WWE Main Event Report For June 5: Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin & Ricochet In Action

Ricochet vs. Shane Thorne

The match begins with Ricochet tripping up Thorne and Thorne gets free to trip Ricochet up, Thorne keeps Ricochet down momentarily while applying a body scissor. Ricochet gets free and he wrenches away on the leg of Thorne, Thorne gets up and Ricochet works over his arm. Thorne gets free and he takes Ricochet down with a headlock, Ricochet gets free and Thorne nails him with a shoulder tackle. Ricochet recovers to drop Thorne and land a swanton bomb, Thorne fights back and he nails Ricochet with a head kick. Thorne gets Ricochet to the ring apron before sending him shoulder first into the mat below, Thorne gets back in the ring and he stomps away on Ricochet. Thorne gets Ricochet down while working over the injured arm, Ricochet fights back and Thorne nails him with a back suplex onto the injured arm. Thorne then nails a cornered Ricochet with a running european uppercut, Thorne goes for a cannonball and Ricochet gets out of the way. Ricochet gets up and he cracks Thorne with a plethora of strikes, Ricochet also nails Thorne with a leg lariat for a near fall. Ricochet then hits Thorne with a springboard cross body block, Ricochet goes for a standing shooting star press and Thorne gets his knees up before rolling up Ricochet for a near fall.

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Ricochet fights back and he nails Thorne with a poison rana, Ricochet follows up by hitting Thorne with the Kickback for a three count.

Winner: Ricochet

- Highlights are shown of Elias getting hit by a car on last week's Smackdown, followed by the arrest of Jeff Hardy.

- Highlights are shown of Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus on Smackdown.

- Highlights are shown of Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair on WWE Raw.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander

The match begins with Alexander working over the arm of Benjamin and Benjamin does the same to him, Benjamin gets Alexander down while working over his arm, Alexander gets free and he nails Benjamin with a hurricarana. Alexander catches Benjamin in a roll up before landing a drop kick, Alexander keeps Benjamin down while working on his arm. Benjamin gets up and he levels Alexander with a right, Benjamin keeps Alexander down while stomping away on him. Benjamin also corners Alexander while nailing him with more strikes, Alexander goes for a springboard move and Benjamin knocks him to the arena floor with a knee strike as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Benjamin holding Alexander in a chin lock, Alexander gets free and Benjamin nails him with a back body drop for a near fall. Benjamin corners a downed Alexander before choking him, Benjamin follows up by nailing Alexander with a knee drop. Benjamin keeps Alexander down while applying a chin lock to him, Alexander gets free and he cracks Benjamin with some strikes. Alexander then hits Benjamin with a forearm strike and tornado DDT for a near fall, Alexander goes for the Neuralizer and Benjamin blocks it before landing a spin kick for a near fall.

Benjamin goes for Pay Dirt and Alexander counters with a roll up, Benjamin goes for a power bomb and Alexander gets free to land a Neuralizer for a near fall. Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check and Benjamin escapes before eating a Michinoku Driver for a three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre vs. MVP on Raw.

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