MLW Fusion Episode 21 Results MLW World Tag Team Title Match, PCO vs Homicide

Fred Yehi vs Richard Holiday

They start the match off by grappling, Fred having the upper hand early until Holiday comes back with a shoulder block, but Fred drops him with one immediately after. Fred hits a snap suplex before whipping Richard across the ring and hitting a release German suplex for a quick two count. Richard drops Fred with a boot before beating on him in mount and hitting a spinning neckbreaker for a quick two count. Fred then drops David before locking in a submission and beating on him with hammer fists until he taps for the referee stoppage and the win.

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Winner: Fred Yehi defeats David Holiday via referee stoppage

-Brian Pillman Jr. explains why he attacked Kevin Sullivan last week via a promo on Twitter video.

Homicide vs PCO

They go toe to toe and exchange strikes until PCO tosses Homicide into the corner and counters a tornado DDT before dropping Homicide with a shoulder block. PCO drops Homicide with several kicks before Homicide rakes his eyes and PCO hits a Michinoku Driver. Homicide sends PCO into the middle turnbuckle before hitting an exploder suplex into the corner and a neckbreaker. Homicide hits a diving knee strike for a quick two count before sending PCO out of the ring and hitting a cannonball off of the apron. Back in the ring PCO catches Homicide off of the top and hits a chokeslam before going out after Homicide and hitting a suicide dive through the ropes.

PCO rolls Homicide back into the ring before hitting a moonsault for a near fall before hitting a frog splash for another near fall. Homicide then catches PCO up top before hitting a superplex and a cutter off of the top when PCO goes up once again for a near fall. Homicide then tries to drop PCO repeatedly until PCO drops him with a stiff forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO defeats Homicide via pinfall with a forearm strike.

MLW Tag Team Title Match

Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix (c) vs Drago & Rey Horus

Pentagon and Drago start the match off, the two posing and playing to the crowd until Fenix and Horus come in and everyone hits a move. Drago and Pentagon exchange open handed palm strikes and forearms until a Lucha superkick party ensues. Fenix and Pentagon double team Horus for an early near fall that Drago breaks up before hitting a double huricanrrana and Horus sends Pentagon out of the ring with a huricanrrana. Horus hits a spinning arm drag before Drago hits a tilt-a-whirl arm drag and Horus hits a flipping senton over the top rope and onto Fenix at ringside. Pentagon hits a draping neckbreaker for a near fall before Horus hits a Spanish fly that Fenix breaks up with a missile dropkick.

Fenix hits a diving foot stomp for a near fall before Fenix hits a rolling European uppercut and Horus hits a pop-up tornado DDT for a near fall. Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver for a near fall before Pentagon hits a package piledriver at the same time Fenix hits a diving stomp for a very close near fall before hitting it again for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pentagon jr. and Rey Fenix retain their MLW Tag Team titles by defeating Drago and Rey Horus via pinfall when Pentagon pins Horus with a package piledriver/diving stomp. 

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