TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP 12/1 Rosemary VS Jade TNA Knockouts Title Match in Six Sides of Steel, Matt Hardy Returns & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT on POP! Tonight history will be made as Rosemary and Jade will face one another for the TNA Knockouts Title in a Six Sides of Steel match! The Broken One makes his return to the Impact Zone as Matt Hardy will be coming back after returning to his brilliantly broken self after being struck by lightning last week to help his brother formerly known as Nero take on James Storm and the DCC so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

-We get a recap of how Matt became broken again after being struck by lightning last week. 

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Aron Rex vs Moose TNA IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Rex starts off the match with the Toru Yano hiding in the ropes move then Rex goes to the outside and does a cartwheel before getting back into the ring then puts a side headlock on Moose. It appears that Moose was poked in the eye, but he hits the Game Changer and gets the pin and the win. That was a essentially a squash match for Moose.

Winner: Moose via pinfall

-After the match Moose is interviewed then Rex leaves before he can be then we go to the back where they talk to Jeff Hardy who says that Matt will be there tonight as we go to commercial.

-DCC come out as we come back as they recap how they murdered Jeff in what became a handicap match last week. Storm tries to cut a promo, but it's hard to hear because he's got a mic and they're feeding the audio into the arena, but the crowd's booing drowns it out. He talks about their masks and that they're not there to delete anyone or make anyone obsolete, but they will erase anyone who stands in their way. Jeff comes out and says that DCC think they're a virus, but the Hardys are champions and they'll get their title match tonight. Jeff talks about everything he and Matt have been through, The Final Deletion and The Great War. Jeff says their existence ends with the push of one button then Kingston asks where Matt is as he gives him a Twist of Fate. They team up and beat down Jeff then the lights go out as Matt appears in the ring and hits a Side Effect on Bram then sends Storm out of the ring as the Hardys stand tall. Afterwards Jeff says that he knew Matt would come, referring to him as "Brother Moore". Matt says his memories have been restored and are more vivid than ever. 

Braxton Sutter vs DJ Z vs Mark Andrews X Division Championship Match

They all take turns rolling each other up for quick 2 counts, at least each person doing it twice then Mark sends Z to the outside. Andrews hits a series of arm drag takeovers then Sutter goes for a sun set flip, but Mark flips through and hits a dropkick. Mark hits a northern lights suplex then a standing moonsault, Z going to the outside again. Sutter hits a powerslam on Mark then Z sends Sutter out of the ring, Mark moonsaulting off the steps onto both Z and Sutter before grabbing his skateboard then stakes down the ramp, only for Z to drop him on the ramp with a back elbow. Z flips into the ring over Sutter and seems to have hurt his knee as Mark comes back in. Mark rolls up Sutter as Z goes back to the outside then they exchange forearms in the center of the ring, Mark sending Sutter to the outside  then Z trips Mark, going to the top rope, but Andrews hits a dropkick to stop him. Z pushes him off then Sutter comes back in and goes for a superplex, but Z drops him onto Mark then Z hits a double cross body. Z drops them both with a clothesline then makes Mark hit a DDT on Sutter. Z goes for the ZDT, but Sutter hits a big boot then a Flat Liner on Z then Mark hits a stunner. Mark hits a shooting star press on Sutter then Z rolls up Mark for the pin and the win.

Winner: DJ Z via pinfall

-After the match Mark Andrews turns on Z and kicks his leg out from under him before leaving the ring. Next we have Allie and Laurel backstage talking about Sutter then says after tonight she won't have a job.

-We get a recap of the entire segment where Allie hit Maria with a pie then Maria and Laurel come out and Maria says she's charitable and has given everyone a role model, but she doesn't think Allie appreciates that as she has her come out to the ring. Maria asks what she has to say for herself and Allie apologies for hitting her with a pie, but she knows she was trying to hit Laurel because she was jealous. Maria asks why she lied and Allie says that honesty is the best policy, Laurel trying to make her jealous then Laurel wants to fight her, but Maria won't let her. Maria says that Allie doesn't know how to fight or do anything right and that she's not a wrestler and just a "stupid bitch". Allie slaps Maria then Maria says that was a mistake before Laurel attacks her then Maria and Laurel leave. 

Broken Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs The DCC (James Storm, Bram & Kingston) TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Bram is with Jeff on the outside and Matt with Kingston on the inside, Matt smashing Kingston's head into the turnbuckles repeatedly then sends him to the outside and does the same to Bram before he and Jeff hit a double suplex on Bram then Kingston when he comes back into the ring. Jeff hits a dropkick on Bram for a quick 1 count then tags in Matt as Kingston is on the outside, Matt hitting an elbow drop off the second rope for a quick 2 count. The Hardys double team Bram then Jeff puts a headlock on Bram who hits a stunner to get out of it, but Jeff drops him with a right hand before tagging Matt back in. They drop Bram then send him into Kingston, Jeff hitting Poetry In Motion for a close 2 count as we go to commercial.

Kingston is in control of Matt as we come back, he and Bram tagging in and out frequently, Bram dropping Matt with a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Matt hits a neckbreaker on Bram then tags in Jeff who drops Bram repeatedly then Storm hits Jeff from behind when Bram distracts the referee, Kingston covering him for a quick 2 count. Kingston gets another quick 2 count after hitting a suplex on Jeff then tags in Bram who gets a quick 2 count of his own. Bram puts a rear chin lock on Jeff, but Jeff powers out only to be dropped with a clothesline for a close 2 count. Kingston is tagged back in and he drops Jeff for a quick 2 count, choking him as he argues with the referee then Bram comes in and gets a quick 2 count of his own. Jeff tags in Matt after he and Bram hit a double clothesline on each other. Matt comes in as Kingston is tagged in then Matt bites the arm and fingers of Kingston then Bram before dropping them with a double clothesline as Storm tries to distract the referee. Matt hits a double bulldog then a Side Effect on Kingston for a close 2 count. Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, but Bram drops him then Jeff sends him to the outside, Jeff diving over the top rope and taking out Storm and Bram. Kingston hits an STO on Matt and very nearly gets the three count before Matt and Jeff hit a Twist of Fate on Kingston for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hardys via pinfall

-We get a recap of how Rosemary and Jade have come to have a cage match for the Knockouts title in the main event tonight. EC3 is backstage with Eli Drake who cannot speak then EC3 says that he will give him a title shot once he wins the belt, he just has to ask for it, mocking Eli since he cannot talk for the rest of the year as we go to commercial.

-They recap Mahabali Shera and Al Snow against The Tribunal from last week. Al announces they'll have a strap match next week.

-EC3 comes out next and talks about being #1 contender then asks Eddie Edwards to come out to the ring. EC3 commends Eddie for his title defenses and says he can assure him that he even though he's failed to win the TNA World title twice, he won't fail a third time. EC3 says that the only thing that matters to him is the TNA World Championship and says there's a difference between winning the belt and keeping it, saying he's not afraid to stab anyone in the back to get the belt then leaves as we go to commercial.

-Gail Kim comes out and hands over her title as they talk about her considering retirement.

Rosemary vs Jade TNA Knockouts Championship Six Sides of Steel Match

Rosemary and Jade fight on the outside before they even get into the cage and Rosemary smashes Jade's face in the steps then brings a trash can into the ring. Jade his Rosemary with a series of kicks for a quick 2 count then follows up with a suplex as we go to commercial.

Jade hits a head scissor take over on Rosemary then hits her with a series of knees, Rosemary teasing a misting, but hits her with a knee then a series of strikes in mount. Jade rolls Rosemary up for a quick 2 count then turns Jade inside out with a clothesline, raking her face against the cage. Rosemary chokes her in the corner then licks Jade's face, raking her face against the cage one again then Jade comes back with a series of kicks. Rosemary catches Jade and throws her into the cage then grabs the trash can then goes to the top rope, but Jade hits her with the trash can then hits a frankensteiner off the top rope, following up with a clothesline then a kick and finally a dropkick. Jade throws Rosemary into the cage then hits a sit out powerbomb for a quick 2 count, going for a pedigree, but Rosemary hits a German suplex. Jade climbs the top of the cage and hits a cross body on Rosemary for a close 2 count, Jade goes for a 450 splash, but Rosemary hits her with mist then hits The Red Wedding for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary via pinfall


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