WWE 205 Live Results for 1/1/21 Mansoor vs Jake Atlas

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of WWE 205 Live!

- We get a brief video package for the WWE Network exclusive where Mansoor went back home to the UAE ahead of his match against Jake Atlas.

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Mansoor vs Jake Atlas

The two exchange wrist locks and standing side headlock before Mansoor takes Jake down to the mat with several side headlock take overs. Jake takes control with a deep arm drag before Mansoor gets to his feet and hits an arm drag of his own and a leg drag for two. Mansoor focuses on the left ankle of Jake before locking in a deep half crab and Jake kicks him away and into the corner for two. Jake chops Mansoor in the corner before hitting a neckbreaker for two before grounding Mansoor with a cravat. Mansoor chop blocks Jake before locking in a Scorpion Death Lock and Jake gets to the ropes right before tapping before rocking Mansoor with a back elbow.

Mansoor gets two off of a back slide before Jake hits a jumping neckbreaker for two before a visibly frustrated Atlas goes for a suplex that Mansoor turns into a small package for a near fall. The two then exchange a series of pin attempts before Jake hits a brain buster and goes up top before Mansoor rips Jake off of the top turnbuckle with a dragon screw for a unique pin and the win.

Winner: Mansoor defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall.

- The two shake hands after the match as Jake leaves and Mansoor celebrates in the ring.

- We get a recap of what happened between Lucha House Party and Legado Del Fantasma this past Wednesday on NXT before it's announced that Gran Metalik will challenge Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship at New Year's Evil.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Curt and Ariya start the match off with Curt running the ropes before Ariya hits a kitchen sink and the two exchange chops before Ariya chops Curt in the throat. Ariya hits a high angle back suplex for two before dropkicking Curt and telling Samir and Sunile that he doesn't need them and he won't be tagging them in. Curt comes back and Samir tags himself in before Matt gets the tag and takes out both of the Boyz before Ever-Rise double up on Sunile for two. Curt and ER are in control until Samir gets the blind tag and attacks Matt from behind before Bollywood tag in and out, refusing to tag Ariya in. Matt gets the hot tag to Curt who drops Samir with a flurry of strikes and knocks Ariya and Sunile off of the apron before hitting a Helluva Kick in the corner into a running dropkick and a slingshot DDT for a near fall.

Curt and Ever-Rise triple team Sunile before Curt gets distracted by Ariya and Sunile rolls him up for two before hitting a spinning heel kick for a second consecutive two count. Bollywood and Ariya then get their signals crossed before arguing at ringside and Ever-Rise hit Sunile with a double flap jack across the top rope into a running headbutt by Curt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Curt Stallion and Ever-Rise defeat Bollywood Boyz and Ariya Daivari via pinfall.

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