Total Bellas Recap 5/27 What to Expect When You're Not Expecting

This week on Total Bellas, it is John and Nikki’s engagement party and Brie trains with Bryan to get back in the ring.

At the Birdiebee offices, Nikki reveals that she has gotten cleared by WWE and is ready for a comeback. Brie is very excited for her and is glad to hear that she is healthy. Nikki has an engagement party a few days away and gets a call from Rob, one of John’s very best friends. Nikki tells Rob that he is the best man of the wedding even though she has not talked to John about who he wants his best man to be. Nikki tells John that she jumped the gun and told Rob that he is the best man of their wedding. Nikki says she didn’t realize what she was doing, John told her that she took that choice away from him and the joy of telling that person himself. He tells Nikki to be honest with him from now on and let him know if she is going to make any decisions on his behalf. Nikki is sad because she ruined that part of the wedding planning for him. Then John asks Nikki if she is sure she wants to get married in John’s hometown, she says she wants to make him happy but if she is being honest,  her dream has always been Napa Valley. John gives in to Nikki and says that they can do Napa, however, she needs to be fully honest with him about what she wants.

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John’s family has started coming into town for the engagement party. His family and Nikki’s start to mingle.  Brie talks with J.J.’s wife Lola and finds out that Lola is very early pregnant but wants to keep it from Nikki until after the engagement weekend. Lola doesn’t want any attention to be taken off Nikki and asks Brie to please keep it quiet.

Nikki is finally trying on wedding dresses at Saks Fifth Avenue and even has Nana there. The first dress she comes out in is spectacular, then the next one is equally great, but Nikki is unhappy with all of the choices so far. She feels like something is missing and not feeling right.

Nikki is trying to plan the perfect day for the party. She talks to John and he says that something will probably go wrong and just to take everything in stride. Nikki feels like she is having an anxiety attack trying to plan everything. John can see her preoccupied with everything and he wants her to enjoy the day. Nikki is feeling very emotional and misses her “pop-pop” and wanted him to be here for these special moments.

John makes a speech at the party and announces that they have the date booked, 5/5/18 and will be having it at Napa Valley. At the end of his announcement, Brie comes forward and says she has an announcement of her own. Then she puts Lauren and J.J. on the spot and they announce the pregnancy even though Lauren told Brie they wanted to wait until after the weekend.  Nikki is frustrated that there is another pregnant person that is going to be around when she has been feeling so lost about motherhood. Nikki leaves the party to fix her makeup because she is crying. She knows deep down she wants a baby and wants to be a mom and she can’t live the rest of her life without having one.

Brie goes to train with Bryan and wants to get ready for her comeback at Royal Rumble. They make jokes about her being the only woman in the rumble breastfeeding. Nikki was supposed to show up but didn’t. Brie calls her, and Nikki sounds off. Brie is noticing that there is something up with her.

Nikki goes to Napa with John to plan the wedding and put money down to secure the venue. Nikki feels like she needs to tell him about truly wanting to be a mom. At the wedding location, Nikki and John talk in their hotel room. Nikki tells him that since Birdie has been born, she really wants to be a mom and thinks she may regret it later in life if she wasn’t. She tells John that she loves him so much and has been willing to sacrifice motherhood for him. She has been doing a lot of soul searching and if he feels like she is being distant that is why. He tells her that he knew that this would happen and has told her so many times. He does not want to keep her from not being a mom if that is what she wants to do. He tells her that maybe they should not go through with the wedding.

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