TNA IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage (September 1st) Bobby Lashley VS Mike Bennett

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling! I'm Ryan Cook and I'll be taking you through all of tonight's action as we are now in the Allie era. Why did Drew Galloway attack Aron Rex and what will Maria do about Allie becoming Knockouts champion? These questions and more will be answered tonight so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST!

-They start off with the Hardy family singing obsolete as Reby plays piano then Maxell does and causes Matt to have a premonition. Next we are back in the arena with Mike Bennett coming out with Maria; no Moose. Mike talks about why he came to TNA and how he'll become champion tonight. Mike calls out Moose, but Lashley comes out instead. Lashley comes out and says that Moose wants nothing to do with him now. Lashley says he's sure he'll beat him, just like he beat Kurt Angle, Drew Galloway, DJ Z and James Storm. Lashley wants it to be a no disqualification match tonight, saying the only way Mike could win if it he had Moose, but he doesn't have him anymore. Mike says that Lashley is jealous of Moose and he's bigger, more bad and better than Lashley. Lashley offers various reasons why Moose isn't there, including he hates him or maybe he offered him a title shot in the future. Lashley is confident he'll beat him, win and because there's no one who can stop him as Moose comes out. Moose says it's funny how everyone is talking about him, saying he let his actions do the talking and whoever got in his way he dealt with them. Moose says that he didn't meet Moose anywhere. Mike says Moose is on his side, but Moose quickly says he decides who will win tonight then leaves; perhaps as guest referee maybe? Next we get a plug for Matt Hardy versus Crazy Steve up next.

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Matt Hardy vs Crazy Steve

Matt and Steve start off with a test of strength, until Matt bites Steve and Steve bites him back. Steve bites Matt in the head then goes for a cannonball, but misses then Matt slams Steve's head into the turnbuckle then the post and the railing. They get back in the ring and Matt hits a Side Effect for a close 2 count. Steve hits a series of clotheslines then Matt sends Steve out of the ring as Jeff attacks Steve then tosses him back in the ring. Matt hits a Twist of Fate and gets the pin and the win.

WInner: Matt Hardy via pinfall with a Twist of Fate

-Steve gets on the mic afterwards and says that Matt is blind to what's going on around him, saying that Decay is everywhere including the Hardy estate. Steve says Maxell is Rosemary's baby now. 

-As we come back Matt is trying to use a phone, but Reby isn't answering then we see Maxell in a crib and Rosemary out of shot.

Ultimate X Gauntlet Match

DJ Z and Trevor Lee start it off, Z getting the upper hand early. Z hits a crossbody off the top rope then a springboard back elbow. Z gets on the top rope then comes down and Lee drops Z as the timer counts down and Andrew Everett comes out and takes out Z on the outside, Lee hitting a huge kick that takes Z out. Lee ascends the top rope and goes to climb the scaffolding, but Everett and Z come in and stop him. Everett and Lee double team Z with a drop toe hold into a knee; that was cool. Mandrews comes in next then hits a nothern light suplex on Everett then a standing moonsault on the two. Mandrews counters a falcon arrow into a stunner then ascends the scaffolding, but Lee grabs him, getting a huricanrrana from the cable then hits a shooting star press on Everett as we go to commercial.

Everyone is in now as we come back, Spud getting in and right along the cable to et the belt, but Sutter is right there. Spud decides to turn aroud, but Spud tosses him off the top rope, following it up with a series of right hands then a powerslam. Mandrews out Everett and Lee then Everett hits a moonsault on Lee and Mandrews then DJ Z hits a second rope moonsault and takes out everyone besides Spud who's in the ring. Lee catches Z and drops him onto the stairs as Lee is back inside with Spud and Mandrews. Sutter and Lee exchange right hands then Sutter takes Lee out. Lee hits a release german then Mandrews hits a moonsault. Sutter oes up to the top and goes across the cable but Spud hits him with a chair repeatedly. Mandrews dropkicks Spud into the chair then Lee and Everett go up for the belt. Both members of the Helm's Dynasty have the belt then DJ Z yanks it out of their hands and gets the X Division belt.

Winner: DJ Z

-EC3 is backstage being interviewed as Eli Drake comes up and talks about their match for tonight. We then get a plug for EC3 versus Eli Drake later tonight. Next we have Drew Galloway saying he's going to explain why he did what he did last week as we go to commercial.

-Drew Galloway comes out as we come back and says that he did what he did because the fans turned their backs on him. Corgan comes out then Rex comes out and gets his revenge on Galloway before security breaks them up as we go to commercial.

Eli Drake vs EC3

Drake gets the advantae early with a series of right hands in the corner, until he's dropped with a clothesline. EC3 tosses Drake across the ring then hits a clothesline that sends him out of the ring and onto the floor. Drake hits a floatover DDT for a quick 2 count then hits a series of right hands then a floatover suplex for a quick 2 count. EC3 hits a sunset flip for a quick 2 count then Drake hits another suplex for a quick 2 count of his own, following it up with an elbow. Drake hits a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count then follows it up with a series of clubbing blows that keeps EC3 grounded. EC3 hits the TK3 out of no where then goes for the One Percenter, and hits it for the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall with the One Percenter

-We have Reby and Maxell in the safe room then Reby hands Maxell to her dad and walks out.. Allie comes out to celebrate her victory as Knockouts champion next. She thanks the fans, but Sienna comes out and starts to throttle her, Maria stopping her. Allie thinks the celebration is for her, but Maria says it's not for her. Maria says she's worthless and that she messed up everything, saying the celebration isn't for her, it's for her opponent; Maria herself. Maria asks her to lay down for her, saying that if she doesn't she'll have her fired. 

Maria vs Allie

Maria covers Allie for the pin and the win.

Winner: Maria via pinfall

-We get Moose and Mike Bennett backstage as Mike tries to convince Moose to side with him. Mike hands Moose a pipe as we go to commercial. -Reby runs around the house with a sword as Rosemary tosses a fake baby over the balcony then her dad hands Maxell to her. Rosemary leaves then Reby tells her father to prepare the compound for battle. Next Maria introduces Mike Bennett.

Bobby Lashley vs Mike Bennett

Lashley is in control early, very aggressive, dropping Bennett then hits a stalling suplex as Moose comes out with the pipe, walking down the ramp slowly as we go to commercial.

Mike hits a big boot for a quick 2 count as we come back with Moose at ringside. Mike hits a front dropkick for another quick 2 count then plays to the crowd and mocking Lashley, picking Mike up, Maria coming in and hitting Lashley with her brace then Bennett gets a quick 2 count.. Bennett sends Lashley outside then Maria hits him with the Knockouts title. Moose tosses Lashley back in the ring and Mike gets a close 2 count. Mike picks Lashley up, but he reverses for a quick 2 count then hits a sideslam then applies a torture rack, but Bennett gets out. Lashley hits a brutal spinebuster then goes for a spear, but Maria grabs his leg. Bennett hits a cutter out of no where for a close 2 count next as he calls upon Moose. Moose backs away up the ramp as Bennett goes crazy then Lashley hits a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall with a spear

-After the match Mike insults Moose and tells him to et into the ring. Moose oblidges and Mike says he's god's creator and Moose is a failed football player and he has no right. Moose does what Mike says when he says it and if he ever does that again he will make sure he never wrestles again. Mike slaps Moose then Moose drops him with a lariat. 


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