Women of Honor Championship Qualifier Coverage: Stella Grey vs. Brandi Rhodes.

Welcome to Fightful's coverage or Women of Honor's Championship Qualifiers. As they're posted, we'll update the coverage in this post.

Qualifying Match
Brandi Rhodes vs. Stella Grey

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Grey grabs a wristlock, but Brandi reverses and kips up out of it. Early on, Grey's body language and selling is nonexistant. It looks like Brandi is walking her through the match step by step. Grey tries to bridge out of a headscissors into a headlock, but it looks sloppy. Normally sloppy isn't bad, but when you're passing off a reversal into a submission, it needs to look like she's putting the opposition into a predicament. 

Karen Q is on commentary, and distracts Brandi by yelling at her across the venue. Stella is botching one move after another and really looks like she needs a ton of seasoning. She walks into a Brandi Rhodes Flatliner variation. I really hate to be so negative on a talent in particular, but she's making Brandi Rhodes look like KUSHIDA, and Brandi has a few dozen matches under her belt.

A missile dropkick and Through The Looking Glass land for Brandi, and she bravely takes a DDT from Grey. Grey follows up with a nice looking spear that gets a two count. An Eye of the Storm connects and Brandi wins.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes via pinfall.

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