TNA IMPACT Wrestling (September 29th) Road To Glory Team Lashley VS Team EC3 Lethal Lockdown & More!

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! We are on the last stop on the road to Bound For Glory, tonight's episode having the title of Road To Glory certainly seems appropriate. Tonight in our main event we have a Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel match where Lashley picks his team and EC3 picks his and the winner gets to pick the stipulation for the title match this Sunday at Bound For Glory! We also have an X Division title match as newly crowned champion DJ Z defends his title against Eddie Edwards! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for what is hopefully not only the final episode of TNA on POP before Bound For Glory, but possibly the final episode of TNA on television period.

-We have EC3 and Lashley introduced to come out to the ring to pick their teams for the Lethal Lockdown main event. Apparently there will be at least one knockout on each side; interesting little wrinkle there. Lashley goes first and announces the first person on his team as Drew Galloway who as of this airing, is injured and may not get to be in his match Sunday. EC3 picks Aron Rex and Lashley counters with Mike Bennett. EC3 picks Moose and Lashley picks Maria, EC3 countering with Gail Kim. Lashley says that his team is just for show and that he knows he can beat EC3 and that it won't matter who he brings. EC3 agrees and says that all that matters is the TNA World Championship. EC3 says that Lashley doesn't know where he's been and that he will find out what he can do at Bound For Glory. Lashley tells a great big lie and says the person with that belt is the most important person in sports. Lashley calls EC3 a fake and that he's not an ass kicker like Lashley is. Lashley says that once he wins tonight EC3 won't have a chance in hell of beating him.

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EC3 says that he won't let Lashley talk down to him and try to intimidate him. EC3 says that everything Lashley says he is, he is and that EC3 isn't and he's the guy you call when a guy like Lashley needs his ass kicked. EC3 says that Lashley is a dragon and he'll slay him at Bound For Glory. EC3 says that he has to win, he must win and he will win. Lashley says that he's different from the guys he's beat and that it's not about winning or losing, it's that Lashley can hurt him and end his career. EC3 says he's already thought about it and that he's coming with everything he has because he needs to win, Lashley telling him to bring it. EC3 says that before he goes that he challenges Lashley to be the first person to step into the cage with him tonight. Lashley tells him to be careful what he wishes for and agrees before leaving.

-We get a recap of DJ Z's match last week and how Eddie Edwards came out and saved him after it was over and how they agreed to a title match tonight. 

DJ Z vs Eddie Edwards TNA X-Division Championship Match

Z and Edwards are very evenly matched to start, both getting off some grappling, but it's quickly reversed, setting a very high pace already. Eddie delivers a series of chops to Z, but Z hits a huricanrrana then a springboard arm drag that sends Eddie outside, Z diving right over the top rope after him. Z gets Eddie back in then flips over him and hits a jawbreaker into a springboard back elbow. Z goes for the ZDT, but Eddie counters and hits a step up enzugiri that sends Z to the outside. Eddie dives out after Z. Eddie tosses Z back into the ring and sets up for the Boston Knee Party, but Z counters then hits a jawbreaker for a quick 2 count. Z goes for the ZDT, but Eddie counters with a powerbomb, Z turning it into a frakensteiner for a quick 2 count. Eddie hits a blue thunderbomb for a close 2 count, going to the top rope and going for a double stomp, but sees Z move and lands on his feet. Z hits the ZDT out of no where for the pin and the win.

Winner: DJ Z via pinfall with the ZDT

-The Helms Dynasty take out DJ Z and Eddie Edwards after the match. Next we have Allie and Maria backstage where Maria says that Allie messed everything up and that Bound For Glory better be perfect. Maria makes Allie apologize and puts her under the supervision of Laurel. We have an interview from earlier today with Mike Bennett and Moose being interviewed. 

-Mike says it started with team work and that he brought Moose in to do one job and he couldn't do that. Josh mentions that Mike brought Moose in and asks how he feels now and Moose says that through his sports career he's learned what to do with egotistical guys. Mike says that Moose has always been jealous and that after he beats him at Bound For Glory, the Moose chant will end. Moose says at BFG he will teach him a lesson, saying that he will give Mike a ticket straight to hell. Mike and Moose face off and says that he is un-pinnable and that he pinned EC3 and that he'll take the ticket and give it back to him and no one will see Moose again. Mike says he will become champion after he beats Moose, Moose saying that the impact zone will be chanting Moose. 

Madison Rayne vs Laurel Van Ness

Allie comes out before the match and introduces Laurel. Aparrently Laurel is wearing Gucci and something I've never heard of; weird little subliminal advertising there. Laurel asks Madison to kiss her hand before the match starts, but she gets a series of forearms for her troubles. Madison drops her with a dropkick that sends Laurel to the outside. Laurel has Allie powder her face before she gets back into the ring. Laurel turns the tables and pokes Madison in the eye then sends her out of the ring. Laurel berates Allie on the outside then rolls Madison back in the ring for a quick 2 count. Laurel hits a snapmare then slaps her across the face, following it up with a form of the tarantula. Laurel plays to the crowd then gets a quick 2 count out of a lax pin, Madison getting three quick 2 counts of her own. Madison hits a nothern lights suplex into a bridge for yet another quick 2 count. Madison drops Laurel with a series of right hands then Laurel rakes her in the eyes, following it up with a curb stomp for the pin and the win.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via pinfall

-After the match Allie announces Laurel has won. We get Team Lashley backstage next, Lashley saying he's a man of his word and if they win, he will make sure that one of them gets the first shot at his belt, saying the one who earns it by taking out EC3. 

-Drew Galloway comes out next and talks about his match with Aron Rex for the Impact Grand Championship, asking Aron to come out to the ring. Rex. Drew talks about the match and tells everyone in the back and the fans that they're welcome. Rex tells him to get hiss own tag line and that he's delusional and that he can't believe he said he's the only reason Impact is the best show on television and the best. Rex uses a lot of technical vernacular that makes Drew mad, Drew saying he's wrestled around the world and that he was the champion and he's worked the underground companies because he's that good. Rex tells Drew to look him in the eyes and says that it won't go to the judges because he will beat him. Drew calls Rex funny and says he's proven he makes a hell of a stunt guy, referencing his Mizdow gimmick. Drew says this Sunday there can be only one as they get forehead to forehead then Drew puts a cheap shot on Rex. Rex charges him, but Drew catches him and hits a piledriver, standing over him with the belt. 

-We get a Decay promo that looks pretty cool, nice lighting, holding candles, unnerving music. We then get a plug for The Great War and Reby versus Rosemary as we go to commercial.

-We get an excellent video package for The Great War, great music and video, Jeff singing a song that is really catchy and shows off his singing skills.

Rosemary vs Reby

Reby goes right after Rosemary to start the match, smashing her face into the turnbuckles repatedly until Rosemary turns her inside out with a lariat. Rosemary mounts Reby and hits her with a series of punches then chokes her. Reby rolls through and hits a big kick on Reby, showing off some real skills for someone so green. Reby mounts Rosemary and hits her with right hands before Reby hits a Twist of Fate. Reby goes for the pin, but Steve gets on the apron, distracting her, Rosemary hitting her with mist as the referee disqualifies her. 

Winner: Reby via disqualification

-After the match the Hardys and Decay fight around the ring then backstage. Jeff hitting Steve with a chair as they climb up the stairs to the back of the impact zone. Rosemary hits a Side Effect out of no where on the apron and sends Reby through the table she set up at ringside. Rosemary grabs a mic, yelling decay, lying against Reby. We have EC3 and Lashley backstage as they have the coin toss, Lashley getting the right pick of heads as we go to commercial.

-We have Jeff and Steve outside, Steve hitting Jeff with a chair then they try to gouge each others eyes out. Matt hits a lowblow to Abyss then hits him with a ladder repeatedly. Matt then bites Abyss as Jeff limps along, Steve following him with a chair. Steve hits Jeff with a chair then hits him repatedly, wrapping the chair around his neck and running Jeff into a post. Abyss grabs some cables and electrocutes Matt. As we end the segment Decay come out on top.

-We then get another vignette for Cody coming to Bound For Glory Sunday, hopefully. We then get Maria and Gail being interviewed, Maria driving Gail nuts. Gail says that Maria is evil and that Bound For Glory means a lot to her, the best part is that after 9 months she finally gets to face Maria. Maria says that TNA isn't a wrestling company, that it's entertainment and that she is the top star. Maria says she's going to kick Gail's ass and she's not going to hide. We then get Tyrus who hasn't been on TV in months and Eli Drake interrupts him, saying he wants Tyrus to fix a problem for him. Tyrus turns on him and says he's going to solve the problem of Eli Drake who quickly walks away.

-We have EC3 backstage talking to his team then Next we get a video package for EC3 and Lashley, but it's no where near as good as the one for The Great War.

Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel Team Lashley vs Team EC3

As promised EC3 comes out first then EC3 does, but sends Mike out once he gets to the ramp, EC3 not looking amused. EC3 pounds on Mike then stomps him in the corner as the timer starts. Mike turns it around and tosses EC3 into the turnbuckle, but EC3 counters with a missile dropkick. EC3 drops him again then hits a snap suplex into an elbow drop, deciding to play to the crowd momentarily before hitting a series of brutal chops to Bennett. EC3 misses a splash and Mike hits him with a big boot that drops EC3, following it up with a series of basement dropkicks. Mike hits his signature spinebuster and follows up with a series of right hands and kicks. EC3 comes back with a clothesline then an elbow and a jawbreaker . EC3 hits a splash then a flapjack, going for the One Percenter, but Mike counters and EC3 hits the TK3 as the timer counts down to zero.

Drew Galloway comes in and drops EC3 with a massive boot then stomps on his head, having Mike hold EC3, hitting him with a series of chops. Mike punches EC3 with a series of punches on the ground and Drew stomps on him as we go to commercial.We have Aron Rex come out next, Rex momentarily taking out both Bennett and Galloway. EC3 stomps on Mike in one corner while Drew stomps on Rex in another, EC3 coming over to help Rex, sending Drew into Mike then they alternate punches. Lashley comes out next and drops Rex  then EC3. Drew stomps on Rex in one corner while Lashley and Mike stomp EC3 in the other. Lashley and Mike choke EC3 in the corner as Drew plays to the crowd. Next we have Moose come out and he kills everyone, knocking down Drew, Mike and even putting Lashley off his feet. Moose hits a running, step up splash that takes out Mike and Drew then he and Lashley exchange right hands, but Moose gets the upper hand and drops Lashley. Galloway attacks Moose, but EC3 grabs Drew and pounds on him as Mike hits a basement dropkick that sends Moose into the corner. EC3 grabbed Lashley's shirt and pulled it over his head to blind him then hit him repeatedly, smart move by EC3. 

Maria comes out next, deciding to stay on the ramp, cheering her husband on, Mike telling her to stay out. Rex drops Drew then EC3 drops Lashley; I'm trying to figure out at what point Drew legitimately hurt his neck during this match. There's just a bunch of chops and stomps in various corners as Gail Kim comes out, running after Maria and chasing her around the cage, but Gail grabs her and tosses her into the ring. They close the door, well start to, but Maria runs out and Gail after her up the ramp and backstage as we go to commercial.

The weapons are out as we come back, Team Lashley in control with the weapons. Mike hits a cutter, Drew hits the Future Shock DDT, then Rex hits Drew with a chair. Rex gets a quick 2 count then EC3 drops Lashley repeatedly, tossing him into the cage over and over, bouncing him all over the ring, dumping Lashley over the top rope. EC3 picks up a kendo stick, points it as Lashley and hits him with it repeatedly, Lashley stuck between the cage and the ropes. EC3 goes for the TK3, but Lashley turns him inside out then goes for an arm triangle choke; didn't see that coming. EC3 tries to get a rope break, but it's no disqualification and Lashley chokes EC3 out for the win.

Winner: Team Lashley via submission

-We get a recap of the match and EC3 stands over EC3, saying he told him his team would dominate and that he decides the stipulation to be no holds barred Sunday at Bound For Glory as we go off the air. Here's hoping we have another week of TNA and many more to come and that Bound For Glory goes off without a hitch!

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