TNA IMPACT Wrestling On POP TV 10/6 - What's Next For Lashley? Cody In The IMPACT Zone & More!

Welcome to the live recap for this week's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Well, Bound For Glory has come and gone and TNA is still in business and the train keeps on rolling. What is next for Lashley after beating EC3, what will Eli Drake have to say after winning the battle royale and is next for Cody after confronting Mike Bennett Sunday night? These questions and more will be answered tonight so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all the action!

-We open with a recap of Bound For Glory. Lashley comes out and says it doesn't matter who comes out because he is the realist man in the wrestling business and he is the hero, the blue chipper and the number one person in TNA because he has the title. Lashley says that no matter who you bring out, he destroys them and sends them packing, that they need to realize that he is the greatest wrestler ni the world. Aron Rex comes out next and congratulates Bobby and says he changed the game and that he's the first IMPACT Grand Champion, saying he's the man around there. Lashley says he's acting like it's a game and that the Grand Championship means nothing compared to his. Gail Kim comes out next to state her case for her Knockouts title. Gail says that they need to face the facts and that women are changing the business. Matt comes out with Reby with both titles around his shoulders with King Maxell in tow. Matt says he is change. Matt says they are now living in a Broken Universe and that even if Brother Nero isn't there, he is ready to delete as DJ Z comes out. Z says each of them represents something different and unique and that nothing represents different more than the X Division. Lashley says there's only one champion there and that he's not going to stay in the ring with a bunch of losers and he'll take a few weeks off before his fight in Bellator. Billy Corgan comes out with Aiden O'Shea, Corgan dressed in a coat and a  hoodie and O'Shea in a suit and a bowler cap. 

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Billy congratulates them and says tonight will be just as memorable as BFG. Billy says that all of them will be in competition tonight including Lashley. Lashley says he doesn't care and that he is the greatest person in the business and he can beat anyone. Billy says all of the titles will be defended tonight except for the X Division because Team X Gold will be tonight to decide a number one contender. Billy says he picked 3 men for Lashley to choose from, but to be careful because magic can happen on any night. Corgan says Team X Gold is up next as we go to commercial.

Team X Gold

We have DJ Z starting off with Drew Everett then Mandrews tags himself in, hitting a standing moonsault and a dropkick before sending Everett to the outside and diving over the top rope after him. Mandrews puts Everett back into the ring and a new guy Marshae Rocket comes in and uses his power to overwhelm Mandrews. Rocket tags in Trevor Lee who drops Mandrews with a right hand then goes for a deadlift german suplex, but Mandrews counters. Lee goes for another, but Mandrews lands on his feet, tagging in Braxton Sutter. Sutter gets the upper hand on Lee who quickly tags in Rocket who gets a quick 2 count off of a powerslam. Sutter tags in DJ Z who drops Rocket then uses him as a step ladder to dive out onto the rest of them on the outside. Rocket hits him with a leg lariat as he runs at him, seemingly going for the ZDT. Rocket tags in Everett who goes for a moonsault, but Z counters it. Z tags in Sutter who drops Everett with a spinebuster then tags in Mandrews who hits a moonsault for the pin and the win. Pretty good six man tag match.

Winner: Mandrews via pinfall with a moonsault

-We get a plug for The Hardy's cage match then Eli Drake with a new Fact of Life as we go to commercial.

-We have Moose interviewed about his chance to face Lashley, but we all know there's no way he'll face him this soon. Moose says he's the only man on the roster Bobby is afraid to face.

-We have Eli Drake in a talk show setting, saying he's got a guest tonight. EC3 joins him, Eli saying EC3 has been trying to be like Eli Drake, but he can't and that he had the shot to be Heavyweight champion, but he couldn't do it. EC3 goes to open his mouth, but Eli hits his button so often that he can't talk then covers it, telling him to not hit the button again, saying he lost at Bound For Glory and that he lost and he isn't making any excuses. EC3 says that if Drake presses the button again he will rip him apart and set him on fire among other things, begging him to press it again so he can beat him up. Drake doesn't press the button and moves it out of the way then stands up and says that when he walked into TNA he was brought in as a stupid stable and that he's bound for gold and he wasn't even meant to be. Drake says he keeps hearing Drake isn't in EC3's league and that he was given everything and Drake had to scratch and claw and he isn't up there yet, but EC3 isn't in his league when it comes to the work he put in then leaves.

We have Allie and Maria backstage, scolding Allie and threatening to fire her. Sienna says she'll fix her mistake and get the belt back and threatens Allie as we go to commercial.

-Eddie Edwards is interviewed about his potential match with Lashley. We get a recap of Gail Kim's Hall of Fame induction next then her match where she beat Maria.

Gail Kim vs Sienna Knockouts Title Match

-We have Madison Rayne on commentary as Gail comes out, Sienna tossing Allie into Gail and knocking her off of the apron and to the floor. Sienna goes out after her then picks her up and runs her into the ring post then slams her face into the mat. Sienna chops Gail across the chest then tosses her back into the ring, whipping Gail across the ring repeatedly for a quick 2 count. The crowd chants for Allie as Sienna puts a rear chin lock on Gail who gets out of it and gets dropped with a clothesline. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Gail counters into a neckbreaker. Gail goes for a huricanrrana and Sienna hits a fall away facebuster for a quick 2 count. Gail rolls Sienna up for the pin and the win out of no where.

-Sienna attacks Gail afterwards then Laurel Van Ness comes out and she and Sienna attack Gail. Sienna hits The Silencer then Maria says she gets her rematch and it's no disqualification. Maria orders Allie to slap Gail, but she won't do it so she slaps her herself. Sienna and Laurel beat on Gail as the referees try to break them up. We get another plug for the cage match as we go to commercial.

-EC3 is interviewed about his chance to face Lashley tonight, saying that he's ready any time for a rematch. We then get a recap of the whole Delete vs Decay saga and last week where Rosemary put Reby through a table.

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs Decay Wolf Creek Cage Match

Matt has Reby go to the back and protect Maxell as Jeff hits Poetry In Motion then they hit an elbow drop leg drop combo. Matt pounds Steve in the corner then Abyss tries to staple Jeff's head, but Jeff staples him instead. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Steve counters then bites Jeff. Abyss hits Jeff with a baton and a garbage can lid as Steve grabs a grappling hook. Steve puts it in Matt's mouth as Abyss stomps on Jeff and hits him with a cane as Steve hits Mattt with a garbage can then Jeff with it. Matt starts hitting Abyss with the staple gun, but Abyss drops him with the singapore cane. Matt pounds on Abyss and Jeff hits Steve with the garbage can repeatedly. Matt and Jeff hit a double suplex on Steve as the crowd chants for the chainsaw, Matt obliging and getting it down. Matt tries to crank it,  but Steve stops him. Abyss hits Matt with a chokeslam then Jeff hits a Twist of Fate then gets ontop of the cage as Rosemary spits mist in Jeff's eyes. Reby yanks Rosemary down and smashes her into the side of the cage.Abyss drops both Matt and Jeff as Abyss and Steve try to get out of the cage, but Reby has shut it and locked it. Abyss and Steve try to cuff Jeff, but Abyss gets cuffed, Matt hitting a Twist of Fate, but Steve stops him before he can get over the top of it. Matt gets over the top and out of the cage to retain the titles.

Winner: The Hardys

-We get a plug for Cody's in ring debut as we go to commercial.

-Cody comes out and talks about Gail Kim and the Great War and talks about his list of things he wants to do, a list he famously made earlier this year and posted a picture of. Cody brings up that his wife said he should have never put Mike on the list, that he should have put the title on the list. Cody says he has been given a shot at the TNA World Championship. Mike Bennett and Maria come out to the ring. Mike says he's returning the favor from Bound For Glory, saying last night, forgetting kayfabe apparently, showing this was filmed Monday. Mike says that Cody hasn't earned a title shot like he had to. Cody says they should fight, taking his jacket off, but Mike tries to get out of it. Cody hits him then they brawl before Cody goes for Cross Rhodes, but Mike rolls out of the ring.

-We get a plug for the IMPACT Grand Championship next as we go to commercial.

-We come back with Cody on the ramp saying he wants his first match next week to be against Mike. O'Shea is the bodyguard of Billy apparently as he stands outside his office to keep people from bothering him. O'Shea tells Maria that she's not the leader of the Knockouts anymore if she loses to Gail.

Aron Rex vs Baron Dax TNA IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

They lock up to start the match then Rex drops Dax with a side headlock. Dax hits three neckbreakers for a quick 2 count. Dax tosses Rex into the corner then kicks him. Dax chokes Rex then throws him down for another quick 2 count as we are under one minute left. Rex sends Dax outside, but he comes right back in and chokes Rex in the ropes as we are under 30 seconds in round 1. Dax gets another quick 2 count as the round ends.

-Round 1 goes to Dax unanimously.

Round 2

Dax keeps on Rex, repeatedly dropping him then goes for a neckbreaker, but Rex sweeps his legs out. Rex applies the Royal Arch out of no where for the tap and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via submission with the Royal Arch

-After the match Rex says he wasn't expecting his first defense to be so hard and that it proves they're changing the game and the title represents opportunity. We then get a plug for the main event title match as we go to commercial.

-Lashley comes out and says that he will face Eddie Edwards tonight because he thinks it'll be the easiest match as we go to commercial.

Lashley vs Eddie Edwards TNA World Title Match

Lashley goes for the spear immediately, but misses then Eddie rolls him up for a quick 2 count. Lashley hits a german to Eddie then chokes him in the ropes. Lashley hits a shoulder tackle in the corner then a stalling suplex for a quick 2 count. Lashley pounds on Eddie in the corner then Eddie goes for a move off the top rope only to be caught and hit with a powerbomb by Lashley for a close 2 count. Lashley puts a rear chin lock on, but Eddie hits a jawbreaker to get out, only for Lashley to drop hi with a clothesline. Lashley slaps Eddie repeatedly then Eddie slaps him back, Lashley going up the top rope, but Eddie hits a step up enzugiri then a frankensteiner. Eddie drops Lashley repeatedly then hits him with a thrust kick, only to get dropped by a clothesline. Lashley hits a powerslam then goes for the spear, but Eddie sends him to the outside, following it up with multiple dives through the ropes, missing the third. Lashley tosses Eddie back into the ring then plays to the crowd, setting up for a spear. Lashley goes for a spear, but Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win. Wow, who saw that coming? Great match and great win for Eddie.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall with the Boston Knee Party

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