WWE 205 Live Results for 8/21/20 Maverick vs Miles, Nese vs Atlas

Hey Fight Fans, we hope you enjoyed tonight's edition of Smackdown and are ready for some Cruiserweight action with 205 Live!

Drake Maverick vs Tehuti Miles

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Miles takes his time getting undressed before he combs his hair and gets into the ring. Miles backs Drake into the corner for a clean break taking him down and walking over his back. Miles backs into the ropes before slapping Drake and getting out of the ring. Drake dropkicks Miles who's sitting on the apron before hitting him at ringside and smashing his face into the apron. Miles comes back with an uppercut and tosses Drake back into the ring before taking him down and beating on him in mount.

Miles sends Drake into the post for two before locking in a rear chin lock and Drake counters a scoop slam into a roll up for two. Drake gets two off of a back slide before Miles counters a sunset flip and clotheslines Drake. Miles hits several elbow drops and plays to the fans and the camera before Drake comes back with right hands. Drake hits a pair of leg lariats into a running forearm in the corner into a bulldog and a running senton. Drake then goes up top and hits a diving elbow drop before hitting the Underdog for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drake Maverick defeats Tehuti Miles via pinfall.

Tony Nese vs Jake Atlas

They exchange standing switches before Jake takes Tony down to the mat and locks in a side headlock. Tony gets to his feet and mocks Jake before they run the ropes and Jake rocks Tony before chopping him in the corner. Jake hits an arm drag into a head scissors and a dropkick for one before locking in a cravat. Tony gets to his feet and gets taken right back down before Jake gets two off of a crucifix. Tony creates separation with a back suplex before raining down right hands in mount and dropping Jake with a running back elbow.

Tony wrenches the neck of Jake before Jake gets to his feet and Tony counters a sunset flip into a spinning back kick for two. Jake comes back with strikes before he's whipped sternum first into the corner and Tony chops him across the chest. Jake comes back with a stiff forearm that drops Tony before hitting a back elbow into a clothesline and a double ax handle. Jake hits a springboard blockbuster for a near fall before Tony sends him out onto the apron and counters a slingshot sunset flip by grabbing the ropes. Tony drops Jake with a kick and hits a triangle moonsault for a near fall before they exchange strikes. Jake sends Tony over the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting a suicide dive and tossing Tony back into the ring.

Jake then goes up top before Tony rolls out of the ring and punches Jake before Tony talks to Drew Gulak at ringside and Jake rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jake Atlas defeats Tony Nese via pinfall.

- Tony attacks Jake after the match and comes out to the announce table and says that 205 Live is garbage without him before leaving as we go off the air.

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