WWE 205 Live Results for 10/25/19 Lio Rush vs Oney Lorcan, Ariya Daivari vs Isaiah Scott

WWE 205 Live

Hey Fight Fans, we hope you enjoyed Smackdown and are ready for 205 Live featuring the new Cruiserweight champion Lio Rush in action against Oney Lorcan!

Lio Rush vs Oney Lorcan

They start the match off by locking up and exchanging a test of strength before applying a knuckle lock and Oney takes Lio down with a side headlock takeover before the Cruiserweight champion gets to his feet and dodges Oney before dropping him with an enzuigiri for a quick one count. Oney hits a kitchen sink for a quick two count and locks in a body scissors before Lio sends Oney out onto the apron and hits a rolling kick that sends him off of the apron before hitting a suicide dive. Back in the ring Oney hits a running blockbuster for a near fall before Lio counters a half and half and Oney hits an uppercut before setting Lio on the top turnbuckle before Lio counters an avalanche half and half and Oney. Lio then hits a DDT when Oney catches him coming off of the top rope and hits a huricanrrana and a hand spring back elbow into a rebound stunner into the Final Hour for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lio Rush defeats Oney Lorcan via pinfall with the Final Hour.

-After the match Tony Nese comes out to the ring and goes toe to toe with Lio before he grabs a mic and welcomes Lio back to 205 Live and that everyone missed his presence backstage before saying that he beat Oney and Ariya at the same time Tony says that he's going to let Lio be ringside for Tony's match up next as we go to commercial.

Tony Nese vs Raul Mendoza

Tony poses and mocks Lio at ringside before putting Raul in a headlock and dropping him with a shoulder block before they flip and run the ropes until Raul hits a springboard arm drag and a springboard huricanrrana that sends Tony out of the ring. Raul hits a twisting cross body over the top rope and rolls Tony back into the ring before Tony rolls out of the other side of the ring and Raul hits a baseball slide before dropping Raul with an elbow for a two count. Tony plays to the crowd and hits a leg drop for a quick two count before locking in a rear chin lock and keeps Raul grounded with a headlock before Raul comes back with forearms. Tony drops Raul with a reverse roundhouse kick for a near fall before Tony hands Raul throat first into the top rope before missing a triangle moonsault and Raul catches him coming in before clotheslining Tony. Raul hits a single leg dropkick into a missile dropkick for a two count before hitting a spinning suplex into a springboard moonsault for a near fall before Tony hits a jumping stomp for a near fall.

Raul and Tony exchange forearms until Tony sends Raul out onto the apron and sweeps his legs before hitting a Fosbury flop before he focuses on Lio. Raul then rolls Tony up for the pin and the win when Tony is busy with Lio.

Winner: Raul Mendoza defeats Tony Nese via pinfall with a roll up.

-The Singh Brothers cut a promo about winning the WWE 24/7 championship before The Brian Kendrick comes out and stands on the announce table while saying that you used to have to earn the right to being called a professional wrestler and talks about the tradition of the business and the art before saying that the fans are consumers and not professionals and that wrestlers used to ask for advice and critique on their matches and how they can become professionals. Brian says that the guys now are selfish, egotistical and that Drake Maverick is the worst of all and that he'll be there every week until he gets the answer he wants before leaving.

Ariya Daivari vs Isaiah Scott

Ariya kicks Scott in the midsection and sends him across the ring before Scott hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick that sends Ariya out of the ring before dropping him with a kick and mocking Ariya. Scott rolls Ariya back into the ring before Ariya hits Scott in the throat and out of the ring before sending him into the stairs and the barricade before sending him into the middle turnbuckle before Ariya follows Scott up top and hits an avalanche belly to back suplex for a two count. Scott hits a cartwheel and chops Ariya before dropping him with a right hand before hitting an uppercut into a snap mare and a diving uppercut into a German suplex and a flat liner for a near fall. Ariya then hits a uranage for a near fall and yells at Scott before rocking Scott with a rolling elbow and dropping him with a superkick before Swerve hits a jumping thrust kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isaiah Scott defeats Ariya Daivari via pinfall with a jumping thrust kick.

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