WWE Main Event Report For June 12: Shelton Benjamin vs. Shane Thorne & Liv Morgan In Action

Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

The match begins with Natalya taking Morgan down with a headlock, Morgan gets free before getting Natalya down with a headlock. Natalya gets free and she briefly catches Morgan in a head scissors, Natalya then focuses her attack on the arm of Morgan. Morgan also does some damage to the arm of Natalya, Natalya goes for a roll up before Morgan puts her back in a headlock. Morgan starts mocking Natalya and Natalya gets angry, Natalya gets angry and she kicks Morgan in the back. Morgan misses a charge in the corner and Natalya drops her before landing a basement drop kick, Natalya looks for the sharp shooter and Morgan avoids it before landing a missile drop kick. Morgan looks for a hurricarana and Natalya counters with a sit out power bomb for a near fall, Natalya then gets Morgan in the surfboard stretch. Natalya releases the hold before shoving Morgan into the corner, Natalya misses a charge in the corner and Morgan rolls her up for a near fall. Morgan follows up by nailing Natalya with multiple clotheslines and a shining wizard, Morgan then hits Natalya with a step up double stomp for a near fall. Natalya avoids Oblivion and they exchange multiple roll ups for some near falls, Natalya looks for a sharp shooter and Morgan counters with a roll up for a three count.

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Winner: Liv Morgan

- Highlights are shown of Bayley & Sasha Banks winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on Smackdown.

- Highlights are shown of Edge’s appearance on The Peep Show.

Shane Thorne vs. Shelton Benjamin

The match begins with Thorne going to the ropes to avoid Benjamin, Benjamin looks for a takedown and Thorne gets to the ropes. Benjamin finally gets Thorne down and Thorne immediately goes to the ropes, Thorne gets Benjamin in a headlock and Benjamin gets free before taking Thorne down. Benjamin goes for an ankle lock and Thorne gets back to the ropes, Thorne nails Benjamin with a strike to the throat. Benjamin fights back and Thorne rakes his eyes, Thorne drops Benjamin in the corner and he lands a cannonball as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Benjamin fighting back against Thorne, Thorne ends that by nailing Benjamin with a drop kick for a near fall. Thorne holds Benjamin down while working over his arm, Thorne traps the arm of Benjamin in the ropes while trying to crush it with his foot. Benjamin fights back again and Thorne nails him with a back suplex for a near fall, Benjamin recovers and he nails Thorne with a spin kick to the head. Benjamin quickly corners Thorne while landing a bunch of strikes, Benjamin then drops Thorne with a hard Irish whip into the corner. Benjamin follows up by hitting Thorne with a plethora of slams, Thorne fights back and Benjamin backs him into the corner.

Thorne goes to the top rope and Benjamin levels him with a knee strike, Benjamin then hits Thorne with Pay Dirt for a three count.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

- Highlights are shown of Braun Strowman’s interactions with The Miz & John Morrison on Smackdown.

- Highlights are shown of Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre’s confrontation on The MVP Lounge, followed by highlights of Lashley & MVP vs. The Viking Raiders.

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