WWE 205 Live Results for 10/31/18 Mustafa Ali vs Tony Nese, The Brian Kendrick vs Jack Gallagher

Good evening Fight Fans, we hope your Halloween is going well and will stick around for the next two hours as first we have 205 Live, then end the night with NXT.

The Brian Kendrick vs Jack Gallagher 

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Kendrick dropkicks Jack out of the ring before Jack drives him back into the apron and rolls him back into the ring before hitting a snapmare into a PK and a backbreaker for a quick two count. Jack hits an elbow drop and several right hands before dropping Brian with a boot to the face several times, Brian coming back with a back elbow and a back drop. Brian rocks Jack with several forearms before Jack headbutts his chest and Brian hits a single leg dropkick. Jack desperately clings to the ropes when Brian goes for the Captain's Hook before Brian hits a bridging dragon suplex for a near fall. Jack locks Brian in a choke, but Brian gets his foot on the bottom rope before hitting a superkick, Akira Tozawa stopping Drew Gulak from interfering. Brian then hits Sliced Bread #2 for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick defeats Jack Gallagher via pinfall with Sliced Bread #2.

Gran Metalik vs Local Talent

Metalik immediately hits a slingblade into a bulldog before hitting a springboard elbow drop for the pin in under two minutes.

Winner: Gran Metalik defeats a local performer via pinfall with a springboard elbow drop.

-After the match TJP attacks Metalik and steals his mask before Lucha House Party run him off.

Mustafa Ali vs Tony Nese

Tony goes right to the taped up ribs of Ali and Ali hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick that sends Tony out of the ring before he goes for a diving cross body, but Tony catches him and hits a fall away slam onto the ramp. Tony drops Ali across the barricade and tosses him back into the ring for a quick two count, Tony kneeing Ali repeatedly before turning him inside out with a kitchen sink. Ali rolls Tony up for a quick two count before countering a suplex for another quick two count and Tony catches him when he goes for a tornado DDT, Tony hitting a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Tony puts Ali in a body scissor drops him with a spinning back kick to the midsection before hitting a flap jack for a near fall. Ali yanks Tony from the top turnbuckle before Tony brings his throat first down across the top rope, Ali coming back with a sit-out powerbomb before collapsing to the mat.

Ali hits an enzuigiri into a rolling face buster before hitting a flipping senton to the outside before rolling him back into the ring before hitting a diving cross body for a near fall. Ali hits a tornado DDT for a near fall before Tony catches him on the top rope and hits an avalanche gut buster for a very close near fall. Ali then pins Tony out of nowhere after Tony knees him over and over again until the referee pulls him off.

Winner: Mustafa Ali defeats Tony Nese via pinfall.

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