WWE NXT Results for 11/13/19 Io Shirai vs Mia Yim in a Ladder Match, Cruiserweight Title Match

Good evening Fight Fans! We hope you had a great day and are ready to end things on a high note with NXT! Please enjoy the show and be sure to check out the post-show podcast afterwards!

-We open the show this week with a recap of the RAW invasion by The OC on last week's show before Finn Bálor seemingly aligned with the OC and allowed the OC to attack the Undisputed Era.

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NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Lio Rush (c) vs Angel Garza

They start the match off by posing before they have a stand off and Angel tries to shake Lio's hand before Lio ducks a slap and catches a kick before Angel goes into the audience and takes his pants off. Lio hits a suicide dive and a tornado DDT for a quick two count before they run the ropes and Lio hits a wrecking ball dropkick before Angel catches Lio when he goes for a suicide dive as we go to commercial.

We come back to Lio hitting a hand spring back elbow for a quick two count before Angel drops him with a bicycle knee and dropkicks him when he goes for a rebound cutter for a two count. Lio hits a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall before Angel catches him ascending the top turnbuckle before Angel hits a variation of a Spanish fly for a near fall. Angel stomps Lio down and rains down punches before Lio hits a standing Spanish fly and a whirlwind kick into a rebound stunner and Angel hits a Wing Clipper for a very close near fall. Angel then goes for a super Wing Clipper and they exchange headbutts until Lio drops Angel to the mat before hitting two Final Hours for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lio Rush retains his NXT Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Angel Garza via pinfall with the Final Hour.

-We get a video recapping the saga between Bayley, Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch ahead of their triple threat match at Survivor Series.

Xia Li vs Aliyah w/Vanessa Borne

Aliyah pushes Li down before Li drops her with a flurry of punches and kicks and Vanessa holds onto Aliyah when Xia tries to pull her back into the ring and Aliyah attacks her from behind. Xia then comes back with a cartwheel forearm and a diving ax handle before dropping Aliyah with a roundhouse kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Xia Li defeats Aliyah via pinfall with a roundhouse kick.

-We get a video package for Pete Dunne versus Killian Dain ahead of their match later tonight as we go to commercial.

-Finn Bálor comes out to the ring and puts down NXT, the fans and industry as well as Johnny Gargano and how he built NXT and once he left a bunch of crying little boys moved in and says that he chased Matt Riddle away before Matt shows up and chases Finn off. The Undisputed Era then come out and stalk Matt to the ring before he's joined by Tommaso Ciampa and Keith Lee and the two sides exchange barbs before setting up a match between Roderick Strong and Keith Lee for later tonight. Everyone is then separated by officials before UE start to leave and Keith pulls Strong into the ring as we go to commercial.

Roderick Strong vs Keith Lee

Keith takes control early, hitting a scoop slam before man handling Strong and Strong opts to chop the big man down with kicks to the legs. Strong enrages Lee when he tries to exchange strikes with him before Lee knocks him down with a double palm strike when he's running the ropes. Strong then traps Lee in the ropes in the corner and hits a high knee as we go to commercial.

We return to Keith and Strong exchanging strikes until Strong hits an enzuigiri and sends Keith out of the ring before Keith catches him when he dives off of the apron. Keith sends Strong into the apron and tosses him back into the ring through the ropes before Strong hits a wrecking ball dropkick that sends Lee into the barricade. Back in the ring Strong drops Keith with a basement dropkick before locking in a rear chin lock before chop blocking Lee and slapping him across the head. Lee grabs Strong and holds onto him before Lee drops him and Strong hits a superplex for a near fall before they exchange forearms until Keith turns Strong inside out with a lariat and the rest of Undisputed Era come down to the ring before they are joined by Riddle and Ciampa and both sides brawl until Matt is taken out by Finn Bálor. Strong then hits a bicycle knee into an Olympic slam before Keith hits a jack hammer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Keith Lee defeats Roderick Strong via pinfall with a jack hammer suplex.

-After the match Undisputed Era take out Keith and everyone else before they're taken out by Dominik Dijakovic who has seemingly joined Ciampa and Lee as we go to commercial.

-We return to see that the Horsewomen minus Shayna Baszler and Candice LeRae have been laid out outside of the building.

Isaiah Scott vs Bronson Reed

Swerve and Reed go back and forth before Reed drops Swerve with a headbutt and sits on him before slamming down on top of Scott and driving him into the mat. Reed then picks Scott up and throws him over the top rope and down onto the floor before Scott sends Reed into the ring post as we go to commercial.

Scott rocks Reed with a jumping back kick into a diving elbow drop to the back of the neck of Reed before hitting a rolling flat liner for a two count. Reed squashes Scott and Scott meets him on the top turnbuckle before Scott hits a draping DDT for a near fall and Reed hits a sit-out powerbomb into a reverse piledriver for a near fall of his own. Scott then hits his finisher, the jumping side kick to the side of the head for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isaiah Scott defeats Bronson Reed via pinfall.

-Reed and Scott then shake hands after the match before we're told that Finn will face Riddle at NXT Takeover: WarGames and Matt will be replaced in the WarGames match by Dominik Dijakovic as we go to commercial.

-Damian Priest attacks Killian Dain from behind when he's coming out for his match against Pete before Pete, Damian and Killian brawl until they're separated by security. Priest then sends Pete out of the ring before taking out security and hitting a razors edge with one of the security and onto everyone at ringside before taking everyone out again with a flipping senton.

-Mia Yim is interviewed ahead of her match again Io Shirai in tonight's main event before Dakota Kai comes in and tells her there are no hard feelings and that she has her back before leaving as we go to commercial.

-Adam Cole versus Dominik Dijakovic in a WarGames Ladder Match is announced for next week's show.

WarGames Advantage Ladder Match

Io Shirai vs Mia Yim

They brawl before Io dropkicks Mia out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before Mia grabs a ladder and pushes it into the ring before Io drops her and Mia drops her on top of another ladder at ringside. They have a tug of war over the ladder in the ring before Io ducks the ladder at ringside and drops Mia with a boot before Mia smashes the hand of Io in the ladder when she goes to grab it. Mia chops Io at ringside before Io sends her into the barricade and beats on her before Mia sends Io face first into the steps. They get back into the ring and fight over the ladder before they try to suplex each other onto a ladder until Mia suplexes Io as we go to commercial.

We come back to Io in control, hitting a flap jack before Mia sends Io into the ropes before setting up the ladder and starting to climb it before Io grabs her. Io traps Mia between a ladder and slams it onto her before Mia is busted open and Io hits running knees in the corner before Mia goes to superplex Io and Io knocks her off and down onto the floor. Dakota Kai comes out and checks on Mia before Io hits a moonsault and takes them both out before setting up and climbing the ladder. Kai pulls Io from the ladder and powerbombs her before rolling Mia into the ring and Kay Lee Ray sends Dakota into the ring steps before pushing the ladder over and sending Mia off of it and through a ladder at ringside. Io then climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Io Shirai defeats Mia Yim when she grabs the briefcase and gains the advantage for her team in the WarGames match.

-After the match Shayna Baszler comes out onto the stage before she's attacked from behind by Bayley as we go off the air.

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