Sean Ross Sapp's Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 4/2/21


A very Gen X thing to do be like "u all made me go back 2 the old me," but that's what they have Edge do, quite frankly because WWE can't book an effective babyface and make them likable for any extended period of time. His delivery is great, but I feel like it's overshadowed by WWE's poor booking of babyfaces. He says that he's the Rated R Superstar again, and having things taken from him put it in perspective for him. Well, this is much more interesting than whatever they've been trying to do since he got back.

Big E: 'It Feels Like A Really Great Time For Black Wrestlers'

Alpha Academy & Dirty Dawgs defeated Street Profits & Mysterios

But can these teams coexist!? Well, it appears so, because they did this match two weeks ago and the opposite result happened, so they're 50-50'd. The in-ring work was good, especially Montez Ford's tope con giro, but you've seen this same inconsequential match over the last couple of weeks with a different finish. It's good Otis is getting a win, I guess? I promise, it's not that hard to create an interesting story among tag teams. It's just paint-by-numbers same old, same old, here.

Cesaro and Rollins

Cesaro says his shortcomings will not define him., while Rollins trolls. Rollins talks about having one of the best WrestleMania moments ever. Seth Rollins goes off the deep end and gets mad about Cesaro, and threatens to fight him now. Rollins walks away.

Natalya (w/ Tamina) defeated Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax)

Natalya immediately cradles Shayna Baszler and beats her. Nia and Shayna attack the team and beat them down. Riott Squad come out and Nia doesn't bump for their double team move. Mandy and Dana from Raw are here, and I guess the brand split doesn't matter. This is a GIANT MESS. Lana and Naomi are out there, too. This is all over the place and not good. Tamina's new gear looks great. Backstage, Carmella takes Billie Kay's application.

I could think of worse things for Charlotte and Bayley to do than to show up night 1 as a tag team, win and then win the titles on night 2, if they do that. But then the booking goes down hill from there, because they ALWAYS rope in the world title.

Logan Paul

Sami Zayn welcomes Logan Paul, and invites him to WrestleMania. Paul accepts, and he's very good at delivering dialogue. Facial expressions, not so much, but still pretty good. Zayn shows the trailer, but Paul says that Kevin Owens approached him and smartened him up on Zayn. Owens pops up and does a Stunner to Zayn and says he'll beat some sense into Zayn if he has to. Owens pushes Paul out of the way before he leaves.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella

Bianca Belair cuts a backstage promo, but gets jumped before she gets in the ring. We go to the commercial after the break, and the match isn't that long, but that makes the most sense. It was good to set up Carmella getting her offense in by attacking Bianca. Sasha Banks tries to attack Bianca, but is THWARTED.

Other Happenings

  • Apollo Crews says that his WrestleMania match with Big E will be an Nigerian Drum Fight. This is a really terrible promo. The only thing worse than 50/50 booking is 15-85 booking, with the 15 walking away with the title.
  • Corbin says he's going to beat up Drew McIntyre and win the Andre, and brags about his expensive watch.

NO DQ Match
Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso

Heyman and Reigns watch on the ramp, Edge is on commentary. Bryan and Uso go at it right out of the gate, and Uso beats the hell out of Bryan with a chain and a chair. Bryan kicks out of an Uso Splash, and Bryan returns the favor. Bryan is beating down Uso right in front of Edge, almost taunting him. Bryan taps out Jey Uso, then Bryan beats up both Edge and Roman Reigns. This was great.

They probably should give Jey Uso a win here or there. Not over the Mania main eventers, but against someone. Otherwise the Main Event Jey Uso thing doesn't work.

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