MLW Fusion Episode 22 Results: War Games 2018 And Full Online Stream

-We open the show with Sami Callihan cutting a quick promo before Shane and his team are interviewed about the WAR GAMES match.

-The Hart Foundation are interviewed about their attack on Kevin Sullivan, Teddy saying that they can't be stopped and that the Hart Foundation will continue to grow with the help of Brian Pillman Jr.

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Team Strickland (Shane Strickland, Tommy Dreamer, John Henigan, Kotto Brazil & Barrington Hughes) vs Team Callihan (Sami Callihan Abyss, Jimmy Havoc And the Death Machines)

Sawyer Fulton starts the match off with Kotto Brazil, Kotto hitting a tope out of the cage when Fulton opens the cage to get in and sends him through a table. The match starts once they get in the cage and Fulton immediately drops Kotto before Kotto hits a huricanrrana and several running back elbows in the corner. Kotto hits an enzuigiri before Fulton catches him coming off of the top, but Kotto escapes before Fulton launches him into the cage. Fulton hits a basement dropkick into Kotto into the cage before launching him out of the one ring and into the other. Fulton hits a shotgun missile dropkick into a running senton before tossing him into the cage when Kotto spits in his face.

Fulton traps Kotto between the cage and the ropes before hitting a cannonball and whipping him across the ring. John Hennigan comes out next and throws his sunglasses at Fulton before hitting him with several right hands and a superkick. John and Kotto double team Fulton until Jimmy Havoc comes in and gives paper cuts to John and Kotto in the webbing of the fingers, the armpit and the mouth, respectively. Fulton launches Kotto like a lawn dart before Jimmy hits him in midair with a stop sign and Fulton beats John down with it. Jimmy hits several running dropkicks in the corner before Shane comes out and gets attacked by Sami from behind on the stage.

Sami tosses Shane off of the stage and onto a table before powerbombing him through the table. Team Sami sets up a table in the ring and set John on top of it before Jimmy hits a diving elbow onto John through the table. Shane is helped backstage as Tommy Dreamer comes out and evens the odds single-handedly with a trash can and kendo stick. Leon Scott comes out next and Team Sami retake control of the match before Barrington Hughes comes out and beats Leon down with a kendo stick and drops him before he lays out Jimmy when he hits him with a wet floor sign. Team Shane are in control for several minutes before Abyss comes out and they're all locked in the cage minus Shane Strickland.

Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam to Tommy before Team Strickland gang up on Abyss and Team Sami gang up on Hughes until Kotto hits a diving cross body off of the top of the cage and takes everyone out. Leon sends himself through a table when John rolls out of the way before Jimmy hits the Acid Rain Maker to John. Abyss brings out the thumbtacks before Kotto hits a variation of Destino onto the thumbtacks and Tommy takes out both Jimmy and Sami. Tommy and Kotto wrap Hughes in barbed wire before he hits a running splash in the corner to Fulton and Sami and another splash onto Fulton before Hughes and Kotto make Fulton submit for the pin and the win.

Winner: Team Strickland defeats Team Callihan via submission when Hughes and Kotto submit Fulton. 

-After the match Sami and the Death Machines turn on Jimmy as we go off the air. 

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