WWE 205 Live Results for 1/31/20 Garza vs Breeze, Burch vs Kendrick

Hey Fight Fans, we hope you enjoyed Smackdown on FOX and are ready for tonight's edition of 205 Live!

Joaquin Wilde vs Raul Mendoza

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Joaquin takes Raul down and stretches him out before Raul hops to his feet and applies a headlock before they flip all over the ring. Joaquin sends Raul out of the ring before he hurries back in and dropkicks Joaquin when he teases a tope, Raul clotheslining Joaquin for two. Raul locks in a shoulder lock and grounds Joaquin before he gets to his feet and Joaquin sends Raul over the top rope and down onto the floor. Joaquin hits a tope and tosses Raul back into the ring before he goes for a diving cross body and Raul kicks him in mid-air. Raul then hits a uranage into an Asai moonsault for a near fall before hitting a reverse huricanrrana into the Wilde Thing for the pin and the win.

Winner:Joaquin Wilde defeats Raul Mendoza via pinfall with the Wilde Thing.

The Brian Kendrick w/Ariya Daivari vs Danny Burch

Brian immediately slides out of the ring and does his best to avoid Danny while playing to the crowd with Ariya before Ariya distracts Danny and Brian rushes in, but Danny is ready. They end up at ringside and Danny sends Brian into the steps before rocking him with an uppercut and sending him into the barricade. Kendrick sends Danny over the announce table before he gets back into the ring at eight and Brian chokes him in the ropes and distracts the referee while Ariya yanks Danny from the apron. Back in the ring Brian focuses on the leg and knee of Danny before Danny comes back with back elbows and a flap jack. Danny hits a running clothesline in the corner into an enzuigiri and a missile dropkick for two before Danny rocks Brian with a headbutt and locks in a cross face.

Ariya then rushes in and attacks Danny for the disqualification.

Winner: Danny Burch defeats The Brian Kendrick via disqualification when Ariya Daivari attacks him.

-After the match Burch and Kendrick take out the knee of Burch with a chair before he's saved by Oney Lorcan with a chair before they can break it.

-It's announced that newly crowned NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin will make his 205 debut next week.

Angel Garza vs Tyler Breeze

Angel backs Tyler into the corner for a clean break before locking in a standing side headlock and a shoulder block before reclining on the turnbuckle. Angel locks in a headlock and drops Tyler with another shoulder block before Tyler knocks him over and reclines. They run the ropes until Tyler drops Angel with an enzuigiri and sends him out of the ring before Angel pulls Tyler out of the ring and into the steps before tossing him back into the ring for two. Angel chops Tyler in the corner and hits him with a knee to the midsection for two before trapping him in the corner and hitting a shotgun dropkick in the corner. Angel sets Tyler on the top turnbuckle backwards before putting him in the tree of woe and a running PK for two before Tyler hits a hip toss and drops Angel with kicks.

Tyler hits a running forearm in the corner into a running clothesline for two before setting Angel on the top turnbuckle and superkicking him in midair when he dives from the top for a near fall. Angel drops Tyler with a knee and hits a rebound reverse suplex for a near fall before Tyler rolls across the ring when Angel climbs to the top several times. Tyler gets his boots up when Angel goes for an Asai moonsault and rolls him up for a near fall. Angel then hits the Wing Clipper for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angel Garza defeats Tyler Breeze via pinfall with the Wing Clipper.

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