Total Bellas Recap 7/8 Save the Date

Wedding planning is in full effect for Nikki Bella, however, she must do it all without John since he has been doing movie shoots, media days and wrestling. John just does not have the time to help plan a wedding in a short amount of time.

Since the wedding is back on, the extra guest house at Brie and Bryan’s house is being turned into Brie and Nikki’s personal Birdiebee office. Brie gets to decorate the guest house and goes antique shopping. She finds some things that she likes and buys them. When she shows them off to Bryan he is surprised by how much she has spent, especially on piece that was over $400 that she will be using to put paper clips in. Brie is very into art and would also like to buy a large piece to put in her home. Later Brie goes to an art gallery and spends a $10,000 deposit on a $30,000 commissioned piece. Bryan finds out about this from a fraud alert he receives on his phone. Brie tells him that she did indeed make the purchase. Bryan says that if she really wants to get in touch with her artsy side, she should just do art. Bryan also feels like it would be more meaningful if they were to do things like that together.

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Nikki travels to Napa to get plans in order and works with her wedding planner. This gets overwhelming for Nikki because she must make all the decisions herself and doesn’t know what John would like and she doesn’t want to disappoint him. Nikki also has been getting stressed out about the number of bridesmaids she has. Nikki decided she wanted ten bridesmaids since those were the people there when she got engaged and the closest friends she has in her group chat. Brie feels like it is too much, but Nikki is wanting to oversee every last detail of everything and puts more unnecessary stress on herself. Brie feels like Nikki has been more easily agitated and grumpy after all the stressful wedding planning. The one time that Nikki has been happy was when she finally picked out her wedding gown.

Kathy has been getting a lot of flak for her anxiety issues while driving. Johnny and J.J. feel like she has been too much of a “backseat driver”. Johnny ends up getting a car that has brakes on the passenger side as well. They take a drive with J.J. and Bryan in the backseat and Kathy is driving. The passenger brake shows her how annoying they feel that it is when she is being a “backseat driver”. Kathy feels like it was a terrible idea to help her anxiety. Bryan talks with Kathy one on one and Bryan reveals he is terrified of heights and has anxiety himself. He says he doesn’t think about it when he is in the moment in wrestling and if he is by himself with no crowd, he can even get anxiety getting on the top rope. Bryan then takes Kathy to indoor skydiving to help with their anxiety issues. He feels like it is a good demonstrating that you can take little steps to help move towards solving some anxiety.

With only six weeks to go until the wedding, Nikki says that she is overwhelmed but doing ok. She thought wedding planning was going to be more fun and feels alone since John can’t help her. Brie feels like it is her duty to make sure Nikki is happy. Brie offers to step it up and Brie must get to the bottom of what is making Nikki happy. Brie is willing to be the bad guy and tell people what Nikki really wants even if some feelings will get hurt. Brie sets up dinner with Nikki’s two friends so that she can tell them face to face that she does not want any bridesmaids anymore. Her friends are very supportive and tell Nikki that they understand even though they are a little sad.

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