WWE NXT Results for 10/31/18 War Raiders vs Undisputed Era's Adam Cole & Bobby Fish

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Nikki Cross vs Mercedes Martinez

They lock up before Nikki takes Martinez down and applies a straight armbar before Mercedes comes back with a suplex and pulls Nikki from the second turnbuckle. Martinez hits Nikki with forearms in mount before Nikki comes back with clotheslines and a running splash in the corner into a bulldog. Nikki hits a diving cross body for a quick two count before Mercedes counters a neckbreaker into a spine buster. Martinez hits two Saito suplexes into a release German suplex for a near fall before dropping Nikki with a high knee, Nikki coming back with a neckbreaker and a DDT. Nikki then hits a fisherman's neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross defeats Mercedes Martinez via pinfall with a fisherman's neckbreaker.

-After the match Candice confronts Nikki who just laughs and leaves before Aleister Black comes out and walks Nikki down before Nikki leaves from the opposite side of the stage. Aleister then gets in the ring and they talk without a mic before Aleister leaves as we go to commercial.

Street Profits vs The Mighty

Angelo backs Shane into the corner and beats on him in the corner before Shane drags him to the corner and tags in Nick. Angelo hits a flap jack as he tags in Ford who takes out both of the Aussies single handedly, SP clearing the ring before hitting a flipping senton over the top rope. Nick comes back and smashes Ford's face into the turnbuckle before The Mighty double up on Ford. Shane hits a butterfly suplex for a quick two count before Ford tags in Angelo who dropkicks Shane before Shane accidentally splashes Nick in the corner. Angelo hits a scoop slam before nearly knocking Nick out with a right hand for a near fall, then The Mighty hit a superplex into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall that Ford breaks up.

Ford then hits a frog splash to Shane for the pin and the win.

Winner: Street Profits defeat The Mighty via pinfall when Montez pins Shane with a frog splash off of the top.

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