WWE Main Event Report For November 9: The Uso's vs. The Hype Bros & Jason Jordan In Action

Welcome to this week’s edition of WWE Main Event, your commentary team for the event consists of Tom Phillips and David Otunga.

Jason Jordan w/Chad Gable vs. Viktor w/Konnor

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The match begins with Viktor working over the arm of Jordan, Jordan scores a takedown and he gets a roll up on Viktor for a near fall. Jordan takes Viktor down with a belly to back suplex, Viktor gets up and Jordan promptly drops him with a drop kick. Konnor distracts Jordan and that allows Viktor to attack him from behind, Viktor starts stomping on a downed Jordan. Viktor takes Jordan to the corner and he attacks him with several strikes, Viktor gets a near fall of Jordan after whipping him into the turnbuckles. Viktor holds Jordan down with a headlock to slow things down, Viktor misses an elbow drop and a charge into the corner as well.

Jordan drops Viktor multiple times with clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex, Konnor tries interfering again and Jordan takes him out with a drop kick. Viktor cracks a distracted Jordan with a knee strike for the near fall, Gable interferes and he takes on Konnor for good. Jordan hits Viktor with a spear and the exploder suplex for the three count.

Winner: Jason Jordan w/Chad Gable

We see a very long video package that previews the upcoming battle between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

Our first Raw Flashback shows Sami Zayn defeating Rusev to earn a match with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler at WWE Survivor Series.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley)

The match begins with Ryder overpowering Jimmy into the corner, Ryder then drops Jimmy with a shoulder tackle and a face smash on the mat below. Rawley tags in and he catches Jimmy with a shoulder tackle into the legs, Jey tags in and he attacks Rawley with chops. Rawley gets mad and he drops Jey with a punch that is followed by a high cross body, Ryder tags in and he mauls Jey with strikes in the corner. Ryder nails an interfering Jimmy with a suicide dive, but then Jey drops Ryder with a super kick as we go to commercial. We return to action with Jey getting a near fall on Ryder, Ryder hits Jey with a jaw breaker before trying to tag Rawley. The Uso’s block the tag and they work over Ryder in the corner, Jimmy hold Ryder in the chin lock to slow things down.

Jimmy nails Rawley with a cheap shot as Jey works over Ryder with illegal strikes, Jey tags back in and he nails Ryder with a super kick to the midsection. Jey taunts Rawley before getting a pin attempt on Ryder, Jey applies another chin lock to Ryder to continue slowing him down. Ryder finally gets the tag to Rawley after escaping the chin lock, Rawley hits the ring and cleans house on his opponents. Rawley hits Jimmy with an avalanche in the corner followed by a full nelson slam for a near fall, Rawley then hits Jimmy with The Pounce. Rawley then knocks both of The Uso’s to the arena floor, Ryder tags in and he takes out both opponents with a suicide dive. The Hype Bros go for their finisher until the referee gets distracted by Jimmy, Ryder hits Jey with a Broski Boot for the near fall. Ryder looks for the Rough Rider and both of The Uso’s take out his knee, Jimmy locks Ryder in a single leg crab to force a tap out.

Winner: The Usos

The final Raw Flashback of the night shows WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens win the fatal 5-way main event on WWE Raw by pinning Chris Jericho.

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