WWE Fastlane Live Coverage & Discussion: KO vs Goldberg, Braun vs Roman, Charlotte vs Bayley


We're off to a roaring start.

Somehow Jack's sideshow routine is working for a while, until Neville throwing Gallagher into the barricade and Gentleman Jack lands on his head.

In the ring, Neville takes control.

Gallagher fights back with headbutts and dropkicks.

He even hits a suicide dive!

Then a super back suplex for a two count.

Then Neville nails a snap release German:

Followed by a Phoenix Splash from the middle rope.


Jack hits two HUGE headbutts for a two count.

Neville dodges the Running Corner Dropkick, kicks Jack in the face.

Gallagher ends up headbutting Neville while Neville is on the top rope.

He climbs up with him, Neville shoves him down, then hits the Red Arrow!

WINNER: Neville



Braun tossing Roman all over the place to start, then smacks him in the mouth.

Braun rushes Roman on the apron, gets hung up on the top rope.

Roman able to clothesline Braun over the top to the outside, but Braun lands on his feet.

Roman sidesteps Braun's charge into the steps, but Braun throws Roman into the ring.

Braun hits a HUGE spinebuster out of the corner, then starts tossing Roman around the ring again.

Now Braun breaks out the rest hold, a nerve pinch on Roman's shoulder.


Motherfucker just raided Roman's moveset.

Back into a resthold, a chinlock, this time.

Roman tries to fight back, with running clotheslines, but Strowman catches him by the throat and hit the Reverse Chokeslam.

To the outside now, and Braun readies the Spanish Announce Table for destruction.

Roman fights out of a running powerslam, shoves Braun into the ringpost, then tries a driveby, and is CAUGHT by Strowman, who tosses him into the ringpost.

Back into the ring, Roman dodges a charge into the corner, Brun hits shoulder-first into the ringpost, Roman able to get the big man up into a Samoan Drop.

Two Count.

Roman goes for a Superman Punch, Braun dodges it, shoves him chest first into the top turnbuckle, then hits this thing:

Two count.

He tries a running big boot on Roman in the corner, misses, and Braun topples over the top to the ground.

Roman hits a driveby, then tries a spear, but is picked up by Braun into this:

Strowman limping around from that over the top bump, takes too long getting back into the ring and is caught with a spear.


Rorman dodges another charge, hits TWO SUPERMAN PUNCHES BUT BRAUN DOESN'T GO DOWN.

Eventually, Braun catches Roman with a crazy shoulderblock.

Braun goes up top for no reason, misses a huge splash.

Roman hits a spear.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

LOSERS: All of us.