WWE 205 Live Results 10/24 WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WWE 205 Live. Tonight Kalisto is invoking his rematch clause and will challenge Enzo Amore after his controversial victory at WWE TLC this past Sunday night. Be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST for an hour showcasing the WWE Cruiserweight!

Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar & Tony Nese

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Nese and Cedric lock up to start the match before Tony plays to the crowd and poses. Cedric takes Nese down before hitting a huricanrrana and dropkick in quick succession. Cedric tags Rich in and the two double team Nese as Swann chops Nese and plays to the crowd before Nese backs him into his own corner. Dar and Swann exchange standing switches before Nese gets the blind tag. Nese drops Swann with a series of kicks before tagging Dar back in, Dar focusing on the left leg and knee of Swann immediately.

Nese and Dar tag in and out and keep Swann in a tree of woe until Swann gets a quick two count off of an inside cradle. Swann gets a near fall off of a back roundhouse kick, Dar pulling him out of the ring at the last second before Swann finally tags Cedric in. Cedric hits a back elbow and a springboard roundhouse kick for a near fall before Swann and Cedric are distracted by Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick on the ramp. Cedric then hits the Lumbar Check onto Dar for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann via pinfall

Drew Gulak vs Gran Metalik

They lock up to start the match before grappling and exchanging headlocks until Metalik hits a huricanrrana and an enzuigiri into a springboard dropkick. Metalik hits an Asai moonsault to the outside before tossing Gulak back in the ring, but Gulak catches him on the top turnbuckle and drops him. Metalik comes back a flurry of offense before hitting springboard splash for a near fall, then hits a frankensteiner for another near fall. Gulak then locks in a dragon sleeper out of nowhere for the tap and the win.

Winner: Drew Gulak via submission

-After the match Akira Tozawa comes out and saves Metalik before sending Gulak out of the ring with a series of kicks.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Enzo Amore (c) vs Kalisto

Kalisto immediately hits a shotgun dropkick that sends Enzo out of the ring, then Enzo tries to escape by crawling back into the ring. Enzo dumps Kalisto over the top rope and to the floor when he goes for punches in the corner, then kicks him back out of the ring. Kalisto hits an enzuigiri on the apron, but Enzo immediately sends him back out of the ring. Enzo beats on Kalisto on the apron before Kalisto counters Eat Defeat with a DVD onto the apron, Kalisto crawls after Enzo before they get back in the ring at the last second. Kalisto then gets sent face first into the bottom turnbuckle before hitting a tornado DDT off of the top, but Enzo kicks the referee and causes him to fall off of the top rope before the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Kalisto wins via disqualification, but Enzo retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

-After the match Kalisto beats on Enzo until the officials pull him off as we go off the air.

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