WWE Monday Night Raw Results For May 22: A Huge Tag Team Main Event, Bliss Goes Extreme, Fox Rocks Banks & Hardy Boyz Pick The Stip For Extreme Rules

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The show starts with a video package highlighting the main event of the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules main event.

Bray Wyatt heads to the ring while highlights from last weeks WWE Raw air, Wyatt has a microphone and he tells the fans to stand up because liberation is coming. Wyatt says everybody should rejoice in their one true savior, Wyatt then says the beast is coming and he lives in everybody. Wyatt says that he is in control and will rip open the chest of the beast so he can eat his black heart, Wyatt then talks about WWE Extreme Rules. Wyatt says four people will suffer at Extreme Rules and then he will slay the beast for good, Wyatt says that Seth Rollins destiny ends in malice.

Wyatt talks about how he had sacrificed Rollins and then sacrificed Samoa Joe as well, Wyatt says their are no friends and just followers. Wyatt brings up Finn Balor and he promises that the demon will see the truth in the end, Wyatt then brings up Roman Reigns and he wants to ask Reigns a question about his yard. This brings out Reigns and he has a microphone in hand, Reigns says that Wyatt should run his mouth while they are face to face. Wyatt says that nothing has changed and Reigns still lets his temper rule, Wyatt then says that he’s the only one who can beat Brock Lesnar.

Reigns disagrees and says it will be him who defeats Lesnar after Extreme Rules, the microphone drop as Reigns and Wyatt go face to face. Raw GM Kurt Angle comes out and he has a microphone as well, Angle says the Extreme Rules main event may be the most important of the new era. Angle says that Reigns is taking on Wyatt right now, a referee comes to the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

The match begins with the wrestlers locking up and Reigns gets Wyatt in a headlock, the two clash with shoulder tackles and nobody goes down. Reigns drops Wyatt with a punch and the two have a stare down, Wyatt looks for Sister Abigail and Reigns kicks him out of the ring. Reigns goes out of the ring and he levels Wyatt with a right, Reigns tosses Wyatt in the ring and Wyatt stomps on him when he returns to the ring. Wyatt then drops Reigns with a uranage, Wyatt traps Reigns in the corner before assaulting him with a few punches. Wyatt then hurts Reigns further with a hard Irish whip into the corner, Reigns recovers and drops Wyatt with a clothesline.

Reigns traps Wyatt in the corner while nailing him with some clothesline smashes, Wyatt recovers and drops a charging Reigns with a cross body. Samoa Joe’s music plays and Joe makes his way into the ring, Joe tells Wyatt to get up and then he locks Reigns in the rear naked choke.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

After the match, Joe locks Wyatt in the rear naked choke until Seth Rollins hits the ring to brawl with Joe. Rollins drop kicks Joe out of the ring, Reigns then nails a charging Wyatt with a superman punch that knocks him out of the ring. Reigns and Rollins stand tall as Joe and Wyatt retreat.

Finn Balor versus Karl Anderson is announced for tonight, plus Matt Hardy faces Sheamus for the right to determine the stipulation for the WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are backstage, Reigns says he doesn’t need Rollins help and Rollins says he was coming after Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle arrives to say it is going to be Reigns & Rollins versus Joe & Wyatt tonight. Elias Sampson appears while playing the guitar, Angle says that Sampson is taking on WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose tonight.

Brian Kendrick is interviewed backstage, he says that he is the teacher and Tozawa is the student.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

The match begins with Daivari nailing Tozawa with a few punches, Tozawa responds by attacking Daivari with some chops. Tozawa escapes a roll up from Daivari to hit him with a kick followed by a senton for a near fall, Tozawa misses a charge in the corner and Daivari nails him with a lariat. Daivari then stomps away on a downed Tozawa, Tozawa recovers and nails a charging Daivari with a bicycle kick followed by a hurricarana. Tozawa follows that up by clobbering Daivari with a back suplex, Tozawa nails Daivari with a top rope senton for a three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Kendrick is interviewed again, he says that he is impressed with Tozawa, but not as impressed as we will be when he faces Tozawa on 205 Live.

Sasha Banks is walking backstage when she is interviewed about her rematch with Alicia Fox, Banks says she will win tonight and rid herself of Fox for good. Noam Dar and Alicia Fox arrive, they talk about how Fox is all alone, Banks confronts Dar before walking away.

Elias Sampson is in the ring and he is singing a song while the crowd jeers him badly, Ambrose eventually interrupts him and their match begins. The Miz and Maryse join the commentary team for the next match.

Non-Title Match: Dean Ambrose (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Elias Sampson

The match begins with Sampson locking Ambrose in a headlock, Ambrose breaks free and he takes Sampson down with a few arm drags. Ambrose then starts working over the arm of Sampson, Sampson traps Ambrose in the ropes before hitting his neck with the top rope. Sampson follows that up by attacking Ambrose with a plethora of strikes in the corner, Sampson rolls out of the ring before smashing Ambrose’s head with a knee strike as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Sampson holding Ambrose in a modified Million Dollar Dream, Ambrose starts fighting back and Sampson levels him with a running clothesline. Sampson goes for a pin before attacking Ambrose with an arm bar, Ambrose fights back again and he nails a charging Sampson with a back elbow strike followed by a boot to the face. Ambrose then drops Sampson with a neck breaker, Ambrose then clobbers Sampson with a few punches and clotheslines. Ambrose then drops Sampson with a running clothesline before going to the top rope, Ambrose leaps off and Sampson nails him with a flying knee strike for a near fall.

Sampson then hits Ambrose with a running boot to the face, Ambrose quickly recovers to hit Sampson with a rebound clothesline. The Miz hits the ring and he attacks Sampson to cause a DQ loss for Ambrose.

Winner: Elias Sampson by DQ

After the match, Ambrose chases The Miz back into the ring and Sampson attacks him from behind. Sampson then lays out Ambrose with a swinging neck breaker as The Miz escapes.

Big Cass is walking backstage with a referee, Enzo Amore is seen knocked out backstage with referee’s trying to help him.

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Backstage, Enzo is shown recovering from his attack, he says that he dosn’t know who attacked him as medical personnel look him over. Cass and Angle are helping as well, Cass tells Angle that he better hope he finds out who did this before he does.

Finn Balor heads to the ring and he grabs a microphone, Balor acknowledges the Balor Club members in attendance. Balor talks about taking part in the main event of WWE Extreme Rules, Paul Heyman heads to the ring with a microphone in hand. Heyman introduces himself and says he isn’t here to scout talent tonight, before saying that Brock Lesnar will destroy Bray Wyatt. Heyman then says that Lesnar will make Seth Rollins a friggin’ victim, Heyman turns his attention to Samoa Joe and says that Joe would be Lesnar’s victim.

Heyman calls Roman Reigns the favorite to win at WWE Extreme Rules, then he says Reigns will just be Lesnar’s victim. Heyman enters the ring and says that Balor is nobodies victim or an underdog, Heyman calls Balor the most talented in ring performer in the WWE today. Heyman then talks about all that Lesnar has accomplished in his life, Heyman says he is intrigued by a possible Lesnar versus Balor bout down the line. Heyman also wishes Balor luck at WWE Extreme Rules, Balor says he will win at Extreme Rules to face Lesnar. Balor then says that he will beat Lesnar when they meet, The Clubs music hits and that leads us to our next match after the commercial break.

Finn Balor vs. Karl Anderson w/Doc Gallows

The match is joined in progress as Anderson is working over Balor near the ropes, Balor recovers and he nails Anderson with a drop kick. Balor drops Anderson and he nails him with a plethora of springboard stomps, Anderson gets up as Balor assaults him with more strikes. Gallows jumps on the ring apron to distract Balor, that allows Anderson to nail Balor with a clothesline. Gallows interferes and drops Balor while the ref was distracted by Anderson, Anderson mounts Balor to attack him with punches before applying a chin lock. Anderson releases the hold to hit Balor with a back breaker for a near fall, Anderson again applies the chin lock to Balor.

Balor fights back and Anderson cracks him with an European uppercut, Balor then drops Anderson with a pele kick. Balor then nails a charging Anderson with some boots to the face and then some forearm strikes, Balor follows that up by nailing Anderson with a running chop. Anderson goes to the top rope and Balor kicks him off to the arena floor, Balor then takes out and interfering Gallows. Balor then drops Anderson with an enzaguri, Balor goes to the top rope for his finisher and Anderson gets up to nail him with a spine buster for a near fall. Anderson looks for a power bomb and Balor trips him up before landing a double stomp, Anderson rolls out of the ring and Balor takes out The Club with a suicide dive.

Balor throws Anderson in the ring before nailing him with a Sling Blade, Balor then hits Anderson with a running drop kick and a top rope double stomp for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

Alicia Fox w/Noam Dar vs. Sasha Banks

The match begins with Banks arm dragging Fox across the ring, Banks drops Fox and she tries locking her in the Bank Statement. Banks then knocks Fox out of the ring and she quickly tosses her back in, Dar distracts Banks and Fox kicks her in the head for a near fall. Fox slows things down by holding Banks in a chin lock, Banks fights back and she kicks Fox in the face. Banks then hits Fox with a running double knee strike, Fox recovers and sends Banks into the turnbuckles. Banks gets up and places Fox in the ropes before landing another double knee strike for the three count.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Dar confronts Banks and Banks lays him out with a slap, that allows Fox to attack Banks before laying her out with a scissors kick.

Backstage, Apollo Crews and Kalisto are talking backstage as Kalisto is wondering why Crews is fighting Titus O’Neil’s battles. Kalisto asks Crews if he attacked Enzo Amore tonight, Crews says he didn’t and that O’Neil offered him a great opportunity to take advantage of. O’Neil appears and assumes that Kalisto wants to join the Titus Brand, Kalisto says no and O’Neil says that Crews will now face him tonight.

Highlights are shown from last weeks WWE Raw as The Golden Truth break up as Goldust attacks R-Truth.

A video plays next and Goldust appears, Goldust says that gold is the purest of them all and R-Truth is just flickering. A message is handed to Goldust and he says that he doesn’t need no script because he is back in the directors chair, he also controls how his next film will end.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage, but first highlights are shown of her confrontation with Bayley from last weeks WWE Raw. Bliss then says that she doesn’t feel bad for Bayley, then says the sound of the kendo stick hitting Bayley was great. Bliss says that last week was nothing compared to what she will go through at WWE Extreme Rules, Bliss then says that Bayley isn’t capable of getting extreme and will not win the title. Bliss then says that she will turn Mickie James dreams into nightmares tonight.

Highlights from Roman Reigns attack on Braun Strowman from two weeks ago are shown next.

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews w/Titus O’Neil

The match begins with Crews tossing Kalisto across the ring, Kalisto then drops Crews with a few kicks followed by a head scissors takedown. Crews recovers and he drops Kalisto with a kick for a near fall, Crews picks up Kalisto and he drops him with a delayed verticle suplex. Crews slows things down by controlling the head of Kalisto, Kalisto uses a jaw breaker as he fights back. Crews quickly drops a charging Kalisto with an enzaguri for a near fall, Crews goes for his finisher and Kalisto rolls him up for a near fall. Kalisto then hits Crews with Salido Del Sol for the three count.

Winner: Kalisto

After the match, O’Neil lays a verbal whipping on Crews for the loss.

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Winner Chooses The Stipulation For WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match At Extreme Rules - Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus w/Cesaro

The match begins with Sheamus powering Hardy into the ropes for a short time, Hardy catches Sheamus in a headlock to take him to the mat below. Sheamus gets up and he drops Hardy with a shoulder tackle, Sheamus picks up Hardy to nail him with a European uppercut. Sheamus applies a headlock to Hardy and he drags him to the ground, Hardy gets up and he clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus returns to the ring and goes back out as Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate, Hardy goes out of the ring and Sheamus pushes him into the ringside edge.

Sheamus brings Hardy back into the ring and he nails him with a few forearm strikes, Sheamus traps Hardy in the ropes before knocking him off and onto the barricade. Sheamus tosses Hardy back into the ring and then he nails him with a top rope clothesline for a near fall, Sheamus charges at Hardy and Hardy rolls him up for a near fall. Sheamus backs Hardy into the corner after landing a few strikes, Sheamus misses a charge into the corner and Hardy smashes his face into the turnbuckles. Hardy goes to the middle rope and Sheamus grabs him, Sheamus hits Hardy with a Finlay roll for a near fall as we go a commercial break.

We return to see Sheamus holding Hardy in a chin lock, Hardy fights back and Sheamus kicks him in the face. Sheamus then hits Hardy with White Noise for a near fall, Sheamus places Hardy on the top rope and Hardy winds up nailing him with a tornado DDT. Hardy then cracks Sheamus with a few punches and a running clothesline, Hardy hits Sheamus with the Side Effect for a two count. Hardy looks for a Twist Of fate and Side Effect, but Sheamus counters with a running knee strike for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick and Hardy rolls out of the ring, Jeff then takes out an interfering Cesaro. Hardy catches a distracted Sheamus with a Twist Of Fate inside the ring for a three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy

After the match, the Hardy Boyz say that their match with Sheamus & Cesaro will be a steel cage match.

Highlights from earlier in the night are shown.

Tony Nese w/Neville vs. Austin Aries

The match begins with Nese trapping a distracted Aries in the corner before nailing him with a few strikes, Aries recovers to drop Nese with a knee lift. Aries then nails Nese with a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall, Aries drops a charging Nese and he locks him in a modified crossbow submission. Aries hurts his knee before rolling up Nese for a near fall, Nese rolls out of the ring and Aries catches him with a suicide dive. Aries tosses Nese into the ring and he gets into a verbal confrontation with Neville, Nese then attacks the injured knee of a distracted Aries.

Nese grabs the injured leg of Aries and he just kicks away at it, Nese goes for a suplex and Aries counters by attacking him with chops. Aries then nails a charging Nese with a boot to the face, Nese nails a leaping Aries with an axe handle smash to the midsection. Nese goes for another suplex and Aries counters with a guillotine choke, Nese tries breaking free and Aries counters into the Last Chancery to force a tap out.

Winner: Austin Aries

After the match, Neville attacks Nese and locks him in the Rings Of Saturn as Aries watches from the aisle.

Alexa Bliss is shown walking backstage.

Non-Title Match: Alexa Bliss (WWE Raw Women’s Champion) vs. Mickie James

The match begins with James and Bliss going through a series of switches and reversals, Bliss backs James into the corner before nailing her with a few kicks. James gets angry and she assaults Bliss with kicks in the corner as well, James then hits Bliss with more kicks and flying clotheslines. James follows that up by nailing Bliss with a neck breaker for a near fall, James then smashes Bliss with a few cross faces. James drops Bliss before nailing her with a running kick to the face, James goes to the middle rope and Bliss blocks her hold.

Bliss then cracks James with a right and Twisted Bliss to get the three count.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

After the match, Bliss grabs a kendo stick and she nails James with it until Bayley males the save. Bayley grabs the kendo stick and Bliss exits the ringside area.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe & Bray Wyatt

The match begins with Rollins nailing Wyatt with a plethora of punches, Rollins then tosses Wyatt out of the ring and he follows him out there. Rollins then tosses Wyatt into the barricade before attacking Joe, Rollins is knocked of the ring apron and into the barricade by Wyatt as we go to a commercial break. We return to see Rollins taking out Wyatt and both competitors are down, Reigns gets the tag and he nails Wyatt with a few clotheslines. Reigns then kicks Wyatt in the face before nailing him with a samoan drop, Reigns looks for a superman punch and Joe distracts him.

Joe drags Reigns to the arena floor before tossing him into the barricade, Joe tosses Reigns back in the ring and he attacks him with a few forearm strikes. Joe follows that up by dropping Reigns and then twisting his head in unnatural positions, Reigns starts fighting back and Joe nails him with a pele kick in the corner. Wyatt tags back in and he stomps away on a downed Reigns, Wyatt traps Reigns in the corner before catching him with an avalanche. Wyatt slows things down further by holding Reigns in a Million Dollar Dream, Wyatt throws Reigns out of the ring and Reigns recovers enough to throw Joe into the ring post.

Reigns then drops Wyatt throat first on the bottom rope, Reigns then nails Wyatt with a Drive By before throwing him out of the ring. Joe tags in and Reigns makes the tag to Rollins as well, Rollins quickly catches Joe with a blockbuster before catching Wyatt with a suicide dive. Rollins then catches Joe with a Sling Blade before taking out Wyatt again, Rollins knocks Joe out of the ring before taking him and Wyatt out with a suicide dive. Rollins throws Joe in the ring and then he goes to the top rope, Wyatt and Joe meet Rollins on the top rope and Rollins fights them off. Rollins catches Joe and Wyatt with a high cross body, Wyatt recovers and goes for Sister Abigail until Reigns attacks.

Reigns accidentally collides with Rollins as he was trying to hit Joe, Wyatt drags Reigns out of the ring and Joe locks Rollins in the choke and Rollins goes out cold.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Bray Wyatt

Finn Balor confronts Kurt Angle backstage to demand a match with someone from the 5 Way Match, Angle instead makes Balor versus Samoa Joe versus Bray Wyatt, plus Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins for next week.

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