulls Horns.

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