WWE Main Event Report For January 5: Shining Stars vs. Bo Dallas/Darren Young & Ariya Daivari In Action

Welcome to the WWE Main Event report for January 5, your broadcast team for the evening consists of Tom Phillips, Austin Aries & Byron Saxton.

Lince Dorado vs. Ariya Daivari

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The match begins with Daivari holding Dorado in the head lock, Dorado breaks free and he drops Daivari with a hip toss. Dorado catches Daivari with a snap mare takedown followed by a hurricarana that knocks him out of the ring, Daivari returns to the ring and Dorado starts working on his arm. Dorado releases the hold before nailing Daivari with a drop kick, Daivari rolls to the ring apron before dropping Dorado neck first along the top rope. Daivari traps Dorado in the corner before attacking Dorado with a plethora of strikes, Daivari then clobbers Dorado with a running clothesline for a near fall. Daivari misses a charge to the corner and Dorado nails him with a few strikes, Dorado then hits Daivari with a springboard high cross body.

Dorado nails Daivari with a few chops followed by a handspring stunner, Dorado goes to the top rope and Daivari rolls to the ring apron. Dorado meets Daivari on the ring apron to nail him with the enzaguri, Daivari recovers and he throws Dorado into the ring post. Daivari tosses Dorado into the ring before nailing him with the Magic Carpetless Ride for the three count.

Winner: Ariya Daivari

We are then treated to a highlight package showing Braun Strowman’s path of destruction.

Our first Raw Flashback shows Braun Strowman defeating Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match.

The next Raw Flashback shows Roman Reigns successfully defending the WWE United States Title against Chris Jericho.

The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico) vs. Darren Young & Bo Dallas w/Bob Backlund

The match begins with Epico scoring a takedown on Young, Young reverses things to work over the arm of Epico. Epico recovers and he quickly drops Young with a shoulder tackle, Young gets up to catch Epico with a few hip tosses and a slam. Primo tags in and Young slams him to the ground, Primo hits Young with a forearm strike and Young recovers to hit him with a Northern lights suplex for a near fall. Young tags in Dallas after launching Primo out of the ring and we get a commercial break, we return from the break to see Dallas working over Primo in the corner. Primo eventually drops Dallas with a leg sweep before tagging Epico in, Epico wrenches on the arm of a downed Dallas.

Epico then attacks the injured shoulder of Dallas with some knee drops, Dallas tries to make the tag and Epico slams him on the mat for a near fall. Epico again goes back to work on the injured shoulder of Dallas, Dallas fights back and Epico tags Primo into the match. The Shining Stars then nail Dallas with a double drop kick, Primo again wrenches on the arm of Dallas. Primo now applies the key lock hold to the injured arm of Dallas, Primo tags in Epico after trapping Dallas in the corner. Epico then hits Dallas with a drop kick for another near fall, Primo tags in again and he crushes Dallas by jumping on his prone back.

Primo then locks Dallas in a modified camel clutch before working over his arm, Dallas and Primo bang heads as Dallas falls out of the ring. Young gets the tag and he cleans house on Epico as he was tagged in as well, Young then catches Epico with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Young goes out of the ring to drop Epico on the ringside edge, Primo then shoves Dallas into the ring post. Epico rolls up a distracted Young with a handful of tights to get the three count.

Winners: The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)

The final Raw Flashback of the night shows Goldberg appearing on the first edition of The Kevin Owens Show, plus the aftermath involving Roman Reigns and others.

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