ROH Wrestling Television Results for 2/28/20 Episode #441 Bandido & Flamita vs The Briscoes

-We open the show with a video recapping six man tag team championship match between the champions Villain Enterprises and the challengers Bandido, Flamita and Dragon Lee in which the luchadores became the new champions.

Andrew Everett vs Alex Zayne

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They adhere to the Code of Honor before the match starts before exchanging wrist locks and flips before Andrew rocks Alex with a forearm. They then run the ropes and do more flips, the two landing on their feet when they try to hit each other with a huricanrrana as we go to commercial.

We come back to Andrew chopping Alex in the corner before hitting a springboard missile dropkick and Alex rolls to the outside. Andrew hits a tope to the outside and plays to the crowd before tossing Alex back into the ring and turns his back on the ring before Alex hits a tope of his own. Back in the ring Alex hits a running shooting star press for two before Andrew counters a backbreaker and Andrew hits a few asai moonsaults for two. Andrew teases a choke slam that Alex flips out of before Alex hits a somersault leg drop for a near fall. Alex hits an enzuigiri before missing a moonsault stomp, but lands on his feet before Andrew hits a Pele and sends Alex into the middle turnbuckle before hitting a springboard corkscrew splash for a near fall.

Andrew drags Alex to the corner and climbs to the top before Alex lands in his feet when Andrew goes for a poison huricanrrana. Andrew then hits a poison huricanrrana before missing a shooting star press and Zayne hits a shooting star meteora into a pump handle driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alex Zayne defeats Andrew Everett via pinfall.

-After the match they shake hands after the match before Alex lifts Andrew's arm and Andrew leaves as we go to commercial.

-We come back to PJ Black and Brian Johnson and a training montage where PJ tries to help Brian channel and control his emotions while they work on a new finisher for Brian. PJ then gives Brian a white belt before he takes it and runs off. We then have a count down for Brian Zane's top five matches he wants to see in 2020 with Righteous versus La Facción Ingobernable as number one as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Josh Woods and Silas Young, Josh trying to convert Silas to skinny jeans before we get highlights of a match between Jay and Mark Briscoe in honor of ROH Past VS Present on March 14th.

Flamita & Bandido vs The Briscoes

The four men go toe to toe before the referee separates them and they adhere to the Code of Honor. Flamita and Mark get things started off by locking up with Mark backing Flamita into the ropes before locking in a standing side headlock. They dodge each other and mirror a dropkick before Jay and Bandido tag in and they exchange words before running into each other, neither man budging. They run the ropes again before Jay hits a huricanrrana and Bandido rocks him with a kick as we go to commercial.

We come back to The Briscoes in control of Bandido after knocking Flamita off of the apron and everyone exchanges strikes. Flamita hits Jay with a huricanrrana before Bandido rocks Mark with a bicycle knee and the luchadores clear the ring. Flamita hits an asai moonsault before Bandido hits a springboard shooting star press. Back in the ring they double up on Mark before doing the same to Jay and Flamita hits an assisted hand spring wheelbarrow moonsault onto both Briscoes for two. Jay breaks up a near fall before The Briscoes regain control and Mark suplexes Bandido onto the floor before Jay sends Flamita into the barricade.

Jay sends Bandido into the post before Mark tosses a chair into the ring and sets it up before hitting a flipping senton to the outside. Mark then tosses a second chair into the ring and Jay hits a flipping senton of his own as we go to commercial.

The Briscoes have Bandido isolated as we come back to the action in the ring before Bandido sends Mark out of the ring and hits Jay with a variation of a GTS for a near fall. Flamita hits a 450 for a near fall that Mark breaks up before Mark sends Bandido out of the ring. Mark and Flamita exchange until Mark hits an over head belly to belly and The Briscoes hit the Redneck Boogie for a near fall. Flamita superkicks Mark before hitting a split legged missile dropkick to both Briscoes and he and Bandido hit running moves in opposite corners. Flamita hits an assisted high angle splash that Jay breaks up for a near fall before Flamita goes for a 450 and Mark gets his knees up.

Jay clotheslines Flamita over the top rope before Mark hits a baseball slide into a blockbuster off of the apron. Mark rolls Flamita back inside before Jay hits a neckbreaker and Mark a Froggy-Bow for a near fall that Bandido breaks up. Bandido and Flamita hit stereo Spanish flies for a double near fall before Mark counters a 21-plex and hits a brainbuster onto the apron. The Briscoes then hit Flamita with a doomsday device for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes defeat Flamita and Bandido via pinfall.

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