WWE 205 Live Results for 11/21/18 Gran Metalik vs TJP, Tony Nese vs Noam Dar

Gran Metalik vs TJP

-Lucha House Party and TJP and Mike Kanellis have to be separated by officials and Drake before Lucha and Mike are barred from ringside.

Metalik hits a bulldog before TJP hits a cross body over the top rope and rolls him back into the ring before beating on him in mount. TJP hits a slingshot senton for a quick two count and a back suplex into a headlock before Metalik hits a hand spring arm drag. TJP hits a variation of a bloody cross for a quick two count before hitting a drop toe hole into a bow and arrow submission before Metalik gets to the ropes for the break. Metalik hangs TJP on the top turnbuckle before dropkicking him, but TJP gets his feet up when he goes for a moonsault. TJP hits a Tiger driver for a near fall before missing a flipping senton off of the top and Metalik hits a triangle missile dropkick for a near fall. TJP hits a wrecking ball dropkick before Metalik hits a huricanrrana that sends TJP off of the apron and onto the floor before they get back in the ring end Gran Metalik hits a DVD. TJP then locks in a knee bar, but Metalik gets to the ropes before they both do sunset flips and Metalik picks up the win.

Winner: Gran Metalik defeats TJP via pinfall with a sunset flip.

-After the match Mike attacks Metalik and he and TJP leave The Lucha House Party on the mat as we go off the air.

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