TNA IMPACT ON POP 1/5 Eddie Edwards Defends His TNA World Championship & More!

Maria is in the ring with Sienna and Laurel as we come back and Maria calls Allie out to the ring. Maria says she's smarter than Allie and she owns her and then she prepares for a match with Sienna.

Sienna vs Allie

Allie is all over Sienna then she's dropped with a big boot, Sienna following up with a series of right hands for a quick 2 count. Allie splashes Sienna in the corner then slams her into opposite corner before dropkicking her for a quick 2 count. Sienna hits a fall away slam for a quick 2 count then hits a back drop for another quick 2 count. Sienna misses a leg drop and Allie rolls her up for a quick 2 count. Allie is distracted by Laurel, Sienna dropping her with a clothesline for a close 2 count. Allie slaps Sienna drops her before suplexing her, Laurel distracting her again and Sienna finishes her off with The Silencer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sienna via pinfall

Eddie Edwards vs EC3 vs Lashley TNA World Championship Match

Lashley is in control early, EC3 and Edwards unable to overpower Lashley, opting to just send him out of the ring. They then decide to go out after him, taking turns chopping Lashley then he gets back into the ring, EC3 and Eddie double teaming him once more and sending him back out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Eddie and EC3 try to get the upper hand on one another, continually keeping Lashley out of the ring until he comes in and hits a double German suplex. Lashley then beats on both of them before hitting a delayed suplex on Eddie then a neckbreaker to EC3 before taking several turnbuckle pads off. Eddie and EC3 come back and drop Lashley with a series of kicks then hit a double suplex on him, following up by exchanging chops in the center of the ring. EC3 hits a blue thunder bomb on Eddie for a quick 2 count then Lashley hits Eddie with a dominator. EC3 hits a DDT to Lashley then splashes into Eddie in the corner before they all three hit a tower of doom off the top rope. Lashley is hit with a code breaker by Eddie then a high knee by EC3 who drops him repeatedly then hits a fall away slam. EC3 hits the TK3 on Lashley then Lashley spears them both into the exposed turnbuckle, EC3 leaving the ring then Lashley throws Eddie out of it. Lashley goes out and spears EC3 at ringside then Eddie dives out onto him. Lashley spears Eddie once they're back in the ring, but Eddie rolls out of it immediately. Davey Richards comes from no where when Lashley goes to hit Eddie with the belt then Eddie hits The Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall

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