WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Results! Ladder Matches, Jinder Mahal, More

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WWE Money in the Bank! History will be made tonight as we have for the first time ever, a women's Money in the Bank match as well as a men's, Naomi will defend her WWE Smackdown! Women's Championship against Lana and Randy Orton looks to regain his WWE World Championship in his home town in front of all of his friends and family! Be sure to come back here at 8 for all of the action! 

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The Hype Bros vs The Colons

Zack and Epico start it off with Zack in control, dropkicking him before tagging in Mojo who shows off his athleticism and power by tossing him around the ring. Mojo tags Zack back in and he hits a splash in the corner before Primo takes out the knee of Zack as we go to commercial.

The Colons are in control as we come back from commercial, focusing on the ankle and knee of Zack before he gets Mojo tagged back in and Mojo hits his finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hype Bros via pinfall

***Note: Ryan's internet was having issues, so Sean Ross Sapp is taking over with his show notes. You can catch the full notes tomorrow morning at 8 AM EST!


Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) defeated Tamina, Becky Lynch, Charlotte & Natalya
Women's Money in the Bank ladder match

  • Great video package, but it doesn't feature Sherri. Wonder how weird it was standing in the ring watching this. 
  • Charlotte's fake tan is nuts. 
  • Tamina still can't do a Samoan drop right. Looks like a tree being chopped down. She later missed a cue to get hit with a ladder.
  • James Ellsworth is the Jose Altuve of WWE. 
  • Carmella's gear rules, and her walking the middle of the ladder was cool. There's a couple of rough spots where she tries to pick up a ladder, then Charlotte misses a boot by a miles. 
  • Charlotte hits a really cool new corkscrew flip to the outside. Basically a Sparkle Splash tope.
  • Ellsworth and Becky continuity is GREAT. Ellsworth gets the briefcase and throws it to Carmella!!
  • You all would be shocked to learn that Carmella and Ellsworth are heels.
  • Personally I'm just glad people give a shit enough about that ladder match to be upset about it. 
  • This crowd was troll culture personified. Wild for James climbing, flat and sad for him actually going.

Backstage Crappenings

  • My god, Dasha needs a new role. 
  • We have a new episode of Fashion Files. The attackers are going to reveal themselves!!
  • Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis debut. Mike has taken her last name. Hmmmmmm.... I applaud WWE for doing something different with Bennett, but he is the prototypical guy they wanted in the mid 2000s when their in-ring struggled.
  • We get a cool legends segment that gets big pops from the crowd. Outstanding stuff.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships
New Day defeated The Usos (c) via countout

  • Kofi gets suplexed into the ring post. Cool, newish spot. 
  • Kofi also lands a version of the Trevor Lee stomp, awesome to see. 
  • The Big E YOLO dive is still psycho. 
  • These teams fit together super well. Until the botched Big Ending spot.
  • Kofi Kingston's offense is like, wow tonight.
  • The Usos get themselves counted out.
  • Awesome fast paced stuff. 

Smackdown Women's championship
Naomi (c) defeated Lana

  • Lana gets a series of suplexes into the ropes.
  • Lana's timing is off, but I think she's going to end up being good.
  • Carmella comes out and teases a cash-in, allowing Naomi to grab a submission.
  • This was solid. Naomi squeezed blood from a stone in that match.

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) (w/ Singh Brothers) defeated Randy Orton


  • Champions coming out first should be explained as "the champion's choice."
  • Jinder Mahal's theme goes hard. 
  • These two can't follow a ladder match, especially with a cash-in looming overhead. Good placement.
  • Jinder Mahal has the look. Now he just need the promos, in-ring, and stuff like that. 
  • I have people justifying Mahal saying "he's not Mason Ryan or Snitsky." Not a ringing endorsement.
  • Mahal works over Orton's knee. 
  • Randy Orton can sell his ass off.
  • Great roar from the crowd for the Singh ejections.
  • I'd love to watch Orton feud with JUST the Singh Brothers. 
  • Sick RKO through the table on one of the Singhs.
  • Mahal capitalizes and wins!
  • Very much in line with the booking of Mahal and Orton. Randy lost focus.

Breezango defeated The Ascension

  • Oh. It's The Ascension.
  • Good win for Breezango. Beating a couple of weenies with a small package. Pause

Money in the Bank ladder match
Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

  • Corbin attacks Nakamura with a camera during his entrance. Announcers tease that Nakamura is out of the match.
  • WWE is participating in troll booking, and it's because of troll culture. 
  • Zayn seems like he's out of the habit of making his dives sensible. Back to doing it to one person.
  • Baron Corbin keeps finding cool ways to do the Deep Six. 
  • Kevin Owens is Flair slammed through a ladder!
  • We also get a Zig Zag from a couple of rungs up.
  • SICK. Zayn with a sunset flip bomb off the ladder. That was one of the damndest powerbombs I've seen in my life.
  • A half nelson suplex from Zayn to Owens on the apron! Wow.
  • More big spots -- AJ forearms Zayn while on a ladder, then Corbin chokeslams Styles on a ladder. Styles Ushigoroshi off the apron through the ladder on KO.
  • Wow.
  • That was a perfect spot. From Styles' athleticism, to the bump, to Ziggler's reaction.
  • Nakamura's music hits. Huge pop and great reaction from Corbin.
  • The Nakamura/Styles face off was awesome. They gotta go at Mania. We get a great camera angle of them on top of the ladder.
  • Corbin knocks them down and grabs the briefcase.
  • Wooohoo another guy with zero great matches at the top of the Smackdown heel scene!
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