TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP 11/24 EC3 VS Eli Drake World Title Contention VS Voice Match, Matt Hardy's Ice Cream Social & More!

Tonight is a special edition of TNA IMPACT on POP TV as it is the Thanksgiving edition of the show and it's STUFFED full of action tonight as we have a Team X Gold match, a match between Grado and Robbie-E and in our main event we have EC3 taking on Eli Drake and if EC3 loses he can not challenge for the TNA World title next year and if Eli Drake loses he can speak period for the rest of the year! Will the namer of dummies be silenced or will EC3 be stuck just short of the world title in 2017? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out!

-We open with a recap of Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards versus the DCC last week. We then open in the arena with Jeff coming out alone and grabs a mic then says tonight is about gathering and says he's very thankful for his family and his wife and daughters, but he's there alone, but he's kind of with his family because he's with his fans and they're like family. Jeff says he's not thankful for the DCC and says that he had a vision that he will fight whoever comes out and wants to fight. Jeff says that he thinks he talked to god and that he wants to invade his memory then challenges the entire DCC alone. The DCC cut a promo about family and talk about how Jeff is alone and that his fans may chant his name, but it doesn't matter because they are many and they destroy him in a no disqualification match. They say that his fight for survival will begin now though as their music hits and they come out to the ring.

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-Jeff tries his best to overcome the numbers, hitting the Whisper in the Wind on Bram and Kingston then ducks out of the ring before getting hit with The Last Call. Jeff then chants obsolete repeatedly as he makes his way up the ramp then leaves. We then go to the Hardy house where Matt admires the nice weather. Vanguard One is drinking lemonade while Benjamin is reading a magazine. Matt starts to set up his ice cream social and Vanguard One says that Benjamin is in big trouble when Matt remembers what's going on.

Marshe Rocket, Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee vs Rockstar Spud & Decay vs DJ Z, Mark Andrews & Braxton Sutter

Andrews and Steve and Everett start it off, Steve hitting both Andrews and Everett then Everett hits a stunner on Steve. Rocket, Z and Spud are in then Lee comes in then Sutter does, all hitting a scoop slam on Spud. Spud tags in Abyss then Abyss hits him with one as well, hitting a chokeslam on Sutter then a Black Hole Slam on Everett. Abyss grabs a chair on the outside and hits Andrews with it, Abyss being thrown out of the match. Steve puts Andrews in a cross face chicken wing, Andrews tapping out immediately then Rocket comes in against Sutter and Steve. Steve tries to put the chicken wing on Sutter, but Everett hits a moonsault off the top rope and takes out Steve. Z hits the ZDT on Everett and pins him then Sutter hits the Flat Liner and eliminates Lee. Rocket, Spud, Sutter and Z are left in the match at this point as Rocket chokes Sutter in the corner. Spud and Rocket double team Sutter, Spud slapping him then chokes him, but Rocket throws him across the ring, stomping on Sutter afterwards. Spud shoves Rocket and Spud gets hit with a big boot then a Saito slam for the pin. We are down to Sutter, Rocket and Z as Rocket takes out Z then Sutter hits a Flat Liner on Rocket for the pin and the win.

Winner: Team Go For Broke (DJ Z, Braxton Sutter & Mark Andrews)

-Maria and Laurel belittle Allie backstage then we head back to the Hardy's house. Matt is making tangerine custard sorbet and and a referee shows up, Matt saying he lost The Final Deletion. The referee asks him to watch some things with him then Benjamin says Vanguard One drinks too much as we head back to the arena. Maria, Laurel and Mike come out to the ring, minus an intro. They get into the ring which is set up with a table and chairs and Maria wishes everyone Thanksgiving. Maria brings Allie out dressed like a pilgrim and Maria laughs and Laurel joins in and says that she invited Braxton to the dinner and he comes out. Maria has everyone but Allie sit down and Maria has everyone say what they're thankful for, Maria saying she's thankful for Mike and Laurel and Mike says he's thankful for food, Tom Brady and for Maria. Laurel says she's thankful for Maria, Braxton and for her father's credit card. Allie starts to say what she's thankful for, but Maria cuts her off and tells her to serve everyone. Laurel asks Braxton what he wants to do later and Allie goes off and says Laurel is mean and she's vegan so there's nothing for her to eat then Allie goes to put a pie in Laurel's face, but she ducks and hits Maria. Mike starts to lick her face, but she gets mad then we have EC3 and Eli Drake talking about their match tonight.

-We have Jade talking about her steel cage match against Rosemary which will be the main event and says she will be the new Knockouts Champion. We go back to the referee showing Matt how he beat EC3 for the TNA World Championship and how his son, wife and his father were there. Matt watches their match and says he's afraid of ladders and the only way he'll go on ladders is to do electrical work. Matt calls Tyrus a dinosaur then asks if Rockstar Spud is a potato. 

Eli Drake vs EC3 World Title Contendership vs Voice Match

They exchange right hands as soon as the match starts and EC3 stomps on Drake in the corner, Drake sending EC3 to the outside then hits him a few times before rolling him back in. Eli gets dropped with a clothesline then EC3 hits him with a series of right hands on the ground, but Drake hits a powerslam and tries to keep EC3 grounded. EC3 hits a dropkick then a clothesline that sends Drake to the outside. Drake and EC3 exchange chops on the outside then Drake is whipped into the stairs and over top of them as EC3 gets back in the ring. Eli hits a neckbreaker on the apron then hits a back suplex on the steps. Drake gets a quick 1 count then puts a rear chin lock on EC3 who quickly powers out of it, Drake immediately hitting a Sky Lord Slam for a quick 2 count. Drake plays to the crowd then hits an elbow drop for another quick 2 count. EC3 goes to the top rope, but Eli jumps to the top rope and hits a superplex for a close 2 count. Eli grabs a mic and talks about Thanksgiving as he stomps on EC3, talking about food and saying he's the only person who's got a voice that's a hit around TNA then says dummy while slapping EC3. EC3 hits a TK3 out of no where right before Eli says that he's going to win and it's a fact of life. EC3 drops Drake repeatedly then hits a splash into a flapjack then goes for the One Percenter, but Drake counters into a torture rack neckbreaker for a close 2 count. Drake goes for Blunt Force Trauma, but EC3 counters into choke hold, but that's countered then EC3 goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash for a close 2 count of his own. Eli hits a neckbreaker then a facebuster for another close 2 count. They exchange right hands in the center of the ring then EC3 hits a big boot then goes for a TK3, but Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma for a very close 2 count. Eli goes for a One Percenter and he misses it and EC3 misses one then EC3 manages to hit it, but Eli somehow kicks out at the very last second. EC3 goes for a choke and Drake counters, but EC3 does it again and manages to get the tap and the win.

Winner: EC3 via submission with a rear naked choke

-We come back with Matt and we see that Reby brought a hypnotist who puts Matt to sleep and says when he snaps his fingers Matt will be broken and Matt talks about his entire career, including his time in WWE and his career in TNA and says that he will save the world then the hypnotist says when he snaps his fingers Matt will become his one true self and Matt is back to his old self, worried about the gelato melting.

-We recap The Tribunal and Shera last week and how Al Snow joined forces with him. 

The Tribunal vs Mahabali Shera

Snow and Baraka start it off with Al in control, hitting Baraka repeatedly in the corner then hits a series of headbutts, finishing with a clothesline. Al tags in Shera who focuses on the wrist of Baraka, dropping him then focusing on his arm, tagging Al back in and they drop him, Al dropping Dax on the apron. Al and Shera hit a double elbow drop then Shera stays focused on Dax now, focusing on his wrist. Dax tags in Baraka and he and Dax are hit with a scoop slam, Dax sent to the outside, Shera tagging Al back in. Al tags in Shera who drops both members of The Tribunal then hits a Sky High for a close 2 count. Baraka pulls Al off the apron and Dax stomps on Shera in their corner, tagging Baraka in who misses an elbow drop and Al comes back in. Al drops Baraka and takes out Dax on the apron, hitting a Snow Plow for a close 2 count that Dax breaks up. Baraka hits a low blow on Al and Shera stomps on Dax, Baraka wrapping his belt around his hand and hits Shera with it, the referee disqualifying them.

Winner: Al Snow & Mahabali Shera via disqualification

-After the match The Tribunal whip Shera and Snow with their belts.

Grado vs Robbie-E Turkey Suit Challenge Match

They exchange chops to start the match then Grado hits a series of right hands, but Robbie counters, the two pinching each others nipples then hit a double clothesline that drops them both. Grado rolls Robbie up and tries to use the ropes, but Aiden O'Shea at ringside catches him then threatens him. Robbie then rolls Grado up for the pin and the win out of no where.

Winner: Robbie-E via pinfall

-After the match Aiden makes Grado put the turkey suit on and is reluctant at first, but he starts dancing after a while. Grado and Robbie-E dance around Aiden as we get a plug for the main event of Jeff versus the entire DCC. Next we have a Rosemary promo where she talks about their match next week. 

Jeff Hardy vs Bram

Jeff starts off with aggressive and sends Bram to the outside then dives over the top rope out on to him, Storm and Kingston trying to distract Jeff. As we come back from commercial The DCC triple team Jeff, hitting him with a chair on the outside. Jeff gets some offense on Bram, but Storm attacks him from behind and Bram is back in control. Bram sends Jeff to the outside and Kingston sends Jeff into the railing then the stairs. They mock Jeff then Bram rolls him back into the ring and as soon as Jeff tries to get any offense in Storm stops him. Bram sits Jeff on the top rope then Storm hits an enzuigiri, sending Jeff to the mat. Jeff finally lands some offense then takes out Kingston, but Storm drops him from behind then Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind on Storm. Bram throws a chair at Jeff, but he catches it and throws it at Bram then Jeff uses the chair as a one person Poetry in Motion, following up with a Twist of Fate for a very close 2 count. Jeff hits another Twist of Fate then goes up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Storm stops him then hits The Last Call, Bram hitting The Brighter Side of Suffering for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bram via pinfall with The Brighter Side of Suffering

-After the match The DCC stand tall over Jeff then Matt and Reby fight, Matt saying he wants to be a cook and leaves the house saying he doesn't want to be known as the person who eats people, but wants to be known for feeding people. Matt asks for The Seven Deities to send him a sign and he's struck by lighting as Matt goes back to his broken self once again as we go off the air.

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