WWE 205 Live Results & Live Coverage for 3/13/20 NXT vs 205 Live Ten Man Tag Team Match

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Ten Man Tag Team Elimination Match

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Team 205 Live (Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, The Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis) vs Team NXT (Isaiah Scott, Tyler Breeze, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan & KUSHIDA)

Tony and KUSHIDA start the match off with Tony taking KUSHIDA down and flexing before they grapple on the mat until KUSHIDA hits a hand spring back elbow and tags in Mike who gets hits with an arm drag into a straight armbar and drags Mike to the corner to tag in Oney. Oney and Danny double up on Mike before Danny starts focusing on the arm of Mike and takes him down with a straight armbar before Oney comes back in and they hit a double suplex to Mike for two. Mike drops Oney with a right hand and tags in Tony who rocks Oney with punches and forearms before Oney counters a suplex and tags Danny back in who rocks and drops Tony with an uppercut. Danny picks the leg of Tony who goes face first into the mat before rolling out of the ring and Danny goes after him before tossing Sunile Singh out of the way at ringside and tossing Tony back into the ring before shoving Samir and Tony capitalizes. Danny counters a gut wrench suplex by Tony before locking in a cross face and all ten men get into the ring and spill to the outside where everyone brawls and the Singhs attack Danny who takes them out only to be hit with a move by Tony who pins and eliminates him.

Mike comes in and he and Tony focus on Tyler now as Jack is eager to enter the match before Jack tags himself in and pins Tyler for the elimination before facing off with Oney and kicking him in the leg before rocking him with an uppercut in the corner. Tony tags himself back in and argues with Jack before Oney hits a half and half suplex for the pin and the elimination before Jack argues with Mike who demands he get out of the ring and Jack does so before Oney lays into him with chops. Mike turns it around and chops Oney before they go back and forth with chops until Oney drops Mike with a shoulder block and Oney rocks Mike with uppercuts until Mike drops him with a superkick. Tony grabs Jack off of the apron and gets hit with a headbutt before Jack hits Mike when he tries to grab him through the ropes and Oney rolls him up for the pin and the elimination, Ariya and Brian immediately going after Oney. Ariya hits a neckbreaker for two before locking in a side headlock and dropping Oney with a back elbow once he gets to his feet.

Oney and Ariya clothesline each other before Scott and Kendrick come in and Scott hits a running uppercut in the corner into a diving uppercut before booting Ariya off of the apron and Brian sends Scott out of the ring before tagging Jack in. Brian comes back in and is immediately rolled up for the pin and the elimination before Ariya is eliminated and they take out Oney and Danny, leaving Jack and Scott in the ring. Jack hits Scott with an elbow drop before Scott sends him over the top rope and down onto the floor before Scott gets the tag to Oney who chops Jack across the chest and hits him with a running uppercut before Jack drops him with a rolling elbow for the pin and the elimination. Jack takes out Scott at ringside and sends KUSHIDA into the barricade before tossing Scott over the announce table and KUSHIDA into the ring. Jack hits a running dropkick in the corner for two before locking in a double armbar, KUSHIDA elbowing his way free before they exchange running strikes.

Scott then tags himself in and hits Jack with the House Call for a near fall before Scott and KUSHIDA hit Jack with a double running move in the corner and Scott hits Jack with the Pop Culture before Scott and KUSHIDA hit a pop-up flying armbar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Team NXT defeat Team 205 Live when Isaiah Scott and KUSHIDA last eliminate Jack Gallagher.

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