WWE Mixed Match Challenge & 205 Live Results 3/13 Rusev & Lana vs Bobby Roode & Charlotte, Cedric Alexander vs Roderick Strong & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episodes of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge and WWE 205 Live. Tonight on Facebook Watch we have Rusev and his wife Lana taking on Bobby Roode and WWE Smackdown Women's champion Charlotte, then on the WWE Network we have the first semi final match of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament when Cedric Alexander faces Roderick Strong and much more so be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST after Smackdown! Live for all of the action!

Mixed Match Challenge

Rusev & Lana vs Bobby Roode & Charlotte

They start with a shoving match before Lana slaps Bobby, then Bobby and Charlotte send Lana and Rusev out of the ring with chops. Lana and Charlotte start the off, Lana doing surprisingly well in the beginning until Charlotte comes back with a fall away slam and tags Roode in. Roode drops Rusev with a series of clotheslines and a blockbuster off of the second turnbuckle before they exchange two counts. Rusev puts Roode in a rear naked choke that he fights out of before Rusev mocks Roode and misses a splash, allowing Roode to tag Charlotte in. Charlotte hits Lana with a series of chops and a boot before locking in the Figure Eight, but Rusev drags Lana out of the ring before she can tap.

Charlotte slaps Rusev before Lana rolls her up for a near fall, Rusev and Roode get the tag before Rusev sends him out of the ring and Charlotte chops Rusev repeatedly, but he laughs it off. Roode then sneaks in behind Rusev and turns him around and hits the Glorious DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode & Charlotte defeat Rusev & Lana via pinfall when Roode pins Rusev with the Glorious DDT.