WWE Crown Jewel Results Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar, Big E vs Drew McIntyre

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DEFY Announces Interim Championship Bout

- We open today's kickoff with a breakdown of the card before we get a video package for the WWE Championship Match between the champion Big E and the challenger Drew McIntyre.

- We get a video package for the semi-finals of the Queens Crown match between Shayna Baszler and Doudrop.

- We get a video package for the No Holds Barred match between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg.

- We get a video package for the Universal Championship match between the champion Roman Reigns, and the challenger Brock Lesnar.

The Usos vs Hurt Business

Cedric and Jey start the match off before Shelton comes in and beats Jey down in the corner before HB double up on Jey for two before he gets the hot tag to Jimmy who clotheslines Cedric and knocks Shelton off of the apron before hitting a running hip attack in the corner. Jimmy rolls up Cedric before Cedric sends him into the ropes and Shelton rocks him with a knee from ringside before Jey saves Jimmy from a double team before Shelton rocks Jimmy with a high knee for a deep two count before the Usos drop HB with double superkicks. Jey then hits a diving splash onto Cedric for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos defeat Hurt Business via pinfall.

- We get a video package for the Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Edge.

Main Show

Hell in a Cell Match
Seth Rollins vs Edge

Edge drives Seth into the corner and lays into him with right hands before the two exchange strikes until Edge drops Seth across the top rope and drops him with a boot before Seth rolls out onto the apron and snaps Edge's neck across the top rope. Seth hits a springboard knee before Edge rolls out of the ring and Seth misses a spear before Edge drives him into the side of the cage and the steps before tossing him back inside and bring in chairs. Edge hits a DDT for two before breaking a chair and Seth fights off a cross face with the piece of the chair before Seth hits a sling blade and sends Edge into the side of the cage before tossing him back inside. Edge hits a baseball slide into the side of the cage before Edge locks in a cross face and Seth hits Edge in the eye with a piece of the chair before hitting a diving splash for two before setting up a table at ringside. Edge fights off a powerbomb through the table at ringside before Edge knocks Seth off of the top and into the side of the cage and down through the table before Edge brings half of the steps into the ring and hits an Edgecution onto the steps.

Edge hits a diving elbow drop with a chair onto Seth before Seth counters a spear into a pedigree for a near fall before Edge hits a buckle bomb into spear for a near fall before Edge slides a table and a ladder into the ring. Edge sets a ladder up in the corner before Seth dodges a spear and Edge runs into the ladder before Seth slams the ladder onto Edge before setting up a table in the center of the ring before lying Edge on the table and setting up the ladder. Edge gets up and climbs the opposite side of the ladder before Seth hits a sunset bomb off of the ladder and through the table for a near fall before hitting a series of superkicks and a superkick with a chain wrapped around his leg. Seth lies Edge onto the chair before Edge drives a chair into the groin of Seth when he goes for a stomp before Edge superkicks Seth and locks in a cross face with a chain before transitioning to a cross face with a piece of a chair. Edge then hits a stomp of his own onto a chair and hits Seth with his own finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Edge defeats Seth Rollins via pinfall.

Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor

Mansoor and Mustafa lock up before Mansoor takes Mustafa down with a side headlock take over before Mustafa gets to his feet and the two exchange wrist locks and Mansoor hits a jumping splash before sending Mustafa out of the ring. Mustafa rips Mansoor off of the apron and down onto the floor before sending him into the barricade and playing to the crowd before tossing him back inside and locking in a camel clutch. Mustafa hits a tornado DDT before beating Mansoor down in the corner and Mansoor comes back with strikes and a spine buster and beats and stomps Mustafa down in the corner before Mustafa catches him with a boot and Mansoor turns Mustafa inside out. Mustafa rolls out of the ring to avoid the cover before catching Mansoor with a kick when he goes for suicide dive before Mansoor hits a suplex into the corner and a moonsault for a near fall. Ali locks in a submission before Mansoor gets to the ropes for the break. Mustafa then misses a 450 before Mansoor hits a slingshot neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mansoor defeats Mustafa Ali via pinfall.

- After the match Mustafa screams at Mansoor and beats him down before he's interrupted by a masked man who reveals himself to be Tareg Hamedi an Olympic silver medalist in karate before he knocks Mustafa out. Mansoor and the Olympian then share a hug before raising each other's arms.

- In the ring Natalya and Titus O'Neil present honorary titles to women who survived COVID-19 in the nation.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match
RK-Bro (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos

Riddle and AJ start the match off before Randy comes in and stomps the arm of AJ before Riddle hits a spinning gut wrench suplex into the corner before Omos tags in and faces off with Omos before Omos runs Riddle over. Riddle tags out and tags Randy in before Omos runs over Randy and drops him face first across the top turnbuckle before standing on him and AJ comes back in and stomps Randy before dropkicking him and Omos comes back in and locks in a nerve hold. Riddle gets the hot tag and drops AJ before rocking Omos on the apron and hitting a PK to AJ for two before Riddle counters a Styles Clash into a Final Flash before tagging in Randy who drives AJ into Omos and knocks him off of the apron. Randy hits a powerslam before AJ rocks him with a forearm and Randy counters a Phenomenal Forearm into an RKO out of the air before Riddle hits the Floating Bro for the pin and the win.

Winner: RK-Bro defeat AJ Styles and Omos via pinfall to retain their RAW Tag Team titles.

Queens Crown Tournament Finals Match
Zelina Vega vs Doudrop

Zelina kicks Doudrop before Doudrop headbutts her and she rolls out onto the apron before Doudrop catches Zelina coming off of the top and Zelina counters a powerbomb before Doudrop drops her repeatedly. Doudrop hits a scoop slam into an elbow drop before Zelina hits a tornado DDT before Doudrop misses a cannonball into the corner and Zelina hits a code breaker into a running meteora for two. Doudrop hits a spinning side slam for two before hitting a running senton for two before missing a flying cross body and Zelina pins her with a code red for the win.

Winner: Zelina Vega defeats Doudrop via pinfall to win the Queens Crown Tournament.

No Holds Barred Match
Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley

Goldberg attacks Bobby in the corner beating Bobby comes back and beats Goldberg down against the ropes before sending Goldberg into the post and hits him with a chair before bringing a table into the ring before setting it up in the corner. Bobby spears the knee of Goldberg before putting a chair around his knee and bending it before stomping on it and missing a spear through the table in the corner before Goldberg spears him and hits a Jackhammer. Goldberg tosses Bobby out of the ring and spears him through the time keeper's area before smashing his face into the announce table and the top of the barricade before lying him on top of the bottom half of the stairs. Goldberg picks up the top half of the stairs and goes to drop them onto Bobby, but he's already rolled out of the way before crawling up the ramp as Goldberg stalks him before Shelton and Cedric come out and give Bobby a kendo stick before Goldberg fights them off. Goldberg grabs a stick of his own and he and Bobby duel before Goldberg breaks a stick and spears Bobby off of the ramp and onto a pair of tables for the pin and the win.

Winner: Goldberg defeats Bobby Lashley via pinfall.

King of the Ring Tournament Finals Match
Finn Balor vs Xavier Woods

Finn and Xavier exchange standing switches and wrist and hammer locks before Finn takes Xavier down and hits a front dropkick when he rolls through a sunset flip before Xavier hits a back suplex and a drop toe hold into the ropes before hitting a dropkick and Finn counter a tornado DDT. Finn hits a jumping stomp before hitting a reverse DDT for two before following up with a sling blade and Xavier superkicks him when he goes for a shotgun dropkick for two before laying into Finn with strikes. The two exchange strikes until they collapse before Finn counters a fireman's carry and Xavier gets two off of an inside cradle before Finn drops Xavier when he's up top and Xavier rocks Finn when he goes up for a Coup de Grace before Finn counters a superplex. Finn then misses the Coup de Grace before Xavier cradles Finn for a near fall and rocks him with superkicks before hitting a code breaker into a springboard elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods defeats Finn Balor via pinfall to win the tournament.

WWE Championship Match
Big E (c) vs Drew McIntyre

Drew and E lock up for a stalemate before they try to knock other over before having a knuckle lock and Drew locks in a standing side headlock before E sends him off and Drew drops E with a shoulder block before locking in a straight armbar. E comes back and clubs Drew before they end up at ringside and E grabs Drew before Drew hits an overhead belly to belly onto the floor before rolling him back inside and chopping E in the corner. E comes back with right hands before Drew hits a side Russian leg sweep into a pin attempt for two before locking in a straight armbar with a chin bar before E gets to his feet and Drew hits a spine buster. E hits several suplexes before hitting the ropes and Drew catches him with several suplexes of his own before hitting a neckbreaker into a kip up and E hits a belly to belly into a jumping splash for two before Drew hits a driver for a deep two count. Drew goes up top before landing on his feet and E hits a uranage for two before getting two off of a back slide and Drew hits a Future Shock DDT for two before E locks in a stretch muffler and Drew counters into an ankle lock before E kicks him away.

E hits the Big Ending for a near fall before Drew hits a diving bulldog for a deep two count before hitting the Claymore when E goes for a spear through the ropes for a near fall before E counters a Big Ending attempt by Drew. E then hits the Big Ending on the second attempt and pins Drew for the win.

Winner: Big E retains his WWE title by defeating Drew McIntyre via pinfall.

Smackdown Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair

Bianca goes right after Becky and drops her before Bianca catches Sasha and uses her as a weapon against Becky before hitting a fall away slam and a military press slam before Becky rips her out of the ring and Sasha gets several two counts on Becky. Becky and Sasha run the ropes before Sasha sends Becky into Bianca and knocks her off of the apron before hitting a sliding meteora to Becky for two before Bianca is knocked back off of the apron and Sasha locks in a cross face. Bianca breaks up the submission before Sasha sends Bianca into Becky in the corner before Becky hits a missile dropkick to Bianca with Sasha on Bianca's shoulders before covering both Bianca and Sasha for a pair of two counts. Becky misses a leg drop before hitting a bulldog for two on Bianca before trapping Sasha in the ropes and kicking her before hitting a diving leg drop for two before Becky hits a pair of fall away slams and covers both Bianca and Sasha for two. Bianca and Sasha catch Becky coming off of the top and throw her into the corner before the two face off and exchange pin attempts before Sasha counters a delayed suplex into a trio of suplexes for two before missing a diving meteora and hitting a running meteora in the corner to Becky.

Sasha sends Bianca face first into the middle turnbuckle before Bianca knocks her out of the ring and she and Becky exchange pin attempts before Bianca hits a spine buster for two before Becky counters a KOD and a splash. Bianca stands on the hair of Sasha before hitting Becky with a delayed suplex before missing a double hand spring moonsault before Becky and Sasha lock in a double submission on Bianca before breaking the holds. Becky rocks Sasha with uppercuts before Sasha locks in the Banks Statement and Bianca breaks up the Banks Statement with a hand spring moonsault for a double near fall on both Becky and Sasha. Sasha drops Bianca and plays to the crowd before they exchange pin attempts that Becky breaks up before Sasha and Becky take out Bianca and Becky hits the Manhandle Slam for a near fall that Bianca breaks up. Bianca clubs Becky before Becky counters a slam and sends Bianca out onto the apron before Sasha rocks Bianca and Becky takes out both Sasha and Bianca at ringside with a dive off of the barricade.

Back in the ring Becky hits a butterfly suplex into an armbar before transitioning to the Fujiwara before locking in a double Fujiwara on both Sasha and Bianca before Sasha hits a back stabber and Becky drops her before Bianca hits the KOD. Bianca then dumps Sasha out of the ring before Sasha gets back inside and Becky pins her while holding the ropes for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch retains her Smackdown Women's title by defeating Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair via pinfall.

WWE Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Brock Lesnar

Brock grabs Roman before Roman turns it around and backs Brock into the corner for a clean break before Brock beats Roman down and Roman counters a German before fighting off another German and rocking Brock with an uppercut. Brock drives Roman into the corner before Roman counters yet another German only for Brock to finally hit a release German before Roman snaps Brock's neck across the top rope before sending him into the post. Roman counters an F5 into the post before Brock dumps Roman through the ropes and Roman hits a Superman punch that knocks Brock off of the apron before spearing him back in the ring for two before hitting a Superman punch that rocks Brock. Roman hits another Superman punch that drops Brock before Roman posts himself when Brock jumps over him before Brock hits a trio of Germans before hitting an F5 for a near fall. Roman counters a second F5 into a standing guillotine before Brock powers out of it into a spine buster before Brock hits an F5 into the referee who is laid out before Brock lifts him by the belt and drops him before he falls out of the ring.

Roman spears Brock when he turns around before Paul tosses the title into the ring between Roman and Brock before they have a tug of war over the belt and Brock gets it before the Usos come in and hit a double superkick. Roman then hits Brock with the belt before a referee gets into the ring and counts the pin for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns retains his Universal title by defeating Brock Lesnar via pinfall.

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