Total Bellas Recap 5/20 Have You Cena?

It’s the Total Bellas Season 3 premiere and it must be the most anticipated season thus far. The show circles the Bella twins and a big part of the show is the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena who recently called off their engagement on April 15th, just a few weeks shy of their wedding. The wedding was being planned during the taping of Total Bellas and the show has also captured the break-up during the season. We also follow the lives of Brie and Bryan post baby Birdie.

On the season premiere, we find out that John and Nikki have moved to San Diego as well as Brie and Bryan. They have all relocated there at least part time to so that the Bellas can be close to their work. The Birdiebee clothing line headquarters is there as well as Napa Valley where the Bellas have their wine Bellaraddici being made. Nikki and John have a very lavish home and John is trying to make steps to have their home be more inviting without all the rules that their other home had for Nikki’s family. He is allowing shoes to be worn in the house (a big no in their first home) however, no pets allowed. Brie and Bryan go to visit their home for the first time and are shocked when John does not make them remove their shoes upon entering. Is this going to be the new John Cena after being engaged to Nikki?

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Brie is struggling trying to be there for all of Birdie’s first moments and working between the two companies she helps run. She gets jealous that Bryan gets to be there for her first carousel ride and first-time swimming in the pool. Brie really gets hurt about the pool and tells Bryan that it makes her sad that she did not get to experience it firsthand. Brie says that she thought she could do it all, but obviously can’t and needs to put thought into where she needs to be.

Brie and Nikki take a trip to Napa to meet with their company and Nikki tells everyone how John and she will be getting married in West Newbury, MA where John is from. John wants it this way so that it is easy for his family to be there and can be in his hometown. Nikki is okay with this decision; however, Brie feels like she knows her sister better and starts asking her if she wouldn’t rather marry John in Napa, one of her favorite places. Nikki says of course she would, especially after seeing space for a rehearsal dinner. Nikki just doesn’t let herself get excited because she knows John will never go for it and she feels lucky to even be engaged. Nikki doesn’t want to rock the boat and risk upsetting John and have him call off the engagement. Brie is very concerned that Nikki is changing what she wants too much to make John happy. Brie asks her if she wants kids for sure now after being a part of Birdie’s life. Nikki says of course, but there is nothing she can do because John will not budge on the subject and absolutely does not want kids.

John has everyone over for a formal dinner and just wants everyone in Nikki’s family to know that he is trying to ditch all the rules and make everyone feel more welcome in his home and feel more like a family together.

This season on Total Bellas we will get to witness Brie and Bryan working their way towards in-ring comebacks, how they are dealing with parenthood, and of course, John and Nikki’s relationship. Catch Total Bellas Sunday nights at 9/8c on the E! and has your weekly recaps!

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