WWE Fastlane Live Coverage & Discussion: KO vs Goldberg, Braun vs Roman, Charlotte vs Bayley


This should be quick.

Owens gets out of the ring before the bell, walks around, delaying the inevitable.

Poor guy.

He feigns getting back into the ring, gets back out again.

The commentary team is selling this as mind games, but I know it's a guy who knows he's about to lose what's most important to him.

He's still outside the ring.

He fakes getting in the ring again, gets back out.

This is riling up Goldberg something fierce and I don't think his heart can take it.

Owens gets back in, calls for the bell, then Jericho's music hits.

Owens gets distracted, Goldberg hits a Spear, then a Jackhammer.

WINNER: Goldberg

In about 12 seconds.

Fuck everything.