IMPACT Wrestling Free Online Stream & Results for 1/11/19 Johnny Impact vs Killer Kross

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-The IMPACT World champion Johnny Impact comes out to the ring and talks about what Killer Kross did at Homecoming when he attacked Johnny and his wife Taya Valkyrie after his match. Johnny says that nothing is more important to him than his wife and that she has been in the hospital since. Johnny says that he can't wait to get his hands on him before Brian Cage interrupts him. Brian says that he had Johnny beat and everyone knows that he's the rightful champion. Brian says that he wants a title match right now and says that he doesn't care about Johnny's wife before they're interrupted by Killer Kross.

Kross calls Impact an imposter and says that he is going to put Taya back into the hospital, Johnny superkicking Brian when he gets in the way and hits a tope to the outside before he gets back into the ring and Brian drops him. Kross and Brian then square off before Kross leaves as Brian holds up the IMPACT World Championship before he leaves as we go to commercial.

-We get a GWN flashback to Scott Steiner and Petey Williams teaming up against Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Rascalz vs Lucha Bros

Pentagon and Dezmond start the match with Pentagon sending Dezmond out of the ring before Zach tags himself in and Fenix sends him out of the ring with a diving cross body. Dezmond dropkicks Fenix who rolls out of the ring before Pentagon hits Dezmond from behind and Dezmond comes back with an enzuigiri into a dropkick before Zach hits a bronco buster. Fenix then hits a double cutter as we go to commercial.

Zach knocks Penta off of the apron and he and Dezmond double team Fenix until Fenix superkicks Dezmond and Pentagon superkicks him out of the ring before Penta hits an enzuigiri that sends Zach out of the ring where Fenix hits a suicide dive. Penta hits a reverse Alabama slam with Fenix for a two count before Zach, Penta and Fenix kick each other and Dez hits a back flipping Pele kick. Fenix hits a rolling cutter to Zach before Penta gets a near fall off of a school boy and Penta and Fenix hit a piledriver into a cutter to both members of the Rascalz for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat The Rascalz via pinfall when Pentagon piledrives Zach and sits down with Dez in a Gory special before Fenix sits down for a stunner.

-We get a video for the first ever Ultimate X Match between Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, and Michael Shane.

-Josh Matthews is in the ring where he introduces the newly crowned X-Division champion Rich Swann comes out to the ring. Swann says that his winning the X-Division Championship at the Asylum was one of the greatest moments of his career and lists off former champions including Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and how they changed the industry. Rich says that he is ready to take on all comers before Sami Callihan comes out to the ring. Sami chastises the fans and says that he and Rich have a great deal of history and offers Rich an OvE shirt and tells him to put the shirt on and come home to Ohio. The two are then interrupted by Willie Mack who attacks Sami before Rich breaks them up several times.

Sami Callihan vs Willie Mack

They run at each other and exchange strikes until they collapse and exchange headbutts on their knees on their way up to their feet. Sami chops Willie who drops him with a right hand and Sami rakes his eyes before Willie rocks him with a discus forearm. Sami traps Willie in the ring skirt and hits him with clubbing blows before Willie drops him with a clothesline. Willie chops Sami and hits a uranage into the apron before Sami takes the referee hostage and punches Willie before sending him into the steps. Sami gets back into the ring before Willie gets back in at the count of seven and Sami tosses him right back out of the ring.

Sami goes out after Willie and drags him to the stage before Willie rocks him with strikes and Sami drives his thumbs into the eyes of Willie. Sami piledrives Willie onto the stage before he gets back into the ring at the count of nine and hits Sami with a variety of strikes into several flying back elbows and a running boot in the corner. Willie hits a Samoan drop into a standing moonsault for a near fall before Sami bites his fingers and drops Willie with the LTR for a near fall of his own. Willie hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Sami powerbombs him off of the top and hits a running knee for a very close near fall. Willie drops Sami with a pop-up punch and a cannonball in the corner before countering a piledriver.

The two then exchange pin attempts until Willie counters a piledriver and sits down on a sunset flip for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Sami Callihan via pinfall.

-OvE have a brief confrontation backstage with LAX before Scarlett Bordeaux comes out to the ring and begins to strip before she's interrupted by the Desi Hitt Squad. Gamma tells Scarlett to wait for the winner next week and that she shouldn't humiliate herself in front of the crowd. They are then interrupted by Scott Steiner before Scott takes out Raju and Singh and Scarlett does a strip tease for Scott.

Tessa Blanchard vs Local Talent

Tessa whips her opponent into the corner repeatedly before beating her down and dropkicking her in the back. Tessa then suplexes her opponent before she teases the buzz saw DDT, but finishes with Gail Kim's eat defeat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats a local performer via pinfall with eat defeat.

No Disqualification Match

Johnny Impact vs Killer Kross

Johnny takes Kross down and beats on him in mount before Kross gets to the ropes and Johnny chokes him with his boot before Kross tries for a heel hook. Johnny kicks Kross away before Kross hire a half nelson suplex and sends Johnny out of the ring and into the railing. Johnny slams the head of Kross into the railing repeatedly before hitting a running knee into the railing and sets up a table at ringside. Kross punches a chair into the face of the champ and puts the chair around his neck before sending him throat first into the ring post ala EVIL. Kross threatens to hurt the referee when he tries to stop the match before he chokes Johnny and crotches him onto the railing.

Kross hits Johnny in the back with a chair and drags the steps over to Impact before he lies his head on the steps and goes to hit Johnny with a chair. Johnny gets out of the way and hits Kross with the chair before he piles chairs onto Kross and hits a standing moonsault off of the steps while holding a chair onto the pile of chairs. Kross emerges from the chairs and Johnny tosses the chairs into the ring before they get into the ring and each pick up a chair and duel before Johnny rocks Kross with a flurry of strikes before dropping him with a chair shot. Johnny sends Kross face first into a chair set up in the ring before superkicking him into it and tossing chair at his face. Johnny lies chairs on top of Kross before hitting the chairs with a chair and goes up top before Moose runs down to the ring and pushes Johnny off of the top turnbuckle and through the table at ringside.

Kross then chokes Johnny unconscious when Moose rolls him back into the ring for the referee stoppage.

Winner: Killer Kross defeats Johnny Impact via referee stoppage when he chokes Johnny unconscious.

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