TNA IMPACT Wrestling 10/13 A New Champion Begins His Reign, Cody vs Mike Bennett & More!

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight a new champion begins his reign as TNA World champion after Eddie Edwards overcame the odds and beat Bobby Lashley last week and we have the in ring debut of Cody and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all the action!

-The new TNA World champion Eddie Edwards comes out to celebrate his win last week and says that it doesn't feel real to him and that he thanks everyone. Eddie says he'll be a fighting champion and that he'll face anyone any time and anywhere and that he will beat Lashley again. Lashley comes out and spears Eddie then tries to choke him unconscious. Lashley picks up the belt  then tosses Eddie across the ring and spears him again. Lashley grabs a mic and says he'll punish him and take his belt and demands his rematch right now. Moose and EC3 come out and save Eddie as Lashley leaves. We then have plugs for Gail versus Maria, Cody versus Mike Bennett and Aron Rex versus Jessie we go to commercial.

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-Billy Corgan is interviewed and says Lashley will face the winner of tonight's main event who he hasn't made yet.

Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

They alternate holds for majority of the round, side headlocks on the feet. Very little happened this round besides minor holds and nothing more than a 1 count in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. All they did the entire round was minor locks, headlocks, wrist locks and shoulder locks.

Round 1 goes to Jessie Godderz

Round 2

Rex gets a series of pins for a quick 2 count then Jessie puts another headlock on him on the ground. Rex gets a roll up for a quick 2 count then they spend a solid minute trying to put in a boston crab, Jessie getting it locked in with 1:30 left, but Rex gets out before there's a minute left. Jessie gets a quick 2 count then they alternate wrist locks to end the round.

Round 2 goes to Jessie Godderz

Round 3

They go right back to headlocks and wrist locks until Godderz sends Rex out of the ring. Rex gets back in then Rex sends Jessie out of the ring. Rex hits Jessie with a knee then The Revelator out of no where for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via pinfall with The Revelator

-Matt and Jeff talk about winning the tag titles and Matt declares this the Broken Era. We get a plug for Cody vs Mike Bennett then Matt and Jeff are coming out as we go to commercial.

-We have Maria and Allie backstage and Allie reads an email that Maria got, saying that she's banned, Sienna is banned and Laurel is banned from ringside. We have EC3 and Moose backstage as Lashley comes up and talks to them. Lashley says that EC3 and Moose will fight each other tonight. They recap the Wolf Creek Cage Match from last week then Matt and Jeff come out and address the crowd. 

Matt says tonight is a celebration and talks about The Great War, saying Jeff repaid his debt to Matt and that the Broken Hardys are the greatest tag team in all of space and time, even the Young Bucks and New Day that he calls The Bucks of Youth and The Day That is New. They say they'll defend the titles again and again about 10 times and talks about Decay. Jeff sings his theme song then Matt has a premonition that the challenger to their belts will be determined tonight and that regardless of who they are they will suffer the most the most lethal one two punch in the business that is delete and obsolete. The Tribunal come out and attack them out of no where.

-Next we get a video of Cody and Mike Bennett talking about Bound For Glory as we go to commercial.

Cody vs Mike Bennett

They lock up then exchange arm drags then Mike hits Cody with a series of forearms, Cody rolling hi up for a quick 2 count. Cody goes for The Beautiful Disaster, but Mike goes to the outside. Cody dives off the top rope and hits Mike with an elbow. Cody hits Mike with a right hand then Mike sends him over the railing. Mike hits a hanging DDT like Randy Orton does onto the floor, Cody getting back into the ring at the count of of 7 and Mike stomps on him as soon as he does. Mike gets a quick 2 count then puts on a reverse chin lock, but Cody gets out and Mike drops him with a dropkick for a quick 2 count. Mike puts a side headlock on the Cody who gets out of it and Mike whips him into the corner and hits a series of clotheslines. Cody drops Mike with a series of forearms then an Alabama slam. Cody following up with The Beautiful Disaster then Mike backs him into the corner, Cody missing a moonsault then Mike hits a superkick and a pedigree for a quick 2 count. 

Mike gets on the top rope, but Cody meets him and hits a superplex, following up with The American Nightmare, but Maria distracts him. They exchange right hands in the center of the ring then Cody hits Cross Rhodes out of no where for the pin and the win. Good match by these guys.

Winner: Cody via pinfall with Cross Rhodes

Marshae Rockett vs DJ Z

Marshae tosses Z across the ring with ease, showing his strength early then Z hits him with a series of strikes, Marshae immediately countering with a high knee. Z hits a dropkick then a back elbow, following up with a cross body for a quick 2 count. Marshae tosses Z to the outside then goes out after him, hitting a fallaway suplex on the apron as Z gets back into the ring. Marshae gets back in and hits a backbreaker for a quick 2 count of his own then hits Z with a series of chops in the corner. Marshae sets him on the top rope, but Z fights him off, going for a move off the top, but Rockett hits a dropkick out of no where for a close 2 count. Z sends Marshae to the outside then dives out after him. Z floats over and hits Marsahe with a series of forearms then a jawbreaker. Z goes for the ZDT, but Marsahe drops him with an axe kick. Z manages to get it this time and hits the ZDT for the pin and the win. Good showing by Marshae Rockett.

Winner: DJ Z via pinfall with the ZDT

Gail Kim vs Maria TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Maria runs away, but Gail drops her on the ramp then kicks her before grabbing a garbage container and putting Maria in it before running it and her into ringside. Gail puts her back into the ring then Maria pokes her in the eye before hitting her with a garbage can lid. Maria gets a quick 2 count after she slams her down onto a cookie tray then Maria hits her repeatedly with it. Gail misses a cross body off the top rope then Maria grabs a kendo stick and hits her with it repeatedly, but Gail hits Eat Defeat out of no where for a close 2 count that Gail breaks the pin up herself. Gail hits it again this time with a trash can lid and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall with Eat Defeat

-After the match we have EC3 talking about tonight only to be interrupted by Eli we go to commercial.

-Eddie talks to Cody in the back then they shake hands and agree about a title shot. We then get a video package for guys dressed in masks then it disappears as we have Moose come out for his match with EC3.

Moose vs EC3

They lock up to start the match then EC3 puts on a side headlock, Moose powering out and dropping him then goes for the Game Breaker, EC3 going for the One Percenter next, but it's countered as well. They have a shoving then a chopping match, EC3 kicking Moose's knee out, but Moose drops him with a dropkick that sends EC3 to the outside. Moose hops over the top rope to the apron then EC3 pulls his feet out from under him. They get back into the ring and EC3 puts a half nelson chin lock on Moose. Moose gets out and EC3 drops him with a back elbow then whips him into the corner repeatedly, hitting a clothesline then an exploder suplex that sends Moose across the ring and to the outside. EC3 chases after him, but gets a big boot then an AA onto the apron for his troubles. EC3 gets on the top rope and Moose hits a dropkick and as Moose turns away EC3 shows he was faking and drops Moose with a missile dropkick. They exchange chops in the center of the ring then uppercuts and finally right hands as EC3 mocks Moose.

Moose drops EC3 repeatedly with headbutts then a powerbomb into a senton for a close 2 count. Moose goes for the Game Changer then EC3 hits the TK3 into a flapjack then goes for the One Percenter, but Moose hits Go To Hell out of no where. Moose goes for the Game Changer, but EC3 gets a back slide for a quick 2 count. EC3 goes for the One Percenter, but Moose counters and hits the Game Changer from behind for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall with the Game Changer

-After the match Lashley comes out to the ring and they square off as we go off the air.

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