Total Bellas Recap 6/10 The Bella Comeback

This week on Total Bellas, the twins are preparing to make their appearance in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

After the last few weeks of lots of drama circling Nikki and John Cena, this week is more about the girls. Nikki has a hard time dealing with her separation from John but is trying to keep occupied with preparing for the Royal Rumble.

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The women are in Florida and are going to be staying in John and Nikki’s house for the week. Once they get there, Nikki has realized she has forgotten her keys but can’t contact John, so John’s best friend must let them into the house. Nikki feels weird about being in the house because of all the happy memories that were made there. John has even left Nikki a letter and flowers. The only thing that keeps her spirits up are Brie and Birdie being there by her side.

During training, both women are a bit rusty and Nikki tells Brie that she has to be careful during the Rumble because even though her doctor has cleared her for this performance, she has limitations. She can’t get hit from behind and must be very careful with her neck.

During their week in Florida, they tell their mom Kathy that they have a lot on their plate and a local college has asked the twins to come in and do the weather for their channel. They ask if maybe Kathy can do it instead since she wanted to be a broadcaster before she got pregnant with the twins. Kathy agrees and starts prepping for the gig. Once it is time for Kathy to be on the air, she has a really hard time getting her lines right and looking in the right direction. Nikki and Brie are there to support their mom and Nikki jumps in to try and give the weather a try. Nikki also has a difficult time and Kathy feels more confident stepping back in to get it right. Kathy does much better and the crew is very happy with her work. Brie and Nikki wanted to give their mom the opportunity to do something she had dreamed of before she got pregnant. Kathy says she wouldn’t change her life for anything.

Brie is nervous about going back for the Rumble because of being a mom and having to cover up her stomach. She says she no longer has the body she did before Birdie. Brie wants her fans to recognize her and just wants the fans approval. After receiving a positive reaction during the Rumble, it gave her the confidence to love her body the way it is, stretch marks and all. She even does a photo shoot for Birdiebee where she is wearing intimates and her belly can be seen.

Next week on Total Bellas, John invites Nikki out for dinner to see the status of their relationship. Catch Total Bellas on E! Sunday nights and keep up with us here at for all your Total Bellas weekly recaps!

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