Total Bellas 9/13: Marital Mayhem

Brie and Bryan are getting ready for baby time. They have started timing car rides and talking about the delivery day and how to be prepared. They go in for an ultrasound and doctor’s visit. Brie gets a little irritated with Bryan being overbearing and asking all the questions for the doctor instead of her. At their house, Bryan brings home a newborn doll and cloth diapers so that they can practice folding the diapers and putting them on the baby. There is a debate about whether they should use cloth or disposable. Bryan is all for cloth and Brie is very hesitant, especially when J.J. puts in his two cents. We will see who will win this diaper war.

At John and Nicole’s villa, J.J. is making himself comfortable. Nikki told him that he could temporarily stay with them while he worked on his marriage. Nikki had some house rules for him and one of them was that he could not talk about his marriage trouble to John. J.J. does not want their mom and Brie to know about his separation because he doesn’t want word to get out. Later, Nikki FaceTime calls her mom and the mom sees a man in a towel walk by, she doesn’t know that it is J.J. Nikki tries to play it off like no one is there but her mom gets suspicious.

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Bryan takes Brie to a landfill to see just how damaging disposable diapers are to the environment. Score 1 for Bryan vs. Brie on diaper war.

J.J. goes against Nikki’s wishes and talks to John about his marriage. J.J. wants John’s advice since John has been married before and feels like he could give him advice. J.J. says he is still in love with his wife but things have changed in the last couple of years. John says it makes sense since they have a baby now. During this conversation, John says that his mind has been changed on the marriage topic. John has said in the past that he would never get married again, but says that Nikki has changed him and makes him a better man.

Nikki goes over to Brie and Bryan’s house. Brie tells Nikki that they talked to their mom and their mom thinks Nikki is cheating on John because of the FaceTime video. Brie asks what is up and Nikki says that she can’t tell her. Nikki says that she promised she wouldn’t say anything but does spill the beans about J.J. and his separation. Brie gets mad at J.J. for going to Nikki and leaving his wife and baby to go stay at a villa.

Backstage at SmackDown Live, Nikki talks to John about J.J. talking privately with John. Nikki tells him that she doesn’t want J.J. to get in John’s head negatively. John says he just needed someone to talk to and that J.J.’s problems do not affect him.

Brie, Nikki, J.J. and their mom Kathy talk to J.J. about Lauren, J.J.’s wife, and baby not coming on the family vacation. He does not come out and say they are separated, he just says that the baby was sick and Lauren couldn’t make it. Kathy says it “must be nice” to have a wife let him go on a vacation while the baby was sick. Kathy still does not know about the separation.

Lauren FaceTime calls J.J. and Nikki says that was nice of her to call him and that they still are in contact with each other. Nikki tells J.J. that he could take this time and think about what to do for his relationship. Brie and Nikki talk about labor pain simulators. Bryan calls Brie and suggests the baby name Branch…like a tree Branch- the look on Nikki’s face says it all. Yikes. Nikki says they will think about Branch if Bryan does the labor pain simulator. Bryan says he is all for it and sounds excited to know what labor pains would feel like.

Nikki, Brie, and Kathy go out to eat without J.J. and Nikki spills the beans about the separation. Kathy says that they should talk to him after he gets done snowboarding.

Nikki tells J.J. as soon as he walks in that the rest of the family knows. Brie says that he shouldn’t have kept it a secret. Brie asks what he is doing to save his marriage and he gets super defensive. Brie asks if they go to therapy, and J.J. says no, they just need time apart. Nikki says that they should try therapy.

Two days later at the villa, the whole family gathers for the labor pain simulator, including Lauren and baby Vivian. J.J. is up first at the simulator. He is struggling. They have a one to ten scale with ten being the worst pain. Bryan is up next! Bryan looks much more at ease than J.J. did. At a three, Bryan still looks relax. He says he is in pain but his physical expression does not show it. I’m very impressed. After that, Brie tells Bryan that she is proud of him and all his input and research on the baby.

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