Total Bellas Recap 6/24 Once Again the Future Mrs. Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena are officially back together, and everything seems well. Nikki can have everything she wants, a marriage to the love of her life and future children. She is on top of the world.

In Tampa, Nikki and Brie start talking excitedly about future kids. Now that the wedding is back on with the same date, Nikki needs to start going back into wedding planning mode and needs to find a wedding dress as soon as possible.

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The conversation comes up about who will walk Nikki down the aisle between the other family members. Brie had their dad walk her down during her wedding, however, Brie’s relationship between with their dad is different than their dad and Nikki. It comes up that Kathy was a little hurt when Brie did not have her walk Brie down the aisle for her wedding. As a single mom, Kathy felt that she did the job of both the mother and father while the kids where growing up. She says that walking someone down the aisle is a big privilege and it should be earned, so when Brie’s dad got to come back in and walk her down the aisle it hurt her feelings. Brie brings all this up to Nikki and suggests that Kathy walk Nikki down the aisle. Nikki understands why Brie wants that, however, Nikki says that it is her wedding and needs to decide for herself. When Nikki asks Johnny L. for advice, he says that he would be honored to walk her down the aisle as well, Nikki says “perfect” which in her head means cool idea, however, Johnny now thinks he is walking Nikki down the aisle. Nikki chooses not to correct the situation and now Johnny wants to tap dance down the aisle. Instead of Nikki just saying no, she keeps letting Johnny think this is something she really wants.

Brie is complaining that she does not have enough alone time with Bryan. Between the baby and their careers, they have a hard time finding time for each other. After a failed picnic date that is hilariously crashed by fans and a leaf blower, Brie and Bryan try again with goat yoga. This is exactly as it sounds, yoga with goats. The goats pee on their stuff, poop next to them and is yet another failed romantic date. Brie and Bryan decide to get back to their roots and go on a date to the botanical gardens which is something that they always did before Birdie was born. This was a perfect date, so much so to the point where they order the cameras away.

Nikki and John get to go to dinner with the Bella family. J.J. and Lauren do a gender reveal for their second baby at the dinner, they are having another girl! Nikki makes a couple of baby related comments and John is quiet throughout the dinner.

Nikki goes to her therapist to get some thoughts out with someone other than her family. She tells the therapist about how everyone has a different suggestion on who should walk her down the aisle. Nikki fears growing apart from John and is always sacrificing for him and others. She is just starting to get fed up with people pleasing. Now Nikki is feeling like being a married woman will tie her to just being John Cena’s wife instead of Nicole. She’s concerned that she is going to start going through a breakdown and needs to do a lot of soul searching.

Nikki has her family over to her home to announce to everyone who she is going to have walk her down the aisle. Brie gets frustrated with Nikki and just wants her to tell Johnny that she does not want him to walk her down the aisle. Brie feels like something is off with Nikki and does not feel like she is the same excited person she was a year ago when she got engaged to John.  Nikki announces that because she has become strong independently she has decided she will walk herself down the aisle. She is proud of her decision. Brie is proud of her, however, she is concerned that Nikki is losing part of what marriage means by doing that which is uniting family.

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