ROH TV Episode 363 Results: WOH Title Match, Best Friends vs Bully Ray & Silas Young

Top Prospect Tournament Match
Charles Zanders vs. Marcus Kross

They exchange headlocks to start the match before Charles dropkicks Kross. Kross then hits a wheel kick on on Charles before Jeff Cobb comes out to the ring and attacks Kross before the referee throws the match out.

Winner: No Contest due to interference by Jeff Cobb.

Best Friends (Chuckie T & Baretta) vs. Silas Young & Bully Ray

Ray tags Silas in right almost immediately before Silas and Baretta lock up. The two exchange wrist locks and locks before Baretta chops Silas who tags in Ray and the two lock up. Ray hits a scoop slam on Baretta before Chuckie-T hits a Falcon Arrow on Silas and Chuckie-T misses a moonsault, but lands on his feet. Chuckie-T hits another falcon arrow for a quick two count before Barletta comes back in and hits an enzuigiri to Silas. Chuckie-T hits a lawn dart to Silas before the Best Friends hug and get hit with a double clothesline by Ray. Silas then tries to tag in Ray, but he leaves and the Best friends hit the Dude buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Best Friends defeat Bully Ray & Silas Young via pinfall when Chuckie-T pins Silas with the Dude Buster.

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