ROH Wrestling Television Results for 3/6/20 Episode #442 Villain Enterprises vs Nick Aldis & RUSH

-We open this week's show with a recap of PCO versus RUSH which ended with the referee being taken out and PCO put through a table after Nick Aldis aligned himself with La Faccion Ingobernable as a way to get back at Marty Scurll. We then get a video package recapping Aldis explaining why he aligned himself with LFI.

-We get a graphic for our main event featuring a tag team match between PCO and Marty taking on Nick Aldis and RUSH before we go to the ring for a match between Rey Horus and Brody King.

Rey Horus vs Brody King

Rey shows off his speed by dodging Brody before rocking King and hitting a huricanrrana into the ropes. Brody drops Rey with a chop and tosses him across the ring before hitting a scoop slam into a jumping splash for two as we go to commercial.

Back from the break we see as Rey hits a huricanrrana at ringside before hitting a flipping senton over the top turnbuckle and onto Brody at ringside. Back in the ring Rey goes up top before landing on his feet and Brody comes back with a running clothesline in the corner into a lariat that sends him spinning. Brody hits a powerbomb for two before punching and stomping him in the corner before Rey comes back with kicks and a satellite DDT for two. Brody then turns Rey inside out and hits the Gonzo Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brody King defeats Rey Horus via pinfall.

-We come back to Brian Zane's top five unlikely tag teams with Cheeseburger and Jushin Thunder Liger at number one before we go to an interview with La Faccion Ingobernable backstage where RUSH and Kenny King say that Nick Aldis is useless and they can beat Marty Scurll and PCO without him as we go to commercial.

Villain Enterprises vs Nick Aldis & RUSH

We come back to the match already in progress with RUSH overwhelming PCO with his speed and strength before PCO hits a kitchen sink and tags Marty in. PCO and Marty hit running moves in the corner before PCO hits a snap powerslam for two before Nick comes in. Marty and Nick exchange wrist locks and arm drags before Marty tags in PCO and Marty pursues Nick and superkicks him from the apron when he exits the ring to catch a breather. PCO misses a senton off of the top and lands on the edge of the apron before PCO gets up and brawls with Nick at ringside. RUSH attacks PCO from behind and sends his head into the railing repeatedly before choking him with a cable.

Back in the ring Nick stomps PCO until he tries to fight Nick and RUSH off and gets dropped before RUSH teases The Bulls Horns, but opts to slap PCO instead and do a variation of the tranquilo pose as we go to commercial.

Back from the break RUSH locks in a triangle in the ropes before slapping PCO across the face and he and Nick get hit with a double clothesline. Marty gets the tag and drops Nick before playing to the crowd and calling for the Cross Face Chicken Wing before Nick drops him with a forearm. Nick catches Marty off of the ropes and hits a suplex for two before RUSH chokes Marty in the corner when the referee is busy with PCO. RUSH suplexes Marty and mocks him before hitting a running splash in the corner before Marty hits a tornado DDT. PCO and Nick come back in and PCO counters a hip toss and clotheslines both Nick and RUSH before hitting Nick with a high angle back drop.

PCO spears RUSH out of the ring before he hits an assisted senton over the top rope with Marty's help. Back in the ring Marty goes for a DDT before Nick hits a piledriver and goes to the top before PCO crotches him. Marty hits a superplex before slamming PCO on top of Nick for a near fall that RUSH breaks up before RUSH plays to the crowd and PCO fights off Nick and RUSH momentarily before he's overwhelmed. RUSH hits a rolling senton before Nick accidentally hits RUSH with a diving elbow drop when PCO pulls him in the way. RUSH argues with Nick before leaving Nick and going up to the stage before Nick grabs the NWA World title, but Marty snaps his fingers.

PCO then chokeslams Nick as RUSH looks on from the stage before PCO hits a moonsault for the pin and the win as RUSH leaves to the back.

Winner:Villain Enterprises defeat Nick Aldis and RUSH via pinfall.

-We then end the show with a video package for ROH 18th Anniversary on March 13th as we go off the air.

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