TNA IMPACT ON POP 1/12 Lashley VS EC3 Last Man Standing Match & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT on POP! Tonight we have an action packed show as we have Rosemary defending her TNA Knockout's title against Jade. The Hardys take on Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards and in our main event we have Lashley and EC3 in a last man standing match to determine the new number one contender for the TNA World title! Be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all of tonight's action action!

-EC3 and Lashley come out to start the show and talk about their match tonight then brawl around ringside before they're broken up as we go to commercial.

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EC3 vs Lashley #1 Contender Last Man Standing Match

EC3 is in control early, hitting Lashley with a chair he brought then drops him repeatedly before sending him out of the ring with a missile dropkick. Lashley tosses EC3 into the railing then brings out a table from out from under the ring. Lashley beats on EC3 then rolls him back into the ring before EC3 hits him with a cutter. EC3 clotheslines Lashley back out of the ring then suplexes him on the floor before getting a table of his own out from under the ring as we go to commercial.

EC3 turns Lashley inside out with a German suplex after he misses a spear then splashes into him before hitting a suplex off the top rope. Lashley then puts EC3 on the top rope and suplexes him to the mat. Lashley then spears EC3 before he gets up at the count of 9 then falls back down immediately after as Lashley brings a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. EC3 tries to mount some offense, but Lashley hits him with a spinebuster then puts him against the table before EC3 hits the One Percenter then spears Lashley through the table. They get up and at 8 and 9 respectively then EC3 beats on Lashley outside of the ring with a chair. Lashley is back up at 9 then he rolls back into the ring with EC3 right behind him. EC3 goes for a sleeper on the apron then Lashley sends both of them through two tables at ringside. Lashley then gets up at the count of 9 for the win.

Winner: Lashley

-Aron Rex comes out after Rockstar Spud comes out next, Rex looking like Ric Flair, but with lipstick on then Robbie E comes out. Robbie says it's a new era for IMPACT and that Aron is the same then he attacks Spud, but they double team him. Rex then drops Robbie with his right hand that's covered in rings before leaving. 

-Next we get a DCC promo backstage where they talk about DECAY as we go to commercial.


DCC double team Steve early, tagging in and out frequently with Bram getting a quick 2 count. Eddie sends Steve out of the ring then Storm beats on him before rolling him back into the ring for another quick 2 count. Steve manages to tag in Abyss who drops both members of DCC then knocks Storm off the apron before going out after him. Steve dives out onto everyone on the outside as Rosemary looks on. Storm then hits Abyss with a water bottle causing the referee to end the match.

Winner: No contest

-After the match they fight around ringside then backstage before Eddie talks to Davey backstage. 

Mike Bennett vs Braxton Sutter

They lock up to start the match then Sutter drops Mike repeatedly for a quick 2 count. Mike dropkicks off the apron and into the railing then throws him into it before rolling him back into the ring. Mike then puts a headlock on Sutter who quickly gets out of it then hits Mike with a spinebuster for a very close 2 count. Sutter then hits a diving neckbreaker before Mike hits a superkick then a sitout powerslam. Mike then hits a piledriver. Allie and Maria fight on the ramp then Mike goes for another piledriver, but Sutter counters and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter via pinfall

-Rosemary comes out and talks about Jade then she comes out and they fight before Jade goes for a pedigree, but Rosemary rolls out of the ring.

The Hardys vs The Wolves TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Hardys are in control early until Davey dropkicks Jeff then Eddie comes in, but Jeff backs him into his corner and Matt comes in and beats on Eddie before they drop him with back elbows for a quick 2 count. Matt then slams Eddie's face into the turnbuckle repeatedly before he tags Jeff back in and they hit Poetry in Motion. Matt then gets a quick 2 count as we go to commercial.

The Hardys double team Eddie as we come back for a quick 2 count that Davey breaks up then he hits a double head scissor before tagging in Davey. Davey splashes Matt then sends Jeff into Matt then puts a double pin on them for a very close 2 count. Matt misses a Twist of Fate and Davey turns it into a figure four leg lock, but Jeff tries to break it up and is put in an ankle lock at the same time. Jeff gets to the ropes and breaks the submission then the Wolves double team Matt. Matt tags in Jeff then Jeff hits a sitout facebuster before hitting Whisper in the Wind on both of the Wolves. Matt is then sent outside and Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb on Eddie before Davey hits a superkick to Jeff as soon as he gets up. Matt hits a Twist of Fate then Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb on Davey, but Eddie breaks up the pin at the last second. Eddie takes out Matt on the outside  then Jeff rolls up Davey in the ring for the pin and the win off the distraction.

Winner: The Hardys via pinfall


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