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The New Day defeated Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura 

The Usos defeated The Miz and Shane McMahon to retain their SmackDown Tag Titles

Asuka defeated Mandy Rose to retain her SmackDown Women's Title

The Bar defeated Kofi Kingston

The Revival defeated Roode and Gable, Ricochet and Black to retain their RAW Tag Titles

Samoa Joe defeated Rey Mysterio, Andrade and R-Truth to retain his US Title

The Boss 'n' Hug Connection defeated Nia Jax and Tamina to retain their Women's Tag Titles

Daniel Bryan defeated Mustafa Ali and Kevin Owens to retain his WWE Title

Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair via Disqualification 

The Shield defeated Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre 

The pre-show is now underway, initially with a panel of Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, Sam Roberts and David Otunga. Their first topic is tonight's match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch but they then transitioned to the Women's Tag Title clash. At this point, The IIconics arrived, mocking the champions before begrudgingly predicting their victory. Mandy Rose vs. Asuka was the next topic of discussion. As a result, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville stopped for a short interview in which Rose claimed to have the upper hand. EC3 interrupted, formally introducing himself as a "hot commodity." Deville was unimpressed, dismissing EC3 on Mandy's behalf. Elsewhere, Carmella looked for signatures to help her petition designed to secure R-Truth a title rematch. Zelina Vega mocked the tactic and as they argued, Samoa Joe arrived and signed the petition himself.

Tonight, Joe will defend his title against R-Truth, Andrade and Rey Mysterio. Following that, we transitioned to a breakdown of tonight's SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles match. Christian was here for special analysis. Up next was a selfie promo from Ricochet and in the background, Aleister Black too. Ricochet spoke about making his dream come true while Black spoke about their destiny of winning the titles tonight. A preview of tonight's WWE Title match is up next, including AJ Styles' arrival on the pre-show panel. After that, Kevin Owens stopped for a short interview. He conceded that Kofi Kingston deserves a shot but even still, this was too big of an opportunity to pass up. In response, The New Day showed up, with Kingston wishing Owens good luck while making it clear that there's no problem between them. They parted ways with a handshake. 

As Kingston looked set to join his partners at ringside, he was stopped as the McMahon family wants to speak to him about tonight's WWE Title match!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev vs. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods)

Woods and Nakamura got this one started, exchanging holds early until Xavier scored with a head scissors takeover. He was immediately cut off in response though, with a Rusev distraction allowing Nakamura to turn the tide. The tandem went to work from there as well, battering Woods in the corner and then slowing things down with a bear-hug. A little double-team offense came next while backstage, The Miz told his father to head to the front row as their match will be tonight's opener.

Meanwhile in-ring, Rusev began to think superplex but Woods fought free, landing a missile dropkick and tagging in E. He run wild right away, landing a flurry of suplexes and then his big splash as well. However, Nakamura countered, catching the guillotine choke but being powered free nonetheless. A salvo of kicks put Shinsuke back on top either way but a blind tag brought Woods in and he flurried, landing a big DDT but then turning into Rusev's kick. Another sequence of offense followed but Xavier still stayed alive, kicking out at 2. 

New Day then fired back, landing some tandem offense of their own and looking to close the show until Lana interfered, removing Woods and leaving E isolated. Machka kick landed soon after but Woods made the save, resetting things once again. He then took out both too, next thinking dive but being caught and slammed instead. The Accolade came next but E halted Nakamura's antics and now Rusev was all alone, falling victim to Midnight Hour as New Day closed the show.

Winners: The New Day

Main Show

A video package welcomes us to tonight's event, highlighting the card's key matches. 

SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles

Shane McMahon and The Miz vs. The Usos (C)

McMahon and Jimmy Uso got this one started, with strikes rocking the champion early as Shane then went to work with some early offense. Miz was in next, allowing for tandem punches as Jey Uso tagged himself in. He run into a big boot for his troubles though and then ate some chops too. Hart Attack came next but Jey kicked out at 2 as Shane continued to flurry regardless. He was soon cut off though, with tag team fundamentals putting the champions back on top. Jey then grabbed a hold, grounding McMahon while using quick tags as well. The control portion continued for a while longer but a Shane DDT turned the tide and allowed a tag to Miz.

He run wild, clearing house and flurrying with knees in the corner. A crossbody to the floor came next, dropping both of his foes and then landing a DDT for 2. A quick tag shifted things though, with an Usos pop-up Samoan Drop and Double Superkick almost closing the show. That briefly brought Shane back in and allowed Miz to recover, next hitting Skull Crushing Finale for a delayed 2. The Usos then looked to fire back but Miz fought free, almost catching a quick roll-up before all three men were suddenly floored. 

That made Shane think Coast to Coast which in turn, resulted in a top rope stand-off of sorts. In the end, McMahon and Jey met in mid air with Shane wiping his foe out while preventing a Splash as well. That allowed Miz to go up top, naively following his father's advice and being countered and rolled up as a result. The Usos retain.

Winners and STILL Champions: The Usos

Post-match, McMahon and Miz went over to Miz's father and consoled each other until Shane ATTACKED his partner from behind!!! McMahon unleashed an onslaught of violent strikes and even pushed Mr Mizanian back to his chair. He then applied a triangle choke while Miz's father was forced watch on.

Elsewhere, McIntyre, Lashley and Corbin cut a Shield-esque promo. They reiterated their recent dominance before promising to destroy the rival faction tonight. 

In-ring, Elias is here, singing about the Road to WrestleMania and mocking The Miz along the way. A LeBron/LA reference came next and that was Elias' concert for this evening.

A recap of Batista's recent actions followed as well as the announcement that he'll be at RAW tomorrow. 

SmackDown Women's Title

Mandy Rose vs. Asuka (C)

Sonya Deville is at ringside for tonight's match but the champion applied a submission early and took control as a result. Three straight Deville distractions quickly turned the tide though and in the end, that allowed Rose to land her signature knee for 2. A vertical suplex came next but Asuka kicked out again. She then countered as well, catching an Octopus Stretch until Mandy powered free. Asuka's comeback followed, including a flurry of strikes and culminating with a German suplex as well. The pair then traded knees, the latter almost closing the show for Rose. 

Asuka responded with a sharp knee of her own though, following up with forearms while Deville secured a Kendo Stick. However, Sonya had moved the ring skirt in doing so and Mandy tripped on it, falling victim to a head kick moments later as Asuka retained her title. 

Winner and STILL Champion: Asuka

Post-match, Deville apologized to Asuka while backstage, Big E and Woods demanded that Kingston wait no longer. They entered McMahon's office and demanded that Vince add Kofi to tonight's WWE Title match. McMahon agrees, barring E and Woods from ringside and telling Kingston that the match is coming up right now!

Kofi Kingston did exactly that, heading to ringside but then being told that the WWE Title match will actually be taking place later tonight. Instead, Kingston will face both of The Bar at once.

Handicap Match

Kofi Kingston vs. The Bar

Without even needing to tag, The Bar went right to work, battering their foe until he fired back with some brief strikes. The numbers game halted him again though, wrestling Kofi to the mat and applying a double Boston Crab. Their next focus was a flurry of strikes, rocking Kingston and kicking him to the floor. They then used the barricade as well but Kofi created space and fought free, next heading up top but being stopped by a European Uppercut in mid-air. Sheamus then clotheslined Kofi off of Cesaro's shoulders and followed up with a Brogue Kick as well. 

They stopped their own count though, looking to land another as Big E and Xavier Woods made their way to the ring. Shinsuke and Rusev cut them off though, flooring both while Double White Noise ended Kofi's night.

Winners: The Bar

Sasha Banks and Bayley stopped for a backstage interview next, wishing Kofi well and then dismissing their underdog status for tonight's match. Their title defense journey begins tonight and you can bank on that!

Elias was back now, mocking The New Day as well as Cleveland once again.

A recap of Shane McMahon's betrayal came next but he refused to answer any questions regarding the matter.

RAW Tag Team Titles

Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs. The Revival (C)

With the champions immediately removed, Black and Ricochet then dispatched Roode and Gable too. That allowed a traditional match to commence, with Chad and Ricochet trading holds in center ring. A blind tag soon brought Wilder in though, flooring Ricochet and tagging in Dawson for some tandem offense as well. The champions were now in control, grounding Ricochet and using quick tags to keep him isolated too. Wilder was caught off guard by a quick tag from Gable though and he took over, grounding Ricochet himself until Dawson returned the favor. 

Either way, Ricochet remained all alone as Scott grabbed another hold. Double knees soon created some space regardless, allowing Ricochet to tag in Black as he run wild on Roode and Gable. That set up Aleister's Springboard Moonsault but Dawson prevented Black Mass and as a result, allowed Roode to hit the AA Spinebuster. Things broke down from there and culminated in a Gable German Suplex that Wilder intercepted with a frogsplash of his own. That only gave Ricochet a chance to seize though, landing a Shooting Star Press and forcing Roode to break the fall. 

Ricochet continued to flurry nonetheless, clearing house until a Dawson right hand stopped him in his tracks. He fired back right away though, sending Dawson into their foes with a hurricanrana off the top. Looking to save Black, RIcochet then flew to the outside himself, with Gable tagging himself in along the way. Chad almost scored a quick win but fell victim to the sudden numbers game as Shatter Machine closed the show.

Winners and STILL Champions: The Revival

Things then spilled over to the post-match exchange with Ricochet and Black eventually standing tall. Black Mass landed first and then a 630 Splash on Wilder. 

WWE United States Title

R-Truth vs. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe (C)

Mysterio and Joe immediately removed their respective foes, briefly clashing with each other until a chain of events left only Joe standing. He built on that momentum too, landing a dive to wipe out all three of his foes. A salvo of chops continued that dominance as well, with Joe staying on top until all three challengers combined to rock the champion. Truth came out on top, flooring Andrade and going to work until Rey used a hurricanrana to take out both. Joe was back in next, simultaneously bulldozing Mysterio and Truth while regaining control. 

He soon applied Coquina Clutch too but Rey fought free, thinking 619 but instead settling for a vicious DDT. He then headed up top but Andrade cut him off only to be incredibly hurricanrana'd off of Truth's shoulders. Joe was back in to break things up again soon though, flooring Truth with his trademark corner kick but then being floored by Andrade. Three Amigos came next until Mysterio countered, almost catching a quick roll-up before Truth left both men floored. Things then spilled to the floor, first with an Andrade corkscrew and then with a Mysterio hurricanrana off the top.

In the meantime, Vega rocked Truth with a kick but Carmella responded, tackling Zelina while in-ring, Joe landed a ura nage. Truth and Cien broke the fall though and the former champion then flurried, incredibly hitting Five Knuckle Shuffle as well as a Scissor Kick too. Joe quickly cut him off in response but Rey then re-entered, hitting 619 but missing his follow-up as instead, Samoa Joe choked him out via Coquina Clutch.

Winner and STILL Champion: Samoa Joe 

WWE Women's Tag Titles

The Boss 'n' Hug Connection (C) vs. Tamina and Nia Jax

Beth Phoenix is here to announce this match while in-ring, Bayley took control of Tamina early. However, Tamina then dragged Banks to her corner and brought in Nia who went right to work. First using Sasha as a weapon, Jax then unleashed strikes on Bayley while Tamina joined in too. The challengers were in control here, almost winning the titles via an emphatic powerbomb from Jax. A hold followed, with Bayley finding herself grounded but fighting free nonetheless. That allowed a tag to Banks and she flurried right away, landing strikes to floor Tamina for 2. 

However, a back elbow soon cut her off and Jax then hit a Samoan Drop for 2. Evasive action allowed for a tag nonetheless, with Bayley running wild and bringing in Banks for a crossbody to the floor. She was somewhat caught though, forcing Bayley to make the save with a dive of her own. The elbow drop came next but Tamina halted the pin, leaving Bayley alone with Jax as a result. Moments later, Bayley closed the show, scoring a quick pin to retain their titles. 

Winners and STILL Champions: The Boss 'n' Hug Connection

Post-match, Nia and Tamina assaulted the winners, throwing both to the floor and then launching Sasha over the announce table. Beth then found herself in the firing line and after a face to face with Tamina, she landed a forearm only to be flattened by Jax. A leg drop came next but Natalya then made the save, attempting to fight both off but falling victim to a sudden superkick.

WWE Title

Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan (C) vs. Mustafa Ali

The third man in this now triple threat match, Mustafa Ali is here! "We Want Kofi" chants reign down at the first bell as Bryan tells both of his challengers that they are undeserving. He's quickly removed for his troubles as Owens and Ali went to work, trading holds until Bryan re-entered. He walked into a salvo of strikes from Owens though and quickly bailed again, leaving Ali to fire back at Kevin. He then wiped out Bryan with a dive as well and that encouraged Owens to follow him there, landing a pair of cannonballs on the outside. Bryan then finally gained some control, violently kicking Ali off the top rope and going to work on Owens. 

That included a salvo of kicks from the champion and then a smart hold too. Wrenching both of Owens' arms at once, Bryan was firmly on top, wearing Kevin down while keeping him isolated as well. Ali soon returned to rally though, running wild on Bryan until a clothesline stopped him in his tracks. Owens then built some momentum of his own, landing a pair of cannonballs as well as two superkicks before landing an Ali-assisted senton also. Owens then positioned Bryan up top, thinking superplex but being fought off instead. In response, Ali landed an inverted rana to floor Owens and then followed up with a Spanish Fly off the top.

However, Bryan rolled to the floor and Owens avoided 054 as well. He then seized with a Stunner but Bryan broke up the fall at 2. A strike exchange then commenced between the champion and KO, with Bryan coming out on top before running into a pop-up powerbomb for 2. Daniel avoided the follow-up as well but Ali then took control, initially evading Bryan before hitting 054 on the apron. Rowan pulled the champion to safety though, eating an onslaught of superkicks as a result. Owens and Ali then flattened the big man, with Bryan taking advantage nonetheless. 

The spectacular floored him again though, with Ali landing a DDT on the floor only to be pop-up powerbombed on the apron. In response, Rowan prevented Owens from making the cover, rolling Bryan in as Ali still somehow kicked out. An exchange of strikes then broke out between the two and Bryan's trademark knee took Ali out of mid-air, closing the show in the process.

Winner and STILL Champion: Daniel Bryan

Post-match, Rowan added insult to injury, taking Ali out one more time as Bryan celebrated his win. 

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

After walking to the ring on a crutch, Lynch limped to center ring only for Flair to mockingly push her around. Becky responded with fiery forearms and the pair then locked up, with Flair powering her to the corner before isolating Lynch's knee. Well in control as a result, Flair targeted Becky's injury until a Lou Thesz Press briefly reset things. However, the knee again halted Lynch's momentum, with Flair applying a single-leg Boston Crab before using other offense to continue her attack. Some chops came next but Becky then evaded her foe to no effect, instead being chop blocked again in response. 

Lynch threatened Flair with a brief roll-up but Charlotte took control once more, throwing Becky across the ring and taunting along the way too. However, Flair's arrogance soon cost her, with Becky sending Charlotte off the top rope to floor. Flair did beat the count but walked into Dis-Arm-Her, still quickly countering and applying the Figure Four Leglock. That brought out Ronda Rousey who punched Becky in the stomach and as a result, made her the Disqualification winner. 

Winner via Disqualification and NOW going to WrestleMania: Becky Lynch

A preview of RAW followed this, with the announcements that Finn Balor would defend his Intercontinental Title against Bobby Lashley, while Batista would appear for a face to face with Triple H.

Following that, Elias returned, mocking Becky Lynch and Ohio once more. He then transitioned to The Shield before targeting Cleveland again. However, as he finally looked set to depart, Lacey Evans arrived for her now customary walk up and down the ramp. As she made her way backstage though, Randy Orton floored Elias out of nowhere, landing a sudden RKO only to turn directly into the Phenomenal Forearm from AJ Styles. 

Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre vs The Shield

After the bell sounded, Lashley and Rollins got this one started, with Seth flurrying early before being quickly cut off. That brought Corbin in but Rollins fired back, tagging in Dean for some tandem offense. Reigns was also in before long, landing his trademark clothesline as The Shield's foes bailed. McIntyre and Roman went head to head next, with Reigns landing a crisp uppercut before bringing Seth back in. A sharp kick quickly turned the tide though, with Drew cutting Rollins off to take control. The trio isolated Seth from there, grabbing a hold and preventing a tag until Rollins fought free and brought in Ambrose. 

He run wild on all three of his foes, soon sending McIntyre to the floor and following him there with an elbow off the top. However, that left Dean exposed to his opponents and the trio quickly seized, with Lashley landing a sudden Spear that forced Reigns to break the fall. Things then broke down while in-ring, Ambrose found himself floored by Claymore, fortunately rolling to the floor in response. Ambrose was now the one being controlled, finding himself worked over as quick tags kept him cornered too. A suplex counter created some space though and Dean then fought off Lashley as well, next landing a neckbreaker to reset things. 

The rebound lariat followed, flooring McIntyre and allowing the tag to Roman. He run wild on Corbin and both of his partners as well, next hitting drive-by and forcing Drew to make the save. The Shield cleared the ring in response, with Rollins and Ambrose hitting simultaneous dives to take out Lashley and McIntyre. Reigns' plans to follow-up were halted though, running into Deep Six while Ambrose left everyone floored at ringside. In-ring, Roman and Baron were embroiled in a strike exchange with Corbin coming out on top and even hitting Chokeslam for 2.  

Elsewhere, the other four men brawled in the crowd while Corbin began to think superplex in center ring. Reigns fought free though, landing a sit-out powerbomb for 2 as in the meantime, Rollins landed a crossbody off the arena stand. That left Reigns and Corbin, with Baron eventually running into the Superman punch for another near-fall. The other four men then returned and Reigns was suddenly isolated moments later, eating End of Days as Rollins and Ambrose broke the fall at 2.9. Corbin and co remained in control though, next looking to utilize the announce table until Dean and Seth once again intervened. 

Rollins then stomped Lashley  onto the announce table and Reigns followed up with a Spear on Corbin. The Shield then pummeled McIntyre, next sending him through the table with their famed triple power-bomb. That left Corbin all alone and the trio seized, stringing their signature offense together and then landing the triple powerbomb for the win.

Winners: The Shield 

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