WWE MMC Results for 12/11/18 C'N'B vs Mahalicia, Fabulous Truth vs Awe-ska

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Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs Apollo Crews & Bayley

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title Bout, Tag Title Match Set For NWA 312

Jinder shows off his superior strength as Apollo is one step ahead of Jinder until he tags Alicia in. Bayley gets a quick two count off of a roll up before Alicia segues with Jinder and the Singhs until she gets back in the ring and Bayley hits a drop toe hold. Alicia counters another roll up and drops Bayley with kicks before Bayley gets a two count off of an inside cradle. Apollo and Jinder get tagged back in and Jinder wins a striking exchange before Crews back flips and hits a hip toss and lands on his feet when he misses a standing moonsault. Jinder drops Crews across the top rope and drops him with a high knee for a two count before whipping him across the ring and hitting several jumping knee drops.

Jinder drops Crews with a back elbow for a quick two count and locks in a rear chin lock before clotheslining Crews when he gets to his feet. Apollo comes back with an enzuigiri and tags Bayley in who drops Alicia with several clotheslines and hits a running back elbow in the corner and several mounted punches into a Saito suplex. Bayley hits a running knee in the corner before Alicia sends her face first into the top turnbuckle and Bayley hits a cutter in the ropes before hitting the Bayley to Belly for a very close near fall that the Singh brothers break up. Bayley then hits the Singhs with the Bayley to Belly before hitting a suicide dive to Jinder on the outside, Alicia dropping her with a kick once she's back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox defeat Apollo Crews and Bayley via pinfall when Alicia pins Bayley after a boot to the face.

Asuka & The Miz vs Carmella & R-Truth

Asuka and The Miz argue until Asuka inadvertently tags Miz in and Truth rolls him up for a quick two count and Truth hits a huricanrrana and several right hands in the corner before Miz turns it around on him. Truth mocks Miz and hits a hip toss before clotheslining Miz over the top rope so he and Carmella can dance. Truth tosses Miz back into the ring and hits him with punched in the corner before Miz drops him with a boot when he rushes in. Miz hits a snap DDT for a near fall before kicking Truth repeatedly, but he gets distracted by Carmella and Truth rolls him up for another near fall. Miz hits several running dropkicks in the corner before Truth clotheslines him and tags in Carmella. Carmella misses a bronco buster before Asuka drops her with a high knee and hits a sliding dropkick for a near fall before Carmella comes back with a jawbreaker and Miz tags in. Truth hits a corkscrew cross body before Carmella goes to superkick Miz and Miz grabs Asuka so she kicks her. Asuka then sends Carmella out of the ring before Miz sends Truth out of the ring and Asuka drops him with a flurry of strikes before leaving end Truth hits an unprettier for the pin and the win.

Winner: R-Truth and Carmella defeat The Miz and Asuka via pinfall when Truth pins Miz with an unprettier.

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