WCPW BULLETPROOF Live Coverage & Discussion!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WCPW BULLETPROOF! Today we have a star studded show as in our main event Drew Galloway defends his WCPW World Championship against Joe Coffey, former ROH World Champion Adam Cole takes on the latest member of Suzuki-Gun Zack Sabre Jr., The Young Bucks take on The Swords of Essex and Prospect and if that wasn't enough Marty Scurll is in a Magnificent Seven match for the number one contender for the WCPW World Championship and the WCPW debut of Fightful's own Matt Riddle! So be sure to come back here at 2;45PM EST for the preshow matches!

-The preshow match between Prince Ameen and Grado won't be shown free on YouTube anymore apparently.

AEW Rampage Spoilers For 5/24 (Taped On 5/22)

-Show is starting 45 minutes later than they said it would, but we're getting under way now.

-We open with a video package for the show and how we got to this point since Exit Wounds.

The Swords of Essex vs The Young Bucks vs Prospect vs Matt Riddle & Liam Slater Fatal Four-Way WCPW Tag Team Championship Match

-Nick gets on the mic before the match and says they should make it as he calls it, a Texas tornado spot fest.

Everyone brawl except Matt and Will who face off before Matt hits a belly to back suplex that sends Will out of the ring before he hits a double German suplex on Prospect to send them out of the ring. The Bucks then superkick Matt in the face, then his foot before he gets out of the ring. Will hits a dropkick on Nick, then the Bucks hit him with a double dropkick, following up with a head scissor dropkick to Scott on the apron. Prospect squares off with the Bucks where they square off, Prospect dabbing and the Bucks doing the suck it chant before all eight men come in and miss a series of splashes, sentons and dropkicks. The Bucks then superkick both members of Prospect before Slater and Riddle take out Scott and Will, then the Bucks with a series of gut buster and fall away suplexes.

The Bucks come back in and superkick everyone in the ring, then Matt hits Archer with a series of suck it chops, then Riddle hits him with a bro forearm in the corner, Will following up with five front flip back elbows. Will hits everyone with a boot when they run at him in the corner, then all six of the men in the ring hit Will with a superkick. Scott gets superkicked, then Matt throws Riddle out of the ring before Gracie and Slater dive out onto the Swords. The Bucks hit Rise of the Terminator, then Matt Jackson gets stuck in the ropes, Nick diving over the referee and Matt to the floor. The Bucks double team the Swords, then hit a standing moonsault, shooting star press combo for a near fall that Riddle and Gracie break up.

Gracie and Riddle exchange strikes, then Matt hits a Bro To Sleep, then a bridging German suplex for a near fall. Scott and Liam exchange chops, then Nick superkicks JR's face on Archer's tights before Will hits Riddle with a standing moonsault, then he hits a shooting star press to the outside, landing on his feet. Will goes for an OsCutter, but the Bucks superkick him and hit Scott with a draping swanton. The Bucks go to hit Slater with an Indie Taker, but Will hits Nick with a cutter, then Riddle catches Will when he goes for another cutter, hitting a tombstone for a near fall. Scott dives through the ropes and takes out Prospect, then Slater gets caught on the top rope by Will, but he comes back and Scott catches Slater before Will hits a double foot stomp, Scott hitting a death valley driver immediately after for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Swords of Essex via pinfall

Drake vs Rampage

Rampage hits Drake with a lariat that turns him inside out immediately, then a spinebuster before he finishes up with a superplex for the pin and the win. Rampage destroyed Drake in two minutes flat.

Winner: Rampage via pinfall

-We get an interview with Bea saying that people have to get through Viper before they face her.

Viper vs Lana Austin

Viper attacks Lana immediately, then Lana moves when Viper rushes in, hitting Viper with a series of kicks and forearms. Viper catches Lana coming off of the top rope, hitting her with a turnbuckle powerbomb, Bea choking her when Viper distracts the referee. Viper catches Lana and throws her across the ring before choking her, then drops her with a headbutt. Viper picks her back up and hits her with a series of headbutts until she falls, then tosses her into several corners. Lana hits a tornado DDT for a near fall, then Viper hits a Michinoku driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Viper via pinfall

-Adam Blampied comes out after the match and says that Bea will defend her belt tonight against Tessa Blanchard.

Bea Priestley vs Tessa Blanchard WCPW Women's Championship Match

Bea shoves Tessa's face, then Tessa slaps her before they exchange wrist locks, then Bea fights out of a side headlock, but Tessa drops her with a shoulder block. They run the ropes then Tessa hits a cutter then Bea gets stuck in the ropes, Tessa hitting a code breaker, then takes out Viper on the outside, landing on the side of the announce table, Bea hitting a blockbuster once Tessa is back up. Bea hits Tessa with a series of strikes at ringside, then Bea ends up over the guardrail when Tessa sidesteps her. Tessa sets up a chair and tries to dive over the railing, but ends up only going halfway over it. Tessa gets caught on the top rope when Viper distracts her, then Bea hits a superplex for a near fall. Bea hits a Cheeky Nandos, then a double foot stomp for another near fall, then locks in a variation of a Hoverboard Lock, but Tessa powers out of it and hits a straight jacket DDT for just a one count. Viper comes in with a clothesline when Bea distracts the referee, but only gets a one count, then Bea puts her in another leg scissor Kimura, but Tessa won't tap. Bea won't give and cranks it and Tessa is forced to tap for the win.

Winner: Bea Priestley via submission

Travis Banks vs El Ligero vs Marty Scurll vs Ricochet vs Doug Williams vs Martin Kirby vs BT Gunn Magnificent Seven Number One Contender Elimination Match

Prestige double team Williams, then Ligero takes out BT, but Banks comes in and takes out Williams before tagging BT in when he's on the apron. Ligero comes in and hits a huricanrrana, then Williams counters with a facebuster, Marty kicking Ligero through Williams' legs, then rolling Doug up for a near fall. Ricochet faces off with Marty and flips a lot before hitting a huricanrrana that sends him out of the ring, then Prestige double team Ricochet, then six men hit a suplex on each other, essentially a triple suplex. Everyone takes each other out in the ring and the outside, then Ricochet goes to leap over the ropes, Marty stopping him and asking him to shake his hand. Ricochet says no and Marty says yes, using Daniel Bryan's chants, then Ricochet pokes him in the eye when he goes to poke him.  

Marty drops Ricochet with a right hand, then hits Williams, Kirby and Gunn with superkicks before Ligero drops him from the apron with a dropkick. Banks teases going off the top rope, but Ligero makes him fly anyway when they hit a superplex onto everyone at ringside. Ricochet hits a rolling palm strike to Marty on the top rope, then they hit a tower of doom with Williams hitting a double powerbomb superplex. Prestige double team Kirby, then Williams comes in and hits them with a variety of suplexes before finishing with a bridging German on Ligero for a near fall that Banks breaks up for some reason. Prestige get a double pin on Williams, then Ligero takes them both out. Ligero hits BT with a frog splash for a near fall, then Prestige double team him with a enzuigiri into a brainbuster for the pin and the elimination. Kirby hits a missile dropkick to both members of Prestige, then Marty hits him with a superkick before kicking his knee.

Marty hits Ricochet with a brainbuster, then snaps his fingers before Ricochet sends Kirby into Marty, then hits him with a neckbreaker so Marty DDT's Kirby. Ricochet hits Kirby with a moonsault, then Kirby hits a backslide on Marty for the pin and elimination, then Prestige choke Kirby in the corner. Ricochet takes out both members of prestige as the power goes out in the arena, then hits a standing shooting star for a near fall on Gunn. Ricochet gets a pin on BT after a brainbuster, then Kirby pins Ricochet, leaving just Martin Kirby and Travis Banks. Travis hits Kirby with a Michinoku driver for a near fall, then Kirby hits the Sable bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Martin Kirby via pinfall

Joe Hendry vs Gabriel Kidd

Kidd comes right after Joe immediately dropping him and hitting with a float over suplex for a quick two count. Kidd catches Joe with a boot, then sends him over the top rope with a clothesline before diving through the ropes onto him, sending him to the floor. Joe hits a brainbuster once they're back in the ring for a quick two count, then hits a snapmare into a PK to the back of Kidd for another quick two count. Joe whips Kidd into the corner, then takes him down with a double under hook, then puts him in a full nelson, but Kidd powers out of it. Kidd runs the ropes, but Hendry drops him with a jumping knee for a quick two count. Hendry drops Kidd repeatedly with European uppercuts, then drops him with a lariat for near fall, following up with a shoulder lock, but Kidd powers out of it quickly.

Joe catches Kidd on the top rope, then hits a superplex for a near fall, Kidd countering with a roll up for a quick two count. Kidd drops Joe with a series of chops and a clothesline, finishing with a running boot in the corner like Shibata. Kidd drops Joe with a variation of a RAINMAKER, then hits a flapjack for a near fall. Kidd hits a Death Valley driver for a near fall, then Joe catches him, going for the Freak of Nature, but Kidd counters, Joe countering with an ankle lock however. Kidd tries to get to the ropes and roll out of it, nearly tapping before getting to the ropes after at least a minute in the hold. Kidd gets a near fall off of a small package, then a big boot into a Green Bay plunge, finishing with a moonsault for a near fall, Joe getting his foot on the bottom rope. Joe then rolls Kidd up, holding onto his tights for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry via pinfall

Christopher Daniels vs Adam Cole vs Zack Sabre Jr. ROH World Championship Triple Threat Match

Cole tries to back out of the match, then Blampied comes out and says that he has a surprise as Christopher Daniels shows up and it becomes a triple threat match for the ROH title.

ZSJ and Daniels beat on Cole, ZSJ taking a face role even if he is in Suzuki-gun now. Adam is sent out of the ring, then ZSJ takes Daniels down, the two doing a lot of grappling, then they do more grappling before ZSJ tries several submissions, but Daniels gets out of it. They knock Adam off of the apron, then Sabre rolls through for a quick two count as Cole comes in and takes them both out. Cole sends ZSJ out of the ring, then Cole plays to the crowd before Daniels dropkicks him and hits a scoop slam, then slams ZSJ onto Cole. Daniels makes Cole leg drop ZSJ, then ZSJ hits Daniels with a dragon screw leg whip, following up by twisting the ankle of Daniels and bending his foot before putting Cole in an octopus stretch at the same time.

Cole gets out, then ZSJ gets a near fall off of a bridge, still holding Daniels in the submission. Cole sends ZSJ to the floor, then stomps on Daniels before Cole superkicks ZSJ and Daniels, sending them out of the ring. Cole whips ZSJ across the ring, then hits a running forearm in the corner. Daniels puts Cole in an abdominal stretch, then takes Cole down before trying to superplex Daniels, doing joint manipulation before they hit a tower of doom. ZSJ and Cole exchange running strikes before Daniels drops them both repeatedly with clotheslines, then hits Cole with an STO and ZSJ with a blue thunder bomb. Daniels uses Cole as a weapon and takes out ZSJ, then hits a Death Valley driver for a near fall.

Sabre puts Daniels in an octopus stretch, then Cole sends Daniels out of the ring, hitting ZSJ with a series of shining wizard's for a near fall. Sabre gets a near fall off of a bridging pin, then ZSJ puts Cole in a kneebar before Daniels breaks it up with a springboard moonsault. Daniels teases the Angel's Wings, but ZSJ counters with an octopus stretch, Daniels quickly getting to the ropes for the break. Daniels hits a uranage, then goes for The Best Moonsault Ever, but ZSJ catches him in a triangle choke, but Daniels powers out of it, Cole superkicking Daniels repeatedly. Cole goes for a Canadian Destroyer, but Zack hits a PK on Cole, then Daniels hits ZSJ with Angels Wings, pinning Adam Cole for the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall

Drew Galloway vs Joe Coffey WCPW World Championship Match

They feel each other out early, then they exchange knife edge chops and overhand chops before Drew powers out of a headlock. Joe drops him, but Drew is right back up, hitting him with Satoshi Kojima-like chops in the corner before Joe rolls out of the ring. Drew runs right through Joe once he's back in the ring, the two exchanging strikes, then Joe catches Drew before suplexing him for a one count, using on his knee to pin him. Joe hits a delayed suplex for a quick two count, then rakes his eyes in the corner repeatedly before Drew hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. They go out of the ring with Coffey beating on Drew around ringside, then puts Drew in a submission before feeding him a card of some sort. Drew hits more machine gun chops, then Coffey puts Drew in a single-leg Boston crab, but Drew gets to the bottom rope for the break. Joe goes for Black Coffey, but Drew counters that with a powerslam, then hits a clothesline off the top rope before going for the Future Shock DDT, but Coffey counters into a pop-up powerbomb and a swing. Coffey hits a twisting cross body for a near fall, then Drew sets him on the top rope before hitting Coffey with a super white noise. Hendry comes out after Coffey takes out the referee, Coffey hitting Drew with the belt for a near fall. Coffey hits Black Coffey for another near fall, then Drew hits the Future Shock DDT for a near fall of his own. Joe puts Drew in a Boston crab, then stomps on the back of Drew's head before locking it in again before Drew gets his hand on the bottom rope for the break. Drew headbutts Joe and hits a piledriver, then a Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall

-The Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Rampage come out and help Drew after Prestige comes out to attack Drew as we go off the air with a double Meltzer Driver.

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